Forum member Doc Scott asked members of the B2VOS forum if they had any questions they wanted answering, they did in their dozens, here's a pick of the best.

shadow_boxingWhich of the artists did u rate the most back in the day? Also, which of your tunes (back in the day) do you still like the most now?

Well I'm going on my memories of when I got dubs off these people and how excited i got about it. so id have to say bukem, goldie, wax doctor, potential bad boy, living dream, and of course the reinforced camp. i still like surgery, lets go and the original mix of drumz. I don't know how i made that original version to this day !!

What was your favourite venue to play in...??

fave venues were the eclipse, roller express, the astoria, lazerdrome and the original blue note. loads more, but those spring immediately to my mind.

Excluding your own productions, what are your favourite tunes..??

sueno latino - sueno latino, pacific state - 808 state,it is what it is - derrik may, rock to the beat - kevin saunderson, new stylee - living dream, galaxy 2 galaxy - underground resistance, terminator - goldie, I could go on for days ....

Any idea where the green lazer magic sign from the eclipse went..???

i think man parris nicked it

Any plans to cash in and repress any of the old absolute stuff you did or do you not have the rights anymore?

cash in? LOL. I own the rights to all my tunes, if there's money to be made I'll 'cash in'. Seriously though, I have considered doing a compilation of some old tunes. maybe next year.

Which is the definitive (for you anyway) version of Here Come The Drumz?

The original, no question.

How the fu*k did you make that noise and do you get royalties each time it's sampled?

I cant really remember how it was made, i know it was over a crazy weekend. I wish I did get royalties, its still samples to death today !

What were you taking back in 1992, cause those Nasty Habits EPs are the filthiest tunes of their time?

lets just say i was n't straight when i was recording for reinforced back then. The original drumz was made over a week long 'session' and resulted in me being presecuted for noise polution. for real. had to goto court and everything !

Is there one tune from 1991 -1994 that you wish you'd made?

hmm, good one, maybe straight outta hell by tronnil house, that tune fucked me up when i heard it.

You've made tunes for pretty much evey genre of dance music. Which era was most inspiring for you?

probably late reinforced/early metalheadz, we had no idea of the people that were listening to what we were doing. not just here but all around the world, and that was very inspiring. they were some great times.

Any embarrassing moments when playing out?

hmm, theres a few mate. probably the worst was when i was plating for energy at the weekender at Skegness in 1993, i had to go to Blackpool to play at the ' love shack' and then get back to energy as i was playing twice (Friday & Sunday).
anyway, when i got to blackpool, i realised that it was a sasha style 'hands in the air' love fest club of that era, the dj played a fucking accapella for his last tune and i thought 'oops, you aint gonna like this'.. so i tried to play a few piano tunes (omni trio etc) to no avail. and then I thought 'fuck you lot' and played some nasty shit and got hauled off after 25 mins. i was not really embarrassed so to speak but it was awkward.

What's your favorite smell?

Success ! That and strawberries.

The piano used in n.h.s ep - is it a sample if so where did you sample it from?

it is a sample, from a white label called 'disco buiscuts' hence the name of the remix BTW.

How did you come up with the name Doc Scott?

it was given to me at school as a nickname.

You obviously read this forum what do you think of it and how did you find it?

Well I've read some of it and i think its cool that the music that built today's DNB scene isn't being forgotten.
as there are some amazing tunes from back then, and i mean amazing.

When you are playing to thousands of people, do you ever look out over the sea of faces and think, yes, dance, you filthy vermin, for i am the pied piper, and I'm here to destroy you all?

LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!! that seriously made me laugh bro. put it this way, i saw grandmaster flash on TV as a kid and thought i like the way he can control people, its a cool feeling to be in that position, although I wouldn't exactly put it like you did.

'NHS' Midnite Mix, Grooverider Inter Natty Remix and the Disco Mix (which I haven't got hold of yet! Repress it as a single) How come one tune spawned so many awesome remix's? You must've loved it to have kept redoing it (with great results I might add). What's coming out that's deep, dark and dirty on your label next? Anything from yourself? Any more Pendulum stuff etc. ?

Tunes like 'nhs' and 'drumz' were always concepts to me as oppossed to just being tunes, so i always looked on them as having lots of different versions, especially drumz. On 31 we have 2 more KOTR ep's , then an album, then a heap of 12's followed by a nasty habits album mid 2004.

I would like to know what was your inspiration on writing "shadow boxing"

Well for those that dont know, i was trying to create 'that loop' that you humm to your friends at the end of the night, the one that sticks in your head and wont go away. Also i was trying to make a point that making a tune didn't have to be mega complex, but that sometimes simplicity can be the key ....

Did you ever get into the ragga jungle sound? Did you play many sets of it or did you try to avoid it? Do you have any thoughts about the result of that music's popularity (the scene changing, etc.)?

Too be honest, that whole period of time, 'the jungle explosion' was when me and goldie formed metalheadz and gatherd along our friends (dillinja, photek, peshay, wax dr, alex reece, source direct, lemon d etc... ) The main thing we didnt like about the first jungle sound was that for the first time people were mentionong peoples color of skin alomg with the music. we hated this, and thought it was complete bullshit, so we rebelled (musically) against this nonsense. So why you cant find tapes of myself playing 'jungle' in that era was because i wasnt playing it !

What made you think of using the NHS vocal sample? just seems a bit of an odd choice to base a track around.

Well 'nhs' was my first record label (nhs records). plus it ties in with the 'doc' name and lastly it was the name of a graffiti crew i used to bomb with when i was a young vandal (N.H.S. = Nasty HabitS).

Who would win a fight altern8 or smart e's?

Altern8, they wear masks.

Which of your tunes sold the most copies? do you think this is a good reflection of how good they were?

To date shadow boxing has sold 30,000 +, others are around 10 - 20, 000 ... sales dont truly reflect good tunes, ask the pop idol crew ?!?


Thanks to Doc Scott for taking time out in the forum to answer the questions.