Cat No. SVCD008

CD 1 - Mixed by Slipmatt

Shades of Rhythm - Sweet Sensation
Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives
MC Lethal - Ravedigger
Foul Play - The Finest
Rabbit City - Beyond Control
Tango and Ratty - Tales From the Darkside
Ray Keith - Too Much
MI7 - Rockin' Down the House
Glide - Release
Ellis Dee - Rock to the Max
Tango - Can't Stop the Rush
Xenophobia - Rush in the House
Mad Ragga Jon - Original Bad Boy
Slipmatt - SMD 2A

CD 2 - Mixed by Brockie

Andy C and Randall - Sound Control
Aphrodite - Listen to the Rhythm Flow
DJ Hype - You Must Think First
Guy Called Gerald - 28 Gun Bad Boy
Dream Team - Public Enemy
Doc Scott - Shadow Boxing
Terrorist - Sing Time
The JB