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GENERATION X [RadioShow] was born in 2011 by GL0WKiD!
It's about a mixed generation with oldskool vs nuskool blended tracks, including breakbeat/oldskool hardcore/rave-hardcore nuskool breaks/future jungle/bass stuff, having also the likes & support from great producers/DJs such as Resin, Neurygma, Retropolis, Nefti, Champion Breaks, DJ Mark C, DJ Wislov, Schoco & many others.

CATCH ME UP LIVE EVERY TUESDAY 17:30-19:30pm [UK Time] @

GUEST DJs at my show so far:

DJ Nee (AUS) (+ Interview)
Nefti (PL) (+ Interview)
Neurygma (ES)
Retropolis (UK)
Resin (UK)
DJ Rave In Peace (UK)
DJ Mark C (UK)
Hamsta (UK)
Mana Boom (RUS)
DJ Slim [Liquid Rollers] (UK)
Tariq Ziyad (UK)
Menace (UK) Interview only
Exit Point (UK)

You can check out the GenX archive here: ... radioshow/

? CALLING All Producers & Labels !
If you are a producer or you run a label & want your tracks to be played on the radio & present your fresh - forthcoming production, you can drop me a msg!
Styles preferred for the show are:
hardcore-rave nuskool breaks/breakbeat/oldskool hardcore/future jungle/140breaks/dubstep/drum & bass.
Am already promoting fresh stuff from labels like Good Times Recordings , Rave Stylee, Kode5, Kut Off Records, Switchblade Digital and many more

Catch me up live every Tuesday 17:30-19:30 pm (UK Time) @
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? GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio - 21Nov2013
Breakbeats/Hardcore Breaks/Jungle/Oldskool Techno/Hardcore
Njoy: ... 21nov2013/


[i:2shx1rzh]Retropolis VS Moby - Everytime You Touch Me
Final Feverz - Great Freedom
Slipmatt - Hear Me (Junki Munki Remix)
Shed Edz - All Systems Are Go (Oldskool Breakbeat Mix)
Pursuit - DJs Mixing (Paul Cronin Remix)
Shitdisco - OK (Luna-Cs Hardcore Breaks Mix)
Economix - Panic (Stu & Nee's Too Raw Remix)
DJ Rave In Peace - Elation
Nervous + Anxious - Back And Forth
Agent KR - E-Motion
Staymellow - Twillight
Stormski & Whizzkid - The Music In You
Nefti - Crazy Track
Nicky Allen - Be Stronger
The Prodigy - We Are The Ruffest (Motiv's Ruffest Mix)
The Prodigy - Ruff in The Jungle Bizness (Uplifting Vibes Remix)
Shar-Pei & Systec - Passion
Technosaurus - You Gave Me Nothing Part 2
Vinyl Junkie & Austin - Jah Love
4 Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Drowning In Her (Schoco's High Feeling Remix)
Jonny L - Remember
Goldie - Inner City Life
Alex Breako - Deep Love pt1
Hamsta - 165 ting (Weekday Mix)
Distrax - Hardcore Soundz
Yudaidhun - Rave To Vibe
Microwave Prince - I Need Love
Hardsequencer - The Dancing Nations (Remix)
RMB - Redemption
Critical Mass - Believe In Future
2 Unlimited - Jump for Joy (Digidance Happy Hardcore Edit)
Simi - Kaze No Toorimichi
HNk - Shake Your Body (Jakazid Breaks Mix)
Bustin & Skampy - Unda Mi Sensi
Pendulum - Slam[/i:2shx1rzh]
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Some bloody good tunes on the shows, as the tracklist shows. If you follow hardcore breaks, 140 jungle and oldskool Glowkid's tha man! :D
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Generation X [RadioShow] @NU-RAVE RADIO - 28Nov.2013
2hr glowpanic inc. breakbeat/hardcore breaks/bass sounds +NEW stuff by Piano Junkies/DJ Abyss/Mastergroove/Champion Breaks/Rett/Dodders/Menace/DJ Wislov/601/DJ Owl

