the_dark_side2Unlike jungle drumming, the sounds on this album aren't created by wood and bone, but use instead high powered computers, samplers and electronic keyboards.  With todays sophisticated equipment a multitude of new sounds and rhythms can be created.  Time stretching on the sampler for example gives the drum sound a metallic quality, adding yet another sound to the techno palette.  This technique was also used to produce the "Pinky and Perky" style vocals which have become such a distinctive hardcore trademark.

Cat No. React CD 32

CD 1
D.O.P.E - Dope On Plastic (DJ Easy B & T Bag Revisited Mix)
DJ Rap + Aston - Vertigo (Q-Bass Dark Remix)
Noise Factory - Feel The Magic
DJ Ed Rush - Bludclot Artattack
Hyper~on Experience - Lords Of The Null Lines (Foul Play Remix)
Luna C Project 1 - Edge Of Madness (Sublove Remix)
Kev Bird + The Wax Doctor - Dark Matter '93
Johnny Jungle - Flammable
Noise Factory - Breakage #6
Jungle Buddha - Hired Gun
X Project - X Project
Enforcer - Dam Tuff
Citadel Of Kaos - Ceasefire
Poosie + Cru-L-T - Hear Me Hear Me