DJ Hypes climb to fame and success has been a long and hard one. It all started when he was fourteen and still at school with classmates such as Smiley from "Shut Up And Dance". They had one deck and built their own speaker boxes.
His music career started in 1989 when he would play Hip Hop and his friend would play Reggae on a pirate station in London. His career as a Hip-Hop DJ had gone well, he had won a London competion in 1989, represented Britain in Spain for the European mixing championships and entered DMC.

When a new House radio station called Fantasy started up he managed to get a show on it in August 1989. He had no House records at the time so he borrowed what he played. He needed a new DJ name to call himself as he had used Doctor K on the other station. He was wearing a T-Shirt with HYPE printed on it, so he decided to call himself DJ Hype.

The first event that he played was Runtings in Cambridge Heath Road. A few DJ's had gone abroad to play so Rhythem Doctor phoned him at work and asked him if he wanted to fill in.

After about 6 months of being on Fantasy, Hype lost his day job. At about the same time "Shut Up And Dance" where working on a track for GTI Records. Peter Harris used to phone them up and ask them what they thought of tracks, they got a bit fed up with this so they suggested that he got an A&M man, they suggested Hype.

Hype's job was to listen to different tracks and then decide which ones to put out on this new label called "Kickin' Records". Hype heard a track by someone called The Scientist. Hype was into breakbeat and the Scientist was into Techno, Hype thought that it would be a good idea to mix the two. The tracks that they produced were called "The Exorcist" and "The Bee". The Exorcist was released first selling 50,000 copies. Unfortunalty in all the write ups and interviews all the credit was going to the Scientist. In the middle on 1991 after coming back from Japan where we was touring with Shut Up And Dance, he decided to leave.

Mark Ryder made him an offer with Strictly Underground to make tunes together. Things didn't really work out as Hype was making the tunes by himself and then putting them out by himself. He managed to get a slot with Orange at "The Rocket" where he played every week. Chris Paul who ran the Rocket back then had his own studio and he and Hype did a few tracks together, one of which became the 2nd Isotonic track that went to number 25 in the charts.
Slowly they drifed apart and Hype started to work on his own from home. He would go to Da Underground where they had a studio that he would use. Hype's next track was "A Shot In The Dark". He was in Boggie Times when Dan Donnelly came down and said that he liked the track. When it was released on Suburban Base it sold 8,000 copies reaching number 63 in the charts.

In 1993 he got a booking through Brockie who is a good friend of his, to play a full on Jungle set at Jungle Fever. After this the bookings just started to flow in.

In 1994 he decided to start up his own label "Ganja Records". The idea was that no one would know that it was DJ Hype behind the label. Although the records do not state it, they are in fact limited releases and only 2 - 3,000 copies are ever pressed.

In 1996 He teamed up with Pascal and Zinc to form True Playaz Music.

So now he even plays in places like Germany and Switzerland and in the UK due to his versatility he plays a wider range of events than many other DJ's.

Tunes include: Shot In The Dark, The Trooper, You Must Think First, Hello Lover (DJ Hype Remix), R.I.P (DJ Hype Remix), True Playez's Anthem.

Based on the DJ Hype interview in Eternity no. 26