Njoy: ... 28nov2013/


[i:2s02gklm]Boizo - Feel So Real
Unicorn Kid - Pure Space
Klub Bangers - Turn Me Out (Neurygma Remix)
Piano Junkies - Desire
AVRO - Gimme A Break (Avro's Dreamcatcher Mix)
Top Buzz - The Edge (Toofer 2004 Remix)
Gordon Edge - Compnded
Urban Hype - Trip to Trumpton
Rett - Beat Hazaard
Base Club - Back Again (Greg Sin Key Remix)
Nefti - The Rhythm Of The Night
DJ Longman - Longman Just Got Terminated
The Prodigy - Everybody Say Love (Champion Breaks Acid Breaks Remix)
Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely (Dodders Extasy Shakedown)
Sy KiCK - Nasty (DJ Nicky Allen 2013 Remix)
Systec & Powerman - Condor
T92 - Hold It
The Prodigy - No Good (Damage Inc. 2013 VIP Edit)
djfLow - Energize
Dead Rave - Blows My Mind
Glowstyx - Diva Shining Deeper
DJ Fav - Give Me A Break
Krome & Time - Manic Stampede (MrWislov Ravenoire Remix)
Pursuit - Cosmic Twist
Abyss - Journey Of A Crackhead
NewKoncept - Beat Rapist Style
Mastergroove - Shadows
Exit Point - Badman Style (FLeCK Remix)
601 feat. Frilla - Keep It Up (601's Heavy VIP Mix)
DJ Owl - Let Me Fall
Musiq Soulchild & Syleena Johnson - Feel The Fire (Menace RE-Rub)
Vinyl Junkie & Austin ft. Rachel Wallace - Cant Go Back (Sanxion Remix)
Magnetic Man (ft. Katy B.) - Perfect Stranger
Excision & Savvy - Sleepless (Xilent Remix)
Nero - Won't You Be There[/i:2s02gklm]
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? Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio -12Dec2013

FRESH stuff by KODE 5/Intensive Records/Good News Boppers/Top Drawer Digital/Murder Channel/Neurygma/Oneplayz/Damage Inc./Exit Point/BeatRapist/Abyss/Remixx/FFF/Motiv/KeeZe/JMT/Ad-Vanc3d & RyKennon/Champion Breaks

Njoy: ... 12dec2013/


Mr Sin - LSD XP
Exit Point - Rock Ya Soul
Madcap - Acid Chant (Champion Breaks Remix)
Dead Rave - Higher
Base Club - Respect
Nefti - Hit My Heart
Oneplayz - Love Never Dies
DJ Nexus - Hardcore Dreams (Vocal Remix)
Davinah & Damage Inc. - Runaway
SL2 - DJs Take Control (Nicky Allen's Dj Give Me More 2013 Remix)
Neurygma - Give A Fact
Audio X - Son of Charly
Kinetic Eon - Old Skool Flava
Ecstasio Vs The Prodigy - Your Love (432Hz Piano Remix)
The Prodigy - Your Love
Rozalla - Are You Ready To Fly (Andy Wilson Remix)
Awesome 3 - Dont Go (Skanx 140 Remix)
Motiv - We Live As One Family [Liquid 'Sweet Harmony' remake]
Emalkay - Holding On
DJ Wislov - Drop The Bass
Paul Cronin - Activpoison [Altern8 VS Praga Khan]
Whizzkick - Rescue Me
Shed Edz - It Came From Nowhere
Cool Hand Flex - Lock me Up (LR3 oldskool refix)
Moby - Everytime You Touch Me (Uplifting Mix)
Nebula2 - Atheama (JMT Remix)
Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix)
Hamsta - Clap Ya Hands To It
BeatRapist - Glow Sticks & Dummies
Abyss - Tortured Soul
FFF - Bustin Shots
Remixx - Paradise
Scooter - Hyper Hyper
Dune - Up
KeeZe - XTC
Rudeboi Ray - I'm In Love With You
Ad-Vanc3d & RyKennon - Real Love
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The Sound of NURAVE!!
GenerationX [RadioShow] & "Intensive Hardcore Vol.2 Showcase" @NuRave Radio - 19dec2013

This show was divided in 2 parts..First hour is the regular GenX show & second hour is dedicated to the forthcoming Intensive Recordings Album with the official presentation of all tracks.

Njoy: ... 19dec2013/


U.S.B.S. - Free Your Soul
Pinky & The Brain - Acid
Oneplayz - Wake Up (Greg Sin Key remix)
Congress - 40 Miles (Chiqui Remix)
Resin - This Is Hardcore
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out (Eat Rave Mix)
AVRO vs N-Joi - Anthem 2013
Motiv - Everybody Say Love [REFIX-The magi and Emanation-prodigy remix]
Mariah Carey - Someday (Dual Beat Mix)
DJ Wislov - Hardcore Madness
Paul Cronin - Start The Rave
ANTICAPPELLA - 2v231 (DJ Nicky Allen 2013 Breakbeat Remix)
Worldwide Epidemic - Airborne (Flying High)
Exit Point - People Come On
The Prodigy - Out of Space [Orestiz Refix Edit]
Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix)
Edge 1 - Compnded (Pursuit Syco Mix)
Ise - I Will Take You Dance (Neurygma Remix)


MindTransit feat. Nicolette - Wave Of Euphoria
Motiv Feat. Chantelle - Deep In The Night
Rave Force - Amigos-4-Ever
Nefti - Music Takes Me Higher
Neurygma - Give A Fact
Toofer - Hello I'm Back
Hypermotion - Let's Get Back
Damage Inc. - Levels Riddim
Oneplayz - Love Never Dies
Rafau Etamski - Primordial Necessity
CJ Grass - Why Mary Married Me
Rize - Pink Champagne
90 Year Old Man - D'Arc Sight Of The Vibe
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So this was the last show of 2013... A 1hr glowpanic on Boxing Day @ Nu-Rave Radio!

