classic_core_2In the early nineties, the atmosphere and energy experienced by partygoers at the HARDCORE Dance Events such as TELEPATHY, RAGE, BIOLOGY RAPIDO, BEYOND THERAPY RAINDANCE, FANTASIA, AWOL, DREAMSCOPE, ELEVATION, DANCE PLANET and PERCEPTION has now become legendary.

The influence of the music played at these parties can still be heard in the modern widespread dance culture. From Trance to Techno, Drum `n' Base to Trip Hop, Jungle, Hardhouse and Happy Hardcore. The rythmn and feeling of these RAVES has become rooted in a new generation of dance music.

`CLASSIC TO THE CORE' will bring you the records and anthems that were played at these parties to bring back the rushes and memories for those who were there, and now being enjoyed by an ever expanding club and dance scene that spreads all around the world.

Cat No. BSECT 2

Record One
MI 7 - Rockin Down The House (Drum n Bass Remake)
Lennie De Ice - We R IE
Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202
Zero B - Lock Up (Monolith Mix)

Record Two
M & M - Don't Stand In My Way
Cubic 22 - Night In Motion
Bitin' Back - She's Breaking Up (aka Bionic Man)
Bug Kahn And The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes

Record Three
Nookie - Give A Little Love
Awesome 3 - Don't Go
Urban Shakedown feat. Micky Finn - Bass Shake
N Joi - Anthem