Say the name Liquid to any old skool raver or anthem loving clubber and they're almost guaranteed to think of the piano classic ‘Sweet Harmony'. It's a pure classic in the truest sense of the word, one of those few vintage tracks that no matter where it's played, or at what time, it always causes the very same instant arm-raising reaction.

A true old skool warrior, Niki Dimensions has a history in the underground London scene that eclipses most DJs in today’s scene. He raved at Grooverider’s seminal Rage night at Heaven, has played every where from Raindance to Camden Palace and even runs his own nu skool breakbeat night (the Vinyl Touch) with Switfy B and Andy Lock Up. Able to play everything from classic 88 house to the most cutting-edge breaks and grooves, we caught up with the talented and unsung DJ hero as he gears up for his history of house room at Tasty’s Love Muzik event.

Original MC and now MC/Promoter/Tune maker, MC Magika talks about his time in the rave scene, MCing with Carl Cox and his Raveology events.