Donavan got involved in discos and DJing when he was about 16. If you wanted a party, you got Donavan to DJ. He went under several names such as The Baron, Don The Glove and Quick Eddie and Bassline. He changed it to Bad Boy after DJing at an event where Mad P (Top Buzz's MC) was MCing whilst Donavan was playing. Mad P kept on saying "bad boy" over the mic.

I was in care for a long time, moved around, fostered, different foster parents here and there. It was really weird being in care. I always knew I was never comfortable being in care but I was too scared to ever run away. There was always an artist in me, I was always getting into sculpture. I was so uncomfortable with where I was supposed to be at in my life, I resisted it, I'd be great for a month then I'd give my foster parents hell, fucking despise them and hate them.