Donavan got involved in discos and DJing when he was about 16. If you wanted a party, you got Donavan to DJ. He went under several names such as The Baron, Don The Glove and Quick Eddie and Bassline. He changed it to Bad Boy after DJing at an event where Mad P (Top Buzz's MC) was MCing whilst Donavan was playing. Mad P kept on saying "bad boy" over the mic.
Donavan started his rise to fame at the Brunel rooms in Swidon were he used to be a regular party goer. Over the years he became a good friend of Bill Reid who was the manager of the Brunel Rooms and Steve Reid who runs the club today. He began to DJ there on a regular basis. Whilst DJing there he was asked to play at an illegal party in Stroud by Gideon, one of the founder of Fantazia and Obsession. Gideon asked Donavan to become a permanent member of the Fantazia team.

Around '94/'95, Donavan was known all over the country for playing uplifting anthems such as DJ Seduction's "Sub Dub" and Pure White's "4AM". He now plays Drum 'n' Bass at places in the west of the country like Ruffneck Ting, Bristol Exposure and The Brunel Rooms. He is also now head of A&R at Street Beat Records.

Donavan holds a great deal of respect for the Full Circle Crew - Roni Size, Krust, DJ Die and DJ Suv, V and Philly Blunt Records, Ruffneck Ting and Technical Itech.

Based on the Magika and Alex Cormack interview in Dream 22