Back in 1992, a certain tune entitled 'Let Me Be Your Fantasy' was released by Production House records by a group of artists called Baby D. The tune was a big underground hit and was constantly in the top 200 for 2 years selling over 40,000 copies. The big surprise was that in 1994 the tune was signed to London Records and re-released at which point it promptly went to number 1 in the UK charts selling about a quarter of a million copies. The track had not been remixed, it was in it's original form. It just took 2 years for everyone else to catch up and realise what a good tune it is (although there are housey remixed for the clubs that play that sort of thing). Baby D consists of Baby D - the lead singer, Nino - the MC and Dyce - the writer/producer. Floyd Dyce is a very busy man, projects that he has worked on for Production House include, Trip II The Moon (Acen), Superhero (The House Crew), Exodus (The Bothers Grimm) and Exterminate (D-M-S). The album entitled Deliverance, was released in two forms the standard CD and a double CD that had remixes of So Pure, Daydreaming, Casanova and a new track Have It All. They always seem to touring University's and Colleges so keep your eyes peeled.

Tunes include: Let Me Be Your Fantasy, So Pure, Casanova, I Need Your Loving.