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15 Jan 2019 11:00 - 15 Jan 2019 11:18 #1 by Tunez75
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Hi All!

I have 3 questions.
Firstly, does anyone remember where that famous female house laugh sample (a delayed laugh possibly reverbed laugh) was taken from? I know that's not much to go on but it was a really famous one used in house tracks back in the day. I sadly can't remember any specific tracks at the moment that used it.

I've also been looking for high quality (16 bit stereo wav) rave stabs and samples. Anyone know any decent packs out there? Zenhiser seemed too over processed for me. Unless that was just for the demo purposes on their site but don't wanna purchase them to find out they're exactly the same. I want them effect free. Loopmasters didn't seem to come up with anything I thought decent either or what I was looking for and I bought some ages ago called DMS Old Skool Rave which had every stab imaginable on it but they're all like tremelo'd or wah'd so even though the samples were say 3 or 4 seconds in length, you could only use the first 1 second or less of it before it wah'd. Someone said, that's probably done due to copyright. I'm looking for the landlord stab, the Brazil - Spectrum stab, some of the stabs used by Altern8, the Mentasm stab etc. I want a decent high quality sample pack with say 100 stabs and samples in it, so 50 stabs say and 50 house samples such as the laugh mentioned earlier.

Thirdly, couldn't I just sample all the stabs I need from CD's (I was told records might have hiss) so I could just buy all the records with the samples / stabs on them and sample them myself? how hard is this process?

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21 Jan 2019 20:38 #2 by renegadegenius
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The laugh - it's from Yazoo Situation.
   (21 secs in) - not sure which version has it clean, but this is the source.

Stabs - try this VST in your Daw - has loads of classic sounds sampled into it :

Other than that, there is a group on FB called Wavshare that you can be invited to I think, but it's a private page, so you need someone on your friends list to invite you.

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