Around on the rave scene since 1987, Micky is on one of pioneers from the early days and still smashes up the place where ever he goes. Having always loved music from an early age, he first got into DJ'ing when he had had enough of the DJ's on the radio talking and interupting the tunes he was trying to record on to tape, so he bought an old pair of decks to play his collection of records on.

He went to see Erik B, LL Cool J and Public Enemy and was really intrigued by what he saw. The first thing he ever did was a friends house party in Islington in a cafe carrying on till the early hours of the morning. The first residency that he got was at The Tunnel Club in Greenwich, which had a licence till 10am. Micky's sister ran the Tunnel Club on certain nights and she told him that she need to put a name on the flyer. Micky being on the slim side she came up with the name Micky Finn (as in thin). One of the biggest projects that Micky has been involved in was the 1991 tune 'Some Justice' with DJ Aphrodite. The tune charted at number 23.

"There was a chance that we were going to have to go on Top Of The Pops and I was thinking 'Oh no, fucking hell, I can't do that'. People did approach me and say, 'What are you selling out for?' and I said, 'Listen, are you gonna buy me a big house, because that's what I want. So if you are not going to buy me one shut the fuck up.' If I can go out there and earn money and still go and do what I like doing, then that's alright."

Micky is very busy appearing at all the major events in this country as well as events in America and is often seen at AWOL and World Dance events. Last years remix of 'Some Justice' was a massive tune and is still being played in some clubs and like the '91 version, got a lot of people interested in the scene.

His newest project again with Aphrodite, is the Urban Takeover record label. Urban Takeover release massive jump-up jungle anthem tunes.

Tunes include: Some Justice, Bad Ass!, Bass Shake