Simon Colebrooke (one half of 2 Bad Mice) answers questions from the forum. Find out his favourite remix of Bombscare as well as just where that breakbeat came from in our exclusive interview.

When and how did you first meet Sean the other half of 2 Bad Mice?

At Stags Night Club in Hertford. Sean played Grand Piano - it blew me away, we chatted about music (my love of hip hop, his of house), went out raving together with the Peoples front of Hertford (our group of mates!!), met Rob Playford.......the rest is history.

Where did the name come from?

The tale of Two Bad Mice by Beatrix Potter.

When you wrote tunes like Bombscare and 2 Bad Mice did you know they were going to be big classic tunes at the time or were they more experimentations?

We just wanted to create tracks containing elements that our friends would like to hear such as scratching, bongo's, rap loops etc. We never expected anything huge to happen with our tracks. They were for our friends and influenced by our adventures with them.

Where did you get the thunder samples on Bombscare?

If I told you I would have to kill you.

What equipment did you mostly use back in the days?

Our early stuff was done on an Atari using Creator and mixed down on a 4 track Realistic mixer that had caught fire 3 weeks previous!!!!!

hold_it_downOn the cover of 2 Bad Mice - Hold it down/Bombscare, which one are you?

The really good looking one.

Where did the now incredibly famous breakbeat on Bombscare come from?

Was it sampled or was it original? Lots of people ask this!! It is on the B side of a bootleg called You Used To Salsa.

Do you think you'd get away these days with sampling as much as in the old days?

Ohhh Nooo!!!

Do you think you were better at making original tunes, or remixing other peoples?

We loved doing both. My favourite original track of ours is Illegal Subs by Kaotic Chemistry and my favourite remixes are Music Takes You by Blame and the Phuture Assassins one we did on Suburban Base.

Who do you respect most from the same era?

Shut up and Dance, Shades of Rhythm, 4 Hero, Prodigy, Foul Play, Doc Scott and Omni Trio....The list could go on!!!!!!!

Are you fed up hearing Bombscare on every event and mix CD that you actually don't like the track that much any more?

No not at all.

Did you ever play on Mad FM? If so was it under a different name?

Sean played on Mad FM and I did too with The 2 Stoned Crew on the odd occasion.

One of our readers asked if you still drive around with the number plate S12 BAD (Si 2 Bad) as he thinks you cut him up once along Martins Way?

I wish I could afford a personal number plate!!! I mainly used to drive to raves in my Mercury Communications van (on the cover) and Sean drove about in a Blue Range Rover.

Were you part of the set up The Good, 2 BAD and the ugly?


What was your favourite era, musically?

1989 - 1994

Would you ever consider doing any more work as 2 bad mice or is that a closed chapter now?

We did go back in the studio last summer and started something but kept ending up in the pub for some reason.

Do you think the revival is a fad or is it here to stay?

Hardcore will never die....

What do you think of all the Bombscare re-mixes e.g. UXB 1+2, the 94 mix, Tall Paul mix, Rat pack, etc.

I like most of the mixes. My fave is The Hybrid mix.

What never leaves your record bag / turntable / cd player?

When playing out I will always play Give A Little Love by my mate Nookie and Rich In Paradise by F.P.I. Project.

What are you both doing now?

Sean is still working on music and has some great up and coming projects on Good Looking and an album project with Omni Trio, I am working in Telecoms and our sidekick Rhodesey (responsible for various Bombscare mixes) is D.J'ing around the Home Counties and worldwide when not drunk or falling over or dressed as a lady. We all still enjoy lager drinks on the odd occasion and try to see as many old school friends as possible.

Thanks very much to Simon for taking the time out to answer the questions.