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O_Z replied to the topic 'Sounds like dj fallout' in the forum. 5 days ago

Kev bird wax doctor remix.


O_Z created a new topic ' Sounds like dj fallout' in the forum. 5 days ago

What other tune used the female vocal sample on this?
It's really obvious but can't place it. The sample is at 48 secs.
1993 tune dark.


This has to be shared, as already made a review on Strictly Nuskool Blog about it.
2 fresh slammers out now on a Limited edition 12" made by  ? 





GL0WKiD replied to the topic 'DJ Seduction' in the forum. 1 week ago

Cool stuff indeed!!  ;)

previews of the tunes and his 2 fresh 12" releases can b found here: and purchased here:

Seduction is about o perform a special Impact Records on 9th November @ Brighton - event: Calling The Hardcore:


Richruffcut replied to the topic 'Jedi Recordings #21 Vinyl Pre-Order' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Top stuff Jedi


Richruffcut created a new topic ' DJ Seduction' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

DJ Seduction is back in the game and his name is popping up on flyers agan . Has anyone checked out his new tunes?


Richruffcut replied to the topic 'Mad Dog / Underdog Repress' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Yep bagged this one straight away.. A no brainer! one of my favs from 93 


Richruffcut replied to the topic 'Mad Dog / Underdog Repress' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Indeed GR8... remember so many tunes from that period that shops couldent sell even in 50p bargain bins


Richruffcut created a new topic ' Remixed Reunion This Saturday' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

If anyone is in the South (UK) next weekend this is a top night out with great non anthem bashing music. Would be good to meet some people off the forum down there...



I can appreciate the concept of these "classic set remakes".
I remember this set well as I got it from your old "stuck in 1992" forum. Adding it to the collection, cheers.


dj_gyr8 replied to the topic 'Mad Dog / Underdog Repress' in the forum. 2 weeks ago


I cannot believe this is now a fifty quid vinyl...

This was often in the one pound bargain bins...

Saw a lot of copies in the record shops near me, being in South Coast.

A good EP, with two top tracks. Works well in the mix with HOE - DITF EP



CALLING THE HARDCORE #004 IS ABOUT TO MAKE HARDCORE RAVE HISTORY OF THE PAST + FUTURE IN THE PRESENT. WITH A LINE-UP OF SOME OF THE MOST EXCITING ORIGINAL PRODUCERS AND DJ'S PERFORMING EXCLUSIVE SETS NEVER PERFORMED + SUPPORT FROM ARTISTS OF THE HARDCORE RAVE SCENE AND PRODUCERS OF NU-HARDCORE BREAKBEAT MUSIC PRODUCTION.EXPECT 8 UNDILUTED 'AUDIO/VISUAL' HOURS OF THE MOST POWERFUL UNDERGROUND OLDSKOOL HARDCORE BETWEEN THE YEARS 1991 - 1993 AND NEW HARDCORE BREAKBEAT/JUNGLE TECHNO. Ticket Link 1 - Ticket Link 2 - COUPLED WITH AN INVITATION TO THE HARDCORE RAVING COMMUNITY WHO BRING IT ALL TOGETHER TO CREATE A DEDICATED HARDCORE RAVE ATMOSPHERE LIKE NON-OTHER.CALLING THE HARDCORE #004 - AN ENVIRONMENT TO EXPRESS AND UNITE FOR THE LOVE OF HARDCORE RAVE MUSIC.PEACE | LOVE | UNITY | RESPECT*******************************************************************TIME: 10PM - 6AM VENUE: The Volks Nightclub /BRIGHTON COST: £5 ADVANCE TICKETS (LTD NUMBER AVAILABLE) £7 B4 MIDNIGHT /MORE THERE AFTER ON THE DOOR*******************************************************************ROOM 1 - '91-93 OLDSKOOL HARDCORE DJ-Seduction (First ever exclusive '92-93 Impact Records ONLY label showcase)DJ SS (Exclusive '91-93 Formation Records ONLY label showcase)DJ SKIE (Moondance/Pulse FM)DJ Jedi - Jedi Recordings /Riverdance)A1 (Dreamscape)KeeZee (Broken Beat Records)TANGENT (Originate)STRONGFORCE (Break Pirates Radio)********************************************************************ROOM 2 - NEW HARDCORE BREAKS & JUNGLE TECHNO2 Bad Mice ( Sneaker Social Club / Moving Shadow Records )RADIOSAM ( Rave Radio Records Showcase) WARPEDCORE (Conception/ Originate ) KYLNCH (Freebass Free Parties / Brighton Loves Jungle ) INNERCORE ( Kniteforce Records / InnerCore Projects) *********************************************************************HOST MC'sMICRO + NINO (Production House Records) STRICT (Raindance/Riverdance) Mc Deanie Rankin (Kool FM) MC Range (Strategy)*********************************************************************AMAZING 4 WAY VIDEO PROJECTION RIG8 HOUR LIVE VISUAL PROJECTION SHOWLASER SHOW BY SOOZ Lasers & VisualsFREE GIVEAWAYS inc. RAVE BADGESAWESOME TURBO SOUND SYSTEMSTUNNING PHOTOGRAPHY BY DP PHOTOGRAPHY& PLEASE BRING PHOTO ID********************************************************************* 


