Slipmatt (real name Matthew Nelson) has been DJ'ing since the beginning of the rave scene, with his first big break at one of the Raindance functions. He's played at Club Kinetic, Die Hard, Rhythm Section, Dance Paradise, Elevaton, Dreamscape, Temptation and Pandemonium and Rave Nation to name a but a few. He works with the Dy-Na-Mix agency based in Milton Keynes which is owned by Eddie Richard, Ultimate which is owned by Carl Cox and also Direct. He says that his music policy is simple "I play to the crowd". He is usually associated with with Happy Hardcore but he also likes to play the old skool classics, "Happy" Jungle sounds and House (where he DJ's under his real name). As well as DJ'ing he, like a lot of DJ's, also produces for other people as well as remixing. He found major chart success when he joined up with fellow Essex DJ, DJ Lime to form the group SL2 (named after the SL1200 turntables). They had three chart singles including "On a Ragga Tip" which reached number 2 in the Gallup charts. He also owns his own record company "Universal" which release uplifting Piano Melody Anthems as well as part owning "Awesome" records with DJ Lime. He is also A&R man of XL Recordings sub-lable - First Recordings, who released a more stompy remix of On a Ragga Tip at the beginning of 1997.
Tunes include: SMD #1, #2, #3, #4, DJ's Take Control, On a Ragga Tip, Way In My Brain and numerous remixes for Remix Records - Take Me Away and Airhead, Hectic Records - Crowd Control, Impact - My Own and Formation Records - Incredible Bass (remix).