Njoy: ... 26dec2013/


01. Shed Edz feat. Stizz - My Love For The Music
02. Final Feverz - Great Freedom
03. Rave Force - Amigos 4ever
04. DJ Seduction - Come On (DJ Nicky Allen 2013 Remix)
05. Mr. Niceguy - Exit Out
06. Champion Breaks - You Be The Leader
07. The Prodigy - Everybody Say Love (Champion Breaks 2013 RMX)
08. Paul Cronin - Shred Ya Ears
09. Mana Boom - Hear This Style
10. Mata - Piano Travel 09
11. Dead Rave - Blows My Mind
12. dJ fLow - Lets Go
13. Systec & Powerman - Condor
14. EDMX - Original Rubadub Style
15. Hamsta - Clap Ya Hands To It
16. DJ Sashay - Illegal Party
17. The Prodigy - Rhythm Of Life
18. Marusha - Ravechannel
19. Komakino - Outface (660 mix)
20. The Prodigy - Claustrophobic Sting
21. Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Six Days (Vitality Remix) [/i:15xn4sye]
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Yesterday's First GenX radioshow of the Year @ NuRave Radio!
THE SOUND OF NURAVE + FRESH stuff by Mystery & Kosine, Pursuit, Neurygma, Peacemaker,DAWL, dj fLow, DJ Nexus, Yell-O-Phase, Hamsta, Shitmat, DJ Mark C and
..First Airplay to.... The Prodigy - Rip Up The Soundsystem (Paul Cronin's 'GL0WKiD Says Remix')
Njoy: ... 02jan2014/


Toofer - ninethy Third (Greg Sin Key Remix)
Mystery & Kosine - I Can dance
DJ Pink Champagne - In My Mind
NRG - He Never Lost His Hardcore (D-Man Remix)
Monsta - Messiah (Feed Me Remix)
Adam F - When the Rain Is Gone
Austin & Vinyl Junkie ft. Rachel Wallace - Cant Go Back (Sanxion Remix)
Sanxion - A Million Broken Hearts
Toronto Is Broken - Virtual Shangri-La
Paul Cronin - MF'S In the House[DRIVING ME CRAZY]
Acen - Trip II The Moon (Boy Ravers RE-EDIT)
dJ fLow - Lets Go
Hypermotion - Let's Get Back
DJ Nexus - Lets Go
DJ Rave In Peace - Vetus Schola
SL2 - Aftershock
Rockin N Shockin - Oldskool Rampage
DJ Mark C - Axe Factor (Remix)
Yell-O-Phase - Possessed
Shitmat - Liberation of Desire
Hamsta - We Gonna Show You How (Much too Much mix)
DJ Skywalker - Feel the Power of Bass
DJ Ten - Old School Flavours Pt1
RyKennon - We Started Dancing (Into the Groove) (Rotten's Re-arranged Remix)
Dawl - Distorted Conciousness
Staymellow - Custody
Success N Effect - Let The Bass Kick (DJ Nicky Allen 2013 Relick)
The Prodigy - Rip Up The Soundsystem (Paul Cronin's 'GL0WKiD Says Remix')
Orestiz - Beyond
Tango - Cant Stop the Rush (RGs 2006 Remix)
Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February
Ise - I Will Take You Dance (Neurygma Remix)
Leila K - Open Sesame (Chog X Remix)
DJWislov - Army of Darkness
Mana Boom - Vanguard
DJ Hype - Shot In The Dark (6Blocc Remix)
Radiokillaz - Pull It Up (SKRUFAZE Remix)
Sub Focus - Original
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OLDSKOOL NEVER DIED!!! . ...get set for 150 massive minutes of the Future NuRave Sound... This is yesterday's Generation X [RadioShow] - by Glowkid - ... 49 big tunes + NEW stuff!!

