wacky_backyKnow As:

  • Hash, Weed, Herb, Ganja, Skunk, Blow, Puff, Spliff


  • Cannabis is a relaxant that changes the way you see the world, it can be hallucinogenic.
  • How people feel when they smoke, or eat, cannabis varies. Its effects on you will depend on how you are feeling before you take it, the environment you are in and the strength of the resin or grass you take.
  • When smoking cannabis, the effects are usually felt fairly quickly. Although effects very, most people feel relaxed and happy, possibly losing inhibitions and becoming very giggly. But another common effect is to feel anxious and paranoid.
  • Physical effects are bloodshot eyes, a dry mouth and slow reflexes.
  • Stays in the body for 2 - 7 days (casual use), up to 30 days (heavy use).

Using A Lot Of Cannabis:

  • Some of the health risks of using a lot of cannabis are linked to the the tabacco it is normally smoked with. However, smoking cannabis resin by itself causes damage to your chest and may contribute to getting bronchitis or lung cancer.
  • Many long term users talk about feeling very lethargic and leading a much less active life.

Stay Safer:

  • Make sure you use it in small amounts to test the strength.
  • Make sure you tell a friend if you start to feel anxious or paranoid.