drift created a new topic ' Oldskool Hardcore dubplates (audio + video)' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

I've recorded some dubplates and have added to a YouTube playlist.  

There's a few unknown tunes on there, possibly unreleased. Please let me know if you recognise them or if you notice any differences between the tunes and their released versions. 

Consider subscribing as more will be coming soon.


dj jedi created a new topic ' Jedi Recordings #21 Vinyl Pre-Order' in the forum. 3 weeks ago

It's been a while but my next vinyl is coming out soon, featuring four 92-94 style hardcore and jungle tracks. Here's the link to buy:

And Soundclips are below. Any support appreciated as always :)


Hughesee created a new topic ' Not A Public Nuisance! - 2 Rooms Techno/Oldskool - 20-10-18' in the forum. 3 weeks ago


Join 2 party crews in 2 rooms under 1 roof as we celebrate the Hackney Sounds homecoming. This will be the rig's first outing after almost 3 years of the rig being 'detained' by the authorities, so we're keeping this one on a legal tip, in a private warehouse, ready for the autumn/winter :-)

***HACKNEY SOUNDS ROOM (pounding techno, filthy acid)***
CHRIS LIBERATOR (stay up forever)
DDR (hazchem, coshh - rare London performance you don't want to miss this!!!)
THERMOBEE (live from hackney)
ACID STEVE (avinit, e1s)
SYBER SYMON (hydraulix, raw)
JACK MAJIC (hackney sounds, tekno value)
LEYLA P (underground sound, vox populi)
DAN FRASER (hackney sounds, stickydisco)

***DISTANT PLANET ( ) ROOM (rave, hardcore, jungle)

DWARDE & GAND (globex corp)
LOUISE+1 (distant planet)
HUGHESEE (distant planet)
DJ HIJACK (distant planet)
MARTIN POISON (frightnight radio, subway sound system)
DJ SPACEFACE (coin operated, stickydisco)
DJ REALER (beautifully Crafted Jungle)

Private warehouse venue in London. Location to be released to guests on the day. There will also be a partyline which will have the address on, after 10pm on the night.

Available in advance from
 or £10 on the door



Looking forward to catching up with everyone after the Summer.
As usual we have a top lineup of DJs playing Acid House, Reggae,Techno, Rave, Hardcore, all played on vinyl. We have some great guest DJS including DJ Mantra, who is not only an incredible producer and DJ but also is the woman behind the amazing Rupture London nights and record Label. 

Free entry

12 Noon to 1am

DJ Mantra ( )
DJ Flashback (Hyper Records / Locked Up Music.)
DJ Abo (Peace On Wax / )
Louise Plus One ( )
DJ Hughesee ( )
DJ Hijack ( )

If you have not been to the Royal Sovereign, you should come and check it out, its Hackney's best boozer and Distant Planet's spiritual home. The vibes are always great. The back garden is the perfect place to hang out and chill with other party people and make new friends. 

Free entry 

Kids welcome before 8pm 

Massive covered smoking area. 

Oven fired Pizza

Positively charged musical atmosphere

The Royal Sovereign Pub
64 Northwold Rd, London E5 8RL

Check or for more info


CMcDougall replied to the topic 'Mad Dog / Underdog Repress' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

looks like the original is RARE LOLPRICE, being >£50 !

Monged Out is worth that alone, had me stunned when first heard over the pirate air waves 1993
@2:12mins still takes me to another place