NJoy: ... 09jan2014/


[i:6ttqkgx6]Klub Bangers - Turn Me Out (Neurygma Remix)
Rize - Pink Champagne
Pianoman & Carla Donohue - So Addicted (Avro Remix)
Motiv - Back For Heaven
Resin - Dream With Me
Honey - No One (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
N-Trance - Set You Free
2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance (Automatic Breakbeat Mix)
Base Club - Are You Ready To Fly
DJ Luna-C - Make Me High
Oneplayz - I Need You
David Guetta - She Wolf (Damage Inc. Ebony Remix)
Candy Cutz - Insanity (Hardware Mix)
DJ Pink Champagne - Let The Rhythm Take Control
Orestiz - Ruffatest
Systec - Bluebird (Positive Thinking Mix)
Toofer - XTC
Yell-O-Phase - 2 Exited!
Sonic Trip - Nu Found Nation
Boyota - Summer (Stirling Valid Mix)
Luffy - So Good
KeeZee - See The Light
Abyss - In The Mind
Ise - All I Need In
DJ Owl - OK
Chiqui - Rock The Beat
Amiga Breaks - Old Is Better
Sparki Dee - Staring Into Darkness
DJ Excel - Just When You Thought It Was Safe (HWND Remix)
dj fLow - Pulse
Double X-Posure - Go With The Flow
Austin - Unity In Dub (Krome & Time Remix)
DJ Brisk - Airhead (DJ Ham s.e. Remix)
Alexbreako - Can Your Monkey Do The Dog
SKRU - Playday
Hamsta - Everythings Gonna Be Alright (dubplate mix)
The Prodigy - Ruff In The Jungle Bizness (JDUBZ 2013 Remix)
Krome & Time - The Slammer (Dmt's mix)
Mark Archer - Armageddon (Sanxion Remix)
DJ Faydz & Danny Unkut ft. MC Mad P - Hardcore Headz
Schema - Five Mile Riddim (Amen Mix)
Davip vs. Cypress X Rusko - Lez Go Crash (TJAMIL Remix)
AC Slater - Ass Drop (601 Amen Re-edit)
WIZARD - Mind Control (Feat Rebel MC and Tenor Fly and Daddy Freddy)
Pyramid - Feel Like Jamming
North Base - Get Higher
Glowstyx - Aethema Remix
Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely
Chase & Status Ft. Delilah - Time (TJAMIL Remix)[/i:6ttqkgx6]
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The latest radioshow totally RAVE ft. my special Guest & very talented Hamsta (UK)

Njoy: ... 16jan2014/ (free DL)

GenX mix1

Unicorn Kid - Need U
Final Feverz - Rising Sun
Avro Ft Debbie Sharp - I Can Live Without You (Avros Grand Slam Remix)
Awesome 3 - Dont Go (SKANX 140 RMX)
DJ Faydz - 1992 In 7 Minutes
Chiqui - I Want Your Love
Gareth Monks - Ooh Yeah (Phuture original mix)
Nefti - Raw Power
Mystery & Kosine - I Can Dance (Nicky Allen Remix)
Alex Breako - Duck & Jelly


Junki Munki - Heartbreak
Portal - Ain’t No Body
Junki Munki - Extreme
RadioKillaZ - Pirate Anthem
Freestylers - Get Down Massive (Ft. Navigator)
Quadraphonia - Quadraphonia (Swifty B Remix)
Urban Impulz - Piano Mashup 001 (Base Club Rave Mix)
Krome & Time - Manic Stampede (DJ Hype’s Sandringham Road Remix)
Hamsta - Chief Shlocka
FFF - Bring Me Joy
Hamsta - Tell Me Something
DJ Nicky Allen - Inside My Brain
Slipmatt - Hear Me (Junki Munki Remix)
Yolk - Bish Bosh
Rrritalin - Spaceman
MC Lethal - The Rave Digger (Stu Allen Catch Remix)
Eat Life - Bach To Basics
Hamsta - Clap Ya Hands to It
The Dok - Your Life
Criminal Minds - Amen (Again Mix)
Hamsta - 165 Ting (Weekday Mix)
Shitmat - Archaeology
FFF - Weekend
Naughty Naughty - NN005A
Hamsta - Got 2 Be Real
Hamsta - Complete Separation
DieTRAX - Ki-Ki-Ki-SS Me More (DJ Shimamura's Pure Raveologic Amen Mix)
Hamsta - Sucka DJ


Humb Ft Mc Noia - Snow in Summer
DJ Distroi & Boykz - Come With It Bad Boy (Pursuit Remix)
Abyss - A Journey of A Crackhead
BeatRapist - Whistle Crew
Yell-O-Phase - Haaard Junglist (Dubplate Mix)
DJWislov - Take Control
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BOOM!! This is yesterday's GenX glowpanic! 2hrs full of Hardcore Breaks/ Jungle Breaks/ Breakbeats!
Njoy> ... 23jan2014/


