Initially ‘Human Resource' had 4 members: Guido Pernet (Producer- MC) Johan Van Beek & Jasper Drexhage (Keyboards) & Robert Mahu (Stage Mixer). They were joined too my 80 AUM Rapper & former pro basketball player Larenzo Nash. Chicago US born Nash was the infamous voice used on "Dominator" in 1991. He did not last with HR as Pernet wasn't pleased with his live performances so Nash returned to 80 AUM & took on the role of vocals himself for the time being.

‘Dominator' was a huge success, one of the first records ever to use the "Hoover" effect, which was created using a Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesiser. HR released their first EP / Album entitled "Dominating the World". This was very early house in style & extremely different from "Dominator".

As 92 began & Human Resource prepared to embark upon new ventures & succeed with more releases. At This time Johan Van Beek quit the group. Pernet didn't want another Keyboard player so instead hired a Rapper, the former MC of Quadrophonia Marvin D. He stayed with the group until 1995 before leaving to start his own label with his childhood friend Ray Slijngaard from 2 Unlimited, in which time HR had released such tracks as "Rave-O-Lution" & "Fuck Them" as well as another Album "Kicking Noise of Rotterdam". At this time (end of 94 / start of 95) the Rave scene has evolved onto unique styles, now known as Gabber / Rotterdam Hardcore.

Drexhage left the group at this point, as he disagreed with the scenes seeming sway towards racism; he was replaced by someone called Sander. From the period in which Marvin left HR this left just 3 people remaining, founder Guido Pernet, Robert Mahu & Sander. The 3 then hooked up with an American Rapper called Kirk Patrick. With him on board they saw it fit to re-record & release ‘Dominator' in 1996. This version was harder but lacked the enthusiasm in vocals that Larenzo Nash gave the Original. Kirk stayed with the group for about a year & performed one other release with HR entitled "In the Hall of the Mountain King". A few months following his departure Mahu also quit leaving just the founder of the group Guido Pernet remaining. Since this time Guido has managed his own record labels, most notably KNOR Records working along side his nephew Peter Pernet a lot of the time. They recorded under many guises releasing Hardcore Old Skool until the end of 1998 when Pernet joined major Dutch label "Dubfoundation".

Since this time Guido has gone it alone with ‘Human Resource', & just recently joined Maurice Steenbergen of ‘RTS' (‘Rotterdam Termination Source' - famous for the 92 hit release "Poing!") & Zeno Zevenbergen of ‘T99' (Famous for ‘Anasthasia') to form ‘RTS-HR' (see

Tunes Include: Dominator
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