Top remixer and drum and bass master answers your questions in our Tango Interview.

Why Tango! Why did you choose this as your DJ name?

I used to use it when I was a breakdancer (about 17 years ago.) It just stuck.

What was your ever first tune released?? On which label was it??

"The Impact EP" on Formation Records.

Tango also seems like the King of Remixes - it seems like he's remixed more tunes than he's done solo. His remixes are regarded as some of the greatest tunes in hardcore/jungle history - what is it about a tune that called to him for a remix? How does he feel when his remix is regarded as the "better tune" over the original? Maybe a stupid question, but does this generate any animosity toward the original producer?

When you're not feeling too inspired it's easier to do a remix, because you've already got some samples and a basic vibe to work with. Only bad thing is if it gets re-pressed (as some stuff has) you lose out, because it's a one-off payment...yeah, it's great when your remix is regarded as better than the original- that's what you set out to do, really. No, in my experience it doesn't generate any animosity towards the original producer. Not that I know of anyway...

Given the opportunity are there any tunes that you would really like to remix?

I was supposed to remix "Rolling Like Scottie" by Rufige Cru, in '94, but it never materialised. I'd still love to do it- one of my favourite tracks (along with pretty much everything else Goldie was doing at the time.) If you read this, Goldie- I'm still waiting for the samples mate...

Does he know the tango project and double visions are going for £70+ on e-bay so there is a big demand for the rare and unreleased tracks that he has made would he consider doing a album or a series of 12"s with all the special pa versions and remixes?

Yeah, I've heard about that. I've just re-pressed Double Vision as it goes, coming out through Nu Urban shortly. Mine & Ratty's "Tales from the Darkside" was repressed again last year as well, but other than that I'm not planning on putting any more old stuff out at the moment.

Why oh why oh WHY the silly Sugar Plum Fairy bit (or whatever music it is) in Can't Stop The Rush On The Impact EP???????? Was he on drugs at the time?!?!?!?!

No Comment...(!)

What record was always included in your old skool sets? and who did you rate as producers / dj's back in the day??

Pretty much everything on Reinforced was in my sets at the time. Goldie ran things big style - "Terminator" was probably the one I played the most. Basement put out some killers, courtesy of Wax Doctor,etc, as did Moving Shadow. Formation had their moments, too. As for DJ's, the mighty Grooverider was, and still is, top man for music, with Bukem and Ratty top of the list for mixing ability.

Did you write tracks more specifically for individual labels or did you just go with the vibe and see who was interested?

A bit of both, really. It depended on who I was in contact with at the time to be honest.

Have you got any plans to make 'nu old school' in addition to d&b? What's "Nu Old School?"

I've been doing some slower stuff if that's what you mean. Me and DJ Pulse have done a stack of stuff for some Breaks labels, including Fat!, Mob, TCR, Marine Parade, Distinctive, etc, Under the names "Apollo Kids," "Initial Research," and "Quiet Killaz." Check your local record store...

What's your fave bit of hardware/software?

My favourite bit of hardware is still my E-MU Sampler. My Current fave bit of software is Halion, run with Logic Audio 5.

How surprised are you that 10 years on a new generation of ravers and clubbers are still digging your old tunes?

Very surprised. No, to be honest I still like some of the stuff I've done, but some of it I'd rather forget, as it doesn't really reflect what I do now.

If any of your tunes were wanted for a T.V ad would you licence it?

Yeah, of course. Lexus licensed one of my tracks ("Fever") for an advert a few years ago. I'd be over the moon if another one got used.

Heard some rumours a while back about a 2002 remix of Altern 8's "Infiltrate" done by Tango, wondering if he could shed any light on the matter as I haven't seen anything on the net about it? If it'll get a proper release, only on dubplate, or it's just talking bollocks?

Yes, I've remixed "Infiltrate 202" with Mark One from Altern 8. It was done about 18 months ago, has done the rounds on plate, and is due for release soon.

What projects are you working on now?

I'm working on a new track with Ratty at the moment. We've done a track for CIA/ Advance called "Checkmate"- it's a B side for that. We've also remixed "Safety Clause" by Total Science. Me & Pulse have also got another 12" forthcoming on Mob Records, under the "Initial Research" name, and we've also remixed Stanton Warriors' "Da Virus."

What dirt can u dish on Si 2 bad?

None, unfortunately. Oh, hang on, what about that incident with the sheep...

Thanks very much to Tango for taking time out to answer the questions and to everyone who submitted a question to ask on the Forum. Also thanks to Si 2 Bad for arranging it.