01. Motiv ft. Lucy Petterton - Feel The Energy
02. Shed Edz Ft. Stizz - My Love For The Music
03. Nicky Allen - Feel So Groovy ( Retropolis Remix)
04. Vinyl Junkie & Austin - Jah Love (Stu & Nee Remix)
05. FERAL is KINKY - My Selector (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Remix)
06. Strange Rollers - Fresh Meat
07. Paul Bassrock - Oldskool Karnage
08. Eptic - Gun Finga (601 revenge of the amen reedit)
09. MO' STRBLGHTZ - Special Request
10. FLeCK - Smokin
11. Blue Hill - My Dub is Bionic
12. Skrillex & Damien Marley - Make It Bun Dem (Tjamil Remix)
13. The Prodigy VS Max Romeo - I Chase The Devil/Out Of Space
14. Sparky - Can You Feel The Power
15. Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Pursuit's 2014 Remix)
16. DJWislov - Criminal Beat
17. Nicky Allen - Be Stronger
18. Neurygma - XTC
19. Orestiz - Ruffatest
20. Paul Cronin - Start The Rave
21. djfLow - Epic
22. DJ Sashay - My Generation
23. Yell-O-Phase - 2 Exited!
24. Westbam - The Mayday Anthem (The Rotterdam Gabber mix by Paul Elstak)
25. TNG - DEA (Rett Remix)
26. DAWL - Distorted Consiousness
27. RyKennon - Ricochet Anthem
28. Madcap - Acid Chant (Champion Breaks Remix)
29. DJWISLOV - Acid Rain
30. Wordwide Epidemic - Night Train
31. Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely (DJ Slim VS Menace Remix)
32. Jimmy J & Cru L-T - Six Days (DJ Nicky Allen Remix) [Version 2]
33. Pursuit - Break It Down Like This
34. dj pursuit - Buy Now Pay February
35. N-ZO & DJ Invincible - Funky Sensation
36. Different Vibe - Can You Feel It
37. DJ Phase - Sad Day
38. The Prodigy - We Eat Rhythm (Jungle remix)
39. Msymiakos - Oldschool Flavours
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GenerationX [RadioShow] @ NU-RAVE RADIO - 6FEB2014

A 2hr show full of hardcore & jungle breaks + NEW stuff by Menace/United States Beat Squad/Nicky Allen/Damage Inc./Tribe Steppaz & Mr Sir / djfLow/Typestyle and labels freshness like Bad Habit Muzik / Kut Off Records/ KODE 5 Recordings.

Njoy> ... 06feb2014/ (free DL + TOP 10 included too)


Zombie Robot - You Belong To Me
Dr. Wrong & Old Harry Rox - Addiction (Menace Remix)
North Base - Turn U On (140 Mix)
United States Beat Squad - Everybody Wants To Breathe (bootleg)
Sonz of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out (Eat Rave Mix)
Gordon Edge - Compnded
Freestyle & DJ R - Wont Stand Still
AlexBreako - Duck & Jelly
Mystery & Kosine - I Can Dance (Nicky Allen Remix)
Pursuit - DJs Mixing (Paul Cronin Remix)
JMT - Crazy (Paranoid Mix)
Gizmo - Night Drive (Nefti Remix)
DJ Seduction - Come On (DJ Nicky Allen 2013 Remix)
DJ Mayor - Yes Ohh No
Orestiz - Simply Raw
DJ Pied Piper - Do You Really Like It (Damage Inc.'s Hype The Funk Remix)
Toofer - Hello I'm Back
Graz - Back Dafuck Up (Graz 2k13 Remix)
The Prodigy - Omen (Damage Inc. Edit)
Benga & Kano - Forefather (Tjamil Remix)
Exit Point - Rock Ya Soul
Auntie Susan & Herbert - 24 Hours
Tribe Steppaz & Mr Sir - Slabba Gabba
Scribble Dee - The Freelander
Manion - Bumdiggy (Radiokillaz Remix)
Tribe Steppaz & Mr Sir - Circa Rave '94
Typestyle - Heritage
djfLow - Get Up
djfLow - Lets Go
DJ Bazia - Remedy
Systec & Powerman - Condor
The Prodigy - No Good (Damage Inc. 2k13 VIP Edit)
DJ Fav - Energizer (HWND Relick)
Mandidextrous - Troubles and Wars (Champion Breaks Remix)
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One of the most essential producers in the NuRave scene the man like NEFTI from Poland was my latest Guest dropping a 'Best Of Mix'.
Check out also thye very interesting interview he gave me talkin bout himself & his label, Intensive Recordings

[size=150]GenerationX [RadioShow] pres. NEFTI (PL) Guest Mix + interview
Nu-Rave Radio 20Feb.2014[/size]


01) Pianohead - Tellin Me
02) Rave Force - Amigos-4-Ever
03) Resin - This Is Hardcore
04) Andy Wilson - Only You
05) Greg Sin Key - Beverly Hills Remix 2014
06) Orestiz - Enhance
07) OnePlayz - Wake Up
08) Toofer - Give It All Up
09) Dymeq - Time For Dance
10) Avian X - Dark Circles (Nefti HCB Remix)


