New release from Basement. This album contains unreleased Basement mixes, unreleased remixes, and a new selection of DnB, Techno, Old Skool and House tracks. These 8 x 12" Singles will be released as a ltd edition boxset and ltd edition 12" and Digital Release.

The now traditional "lets stop the X-Factor winner getting to number one" campaigns are all entering their final few days, so just a reminder that if you haven't done so already, get to the mp3 seller of your choice and buy a copy of Altern 8 - Activ 8.

Featuring four brand new tunes from four of the leading exponents in the darkside hardcore/drum and bass genre genres – and lovingly mastered by Beau Thomas at Ten87 Mastering, this EP offers something for everyone, as long as you like your tinged with darkness!

First up is the new track from FX (Demonic Possession Recordings & The Nightmares EP on 7th Storey Projec ts) – 'Dark Places' – continuing FX's domination of the old skool darkcore sound!

Ninety Two Retro and 7th Storey Projects are proud to announce their forthcoming joint limited edition vinyl release - The Original DJ Excel - 'Just When You Thought It Was Safe'.

The three tracks featured are the best of old a new - the A side features the legendary and sought-after original mix of DJ Excel's 'Just When You Thought It Was Safe', officially licenced for this limited edition release from the artist himself, taken from the original DAT and carefully and lovingly re-mastered especially for this release.

Nearly half a million people are believed to take the Class A drug ecstasy every year in Britain and the country was dubbed the 'drug-taking capital of Europe' in a recent EU Drugs Agency report. Now, in a UK television first, two live programmes will follow volunteers as they take MDMA, the pure form of ecstasy, as part of a ground-breaking scientific study. Channel 4, Wednesday 26th September at 10pm Presented by Jon Snow and Dr Christian Jessen, the programmes aim to cut through the emotional debate surrounding the issue and accurately inform the public about the effects and potential risks of MDMA. The six-month long neuroscience study - designed by two of the world's leading experts on MDMA, psychopharmacologists Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London and Professor Val Curran of University College London - is using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine how MDMA affects the resting brain in healthy volunteers for the first time.