01. Nefti - Taking Me High (Album Mix)
02. Honey - No One (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
03. Nefti - Night Killer (Future Jungle Mix)
04. Nefti - Hit My Heart
05. Nefti - Hold Me (Album Mix)
06. Gizmo - The Night Drive (Nefti remix)
07. Nefti - Evil Power
08. Nefti - Tropical Paradise (Re-Edit Mix)
09. Nefti - The Fiddle (VIP Breakstep Mix)
10. Economix - Loops (Nefti Remix)
11. Nefti - Get Funky
12. Oneplayz - Loving Only You (Nefti Remix)

GenX mix2
01) Rememberrave - The Bottle
02) Damage Inc. - Hello Riddim
03) Hypermotion - Let's Get Back
04) Chiqui - Dizzy Love Song
05) Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February
06) Simi - Kaze No Toorimichi
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GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio

Njoy & share the glowluv> ... 27feb2014/


01) Mr. Sin - We Are Hardcore
02) Strange Rollers - Bring a faty 9ty One
03) Chiqui & Luffy - Master Alarm
04) DJ Sashay - Underground Culture
05) Jimmy J N Cru-L-T - DJs In Full Effect (Luna-C N Enzyme Remix)
06) J.F. & E. - Mystery 159 (Impact Beat Remix)
07) Dance Conspiracy - Dub War (Resin Remix)
08) DJ Ziyad - Shock Out
09) Twinspin - Ear Da News
10) K Jah - Deja Vu
11) Swedger - Buy Dem
12) Manarchy - Wargwarnin
13) Champion Breaks - Dark Dreams
14) The Prodigy - SKYLINED VS NO GOOD VS CHARLY VS WIND IT UP (Paul Cronin Remix)
15) Overtime Crew - Holy Caffeine
16) 1st Science - Born 2 Roll
17) Pursuit - Cant Hold It (140mg overdose mix)
18) Tasha Tribe Steppaz - Playskool
19) Tribe Steppaz & Mr Sir - Slabba Gabba
20) Dawn Tallman - Wake Up (Exit Point's Remix)
21) Kinetic~Eon - Where We're From (Part One)
22) DJWISLOV - The Music
23) Invisible Man - Twisted
24) Yell-O-Phase - Energized (Paranoid Edit)
25) DJ Mark C - Phoenix Lights
26) eZeeJay & DJ Statix - Fusion People
27) Foul Play - Feel The Vibe (Nicky Allen & Mystery Project VOL.1)
28) Era Sound - Atmosphere Remix
29) AlexBreako - No Matter What
30) Abyss - Tortured Soul
31) Kickback - I Get High
32) danny byrd & Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Jungle Mix)
33) Hamsta - Watch Dem Bins
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GenerationX [RadioShow] 6th March 2014

Hardcore breaks/oldskool hardcore/mutant bass/Hardcore & Jungletek + fresh stuff by Acid Borsh Band from Ukraine & Ali Monsta on LLTA
+ a tune from The Supersonic Army who is about to release an EP on the Strictly Nuskool Blog.. more info inside ;)

NJOY> ... 06mar2014/


Congress - 40 Miles (Chiqui Remix)
JAKAZID - Need U More (Extended VIP Breaks)
Thorpey & Heapy - Got To Have Love (JAKAZiD Remix)
Final Feverz - Final Freedom
AVRO - Gimme A Break (Avro's Dreamcatcher Mix)
Monsta - Messiah (Feed Me Remix)
Luna-C - Success N Mistreet (Luna-C Mix)
The McMash Clan - Dream Tripper
Invisible Man - Twisted (Manarchy Remix)
Champion Breaks - No Problems
The Prodigy - Out Of Space (Techno Underworld Remix)
Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal (Fat Frumos Drunkrevy Remix)
DJ Fuk - Biggie Says Fight For Your Fear
Toofer - Jungle Tekno
The Supersonic Army - The Crew
Yolk - Bish Bosh (Yell-O-Phase Remix)
Reflow - Another Dimension (Remix)
Tim Reaper - 2Fresh Beat'z Crew
Ali Monsta - Old Skool Beat
Abyss - In My Mind
DJ Shimamura - Big Tits Rave
Hamsta - Take Me To The Shop
Shitmat - Party Pooler
Dave Skywalker - Pandora
Mandidextrous - The Way
Guigoo - Turn Down
Mandidextrous & T-menace - Troubles & Wars (Champion Breaks Remix)
Champion Breaks - Darkside of Tariq
Ben 9MM - Sell Your Soul
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This yesterday's special GenerationX [RadioShow] presenting "Kut Off Records 1 Year Anniversary" Showcase
+ Interview with its owner, Menace.

Something different from me this time
Njoy some Future Jungle/Bass/Intelligent Dub Kut Off vibes

Njoy> ... 20mar2014/ [FREE DL inc.]


[i:1x3bs1qj]01) Dr. Wrong & Old Harry Rox - Addiction (Non Compliance & M0del101 Remix)
02) Menace - One Dove
03) Otter - Pushing Forward
04) The Rumblist - Spazt
05) The Rumblist - Flex Up
06) Manion - Thought You Were Doing It
07) Case of Bass - Rizzen
08) DJ Owl - Let Me Fall
09) Scribble Dee - Freelander
10) Galvatron - Ice Pick
11) Galvatron - All Junglist
12) Otter - Ragga City
13) Kinetic Eon - Wish
14) Champion Breaks - Love Me Always
15) Champion Breaks - Music For Drugs
16) DJ Owl - It Aint No Man
17) DJ Wislov - The Beginning
18) Menace - D.O.A.
19) Bfresh - Remote
20) Kinetic Eon - Ritual (Menace Remix)
21) Kinetic Eon - Mockingbird
22) Provoke - Drifter
23) Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely (Dodders Extasy Shakedown)
24) DJ Flow - Epic
25) Subessence - Pennelope's Diary
26) Subessence - Distant Rhythms
more than a month ago
GL0WKiD GenerationX [RadioShow] 27th March 2014 @ Nu-Rave Radio

hardcore breaks - future jungle breaks - happy hardcore - breakbeat

Njoy> ... 27mar2014/


FERAL is Kinky - My Selector (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Remix)
Vinyl Junkie & Austin - Jah Love (Stu & Nee Remix)
Strange Rollers - The Vibe (Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion Remix)
Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Protune VIP)
m0del101 & Non Compliance - Summer 88
Menace - Rave That
Tribe Steppaz - Touch Me
The Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness (Sasha Khan 2006 Remix)
Thorpey & Heapy - Got To Have Love (JAKAZiD Remix)
Nefti - The Only One (Rave Force Remix)
Honey - No One (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
Andy Wilson - Only you
2 Unlimited - No Limit (Automatic Breakbeat Mix)
Masterboy - Anybody
Babylon Zoo - Spaceman (RRRitalin Remix)
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Damage Inc. 2k14 Re-edit)
Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix)
Orestiz - Freedom
Mannik - Here We Go Again
Future Primitive - Reactivate
Ise - I Will Take You Dance
ManaBoom - Kiss My Face
Gat Decor - Passion (JDubz Remix)
DJWislov - R.A.W. - The Rush (Remix)
Yell-O-Phase - Acid Process (Ruff Process Mix)
Mischievous Mashups - WTF (is happening)
Mannik - Been A Long Time
Happy Rollers - 95 Style (Haze Remix)
Dune - Hardcore Vibes (Rize Bootleg)
more than a month ago
GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio -03APR2014

Njoy> ... 03apr2014/


Mata - Back to the Mine
Final Feverz- Underground Feelings [ Dizzines Rec Spain]
Mystery & Kosine - Unknown Territory ( Retropolis Remix) [ KODE 5 Recordings]
The Flashback Project - Blaze The Fire [CAN YOU FEEL IT MEDIA]
Zomboy (feat. Lady Chann) Here To Stay (Lightshapers Remix)
Shy FX - Bambatta (Dave Remix's Out Of The Jungle Mix) [Particle Zoo Recordings]
The Freestylers - The Coming Storm (Boshko & Tjamilil Remix)
Major Lazer - Original Don ( King Yoof VS Gold Dubs Re-Lick)
RadioKillaZ - Positive Life
Exit Point - Move Your Body [Hardcore Lives Records]
Madcap - Acid Chant (Champion Champion Breaks Remix) [Top Drawer Digital]
The Prodigy - Everybody Say Love (Champion Breaks 2013 acid breaks Remix) [XCLUSIVE @ GenX RadioShow]
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place [Mr. Niceguy Remix]
Rings & Tings - LazyWretch
Invisible Man - Twisted (Spaceface Remix) [ACME BASS Records]
Paul Cronin - I Told Ya Hands In The Air [SAN FRANSISCO NIGHTS RECORDS]
The Supersonic Army - The Crew [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
Oneplayz - Last Breath
FLeCK - Higher ( Orestiz Way Into Jungle Remix)
Saint Rider - Rave Myself (DrmzZ RMX)
Abyss - Journey of a Crackhead [HC RECORDS]
Hamsta - Hey If U Wanna [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
BeatRapist - Jungle Fever [ Good News Boppers]
Manaboom - Aliens Among Us
DJ Luna-C - Piano Confusion (Hattrixx Remix) [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
NERO - Won't You (Be There) (Ruined by Doctor Werewolf)
Rusko - Takeoff (3dNOW Drumstep Edit)
Chase & Status - No Problem [RAM RECORDS]
Bustin & DJ Skampy - Unda Mi Sensi [Lucky Breaks Digital]


I'd be really pleased if you are feeling it to vote my radioshow in the category "Best Radio Show"
on the Breakspoll 2013 by typing: GLOWKID's GENERATION X [RADIOSHOW]

Link to vote: (The voting expires on 14th April 2014)
Thank you in advance!
more than a month ago
GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow]
pres. DJ NEE Interview & Guest Mix @ Nu-Rave Radio - 10APR.2014

One of the leaders & respected producers/DJs in the Nu-Rave & HCB scene from early '00s, the mighty DJ NEE dropping a 1hr "Best Of Nee " Mix and being also interviewed from me, giving some answers for the Nurave scene, his beginning & influences, how sees the future, talking about Enormous Mouse label & some other very interesting stories.
deffo interesting and worth to dig this 2hr pure journey...

Just uploaded on nee's Youtube channel

[free DL included]
more than a month ago
GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-rave Radio - 17APR2014 ... 17apr2014/


DJ Faydz & Danny Unkut - Takin' It Back
Chiqui - Relax
Rave Force - Amigos-4-Ever
Resin - Chasing Status
'95 Style - One Day (Mindfields Remake)
Ise - I Will Take U Dance (Andy Wilson Remix)
Bang! - Shooting Star (Audio X Remix)
Oneplayz - I Need You
Chase & Status ft. Delilah - Time (Rememberrave & Orestiz Remix)
Motiv ft. Luccy Petterton - Feel The Energy
Ben Venom - Thingamajiggy
Sanxion - To The Moon
Underworld - Born Slippy (Dave Remix's Ruckus Mix)
The Prodigy - Memphis Bells (Bexxs Breaks-Arms Re-Construction)
Final Conflict & D. Viant - Like This
Darkus & Paul Bassrock - The Final Word (Vazteria X Remix)
Vazteria X - Mutant Lemon
Kill The Noise - Jump Ya Body (601s Wonder what it would sound like with an amen reedit)
Skrillex (ft. Ragga Twins) - All Is Fair In Love And Brostep
Rusko - Everyday (Netsky VIP Remix)
Bizarre Inc. - Playing With Knives (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Back To The Future
Chase & Status (ft. Moko) - Count On Me (Andy C Remix)
Motiv - Come Alive
JAKAZiD - Need U More (Darwin Remix)
Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Six Days (Vitality Remix)
Simi - Kaze No Toorimichi
Acid Borsh Band - Trip
Hamsta - Bailey Rave
(Ri) ft. DRMZ - CTS
AleX Tune - Speed It Up
Evade - Do It To Me
Leonized - Why Waste Your Time
more than a month ago
GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio 24APRIL2014

representing the NuRave/Nuskool Scene + dropping new stuff from Future Funk Squad/Paul Cronin/Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion/Pursuit/Abyss/Switchblade Digital/ Strictly Nuskool Blog.

NJOY> ... 24apr2014/

The Chemical Brothers - Container Park
Future Funk Squad (ft. Mojo) - Rat Race
Wizard & Ivory - Jack In A Box (Specimen A Remix)
Hyper - Live Forever
RackNRuin (ft. P Money & Koast) - Signal (Torqux & Twist Remix)
Warrior Guardian - DiiSTORTiiON Mashup (The Prodigy, Wiley, Audiomachine, Benga)
601 - Pixelate
Sanxion - A Million Broken Hearts
Strange Rollers - The Saints Have Returned
Eddie Voyager - Dubby
The Autobots & Dead Audio (feat MC Spyda) - Bring Back The Sound
AC Slater - Ass Drop (601 Amen Re-edit)
Wizard (Ft. Rebel MC and Tenor Fly and Daddy Freddy) - Mind Control
The Prodigy VS Foreign Beggars - Smack my Apex Bitch (GL0WKiD Refix)
Mark Archer - Armageddon (Sanxion Remix)
Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Rhythmic Vibrations
Krome & Time - Licence (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Back To 12 Dalston Lane Remix)
Champion Breaks - You Be The Leader
Darkus & D'State & Tension - Dub Chemist
Malice & Enzyme - The Virus
Neurygma - The Return of the Jedi
Menace Makes 3 - Do Ya Feel What I'm Feelin' (Damage Inc. SMD Stylee Remix)
DJ Luna C - Make Me High
Paul Cronin - Start The Rave
Paul Cronin - Anybod-E Tell Ya About The Raggamuffin Bisnez
Orestiz - Simply Raw
Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February
DJ Fuzzbuzz - Ruff n Tuff
Pursuit - Do U Like Hardcore Junglism
Abyss - In The Mind
Abyss - Another Planet
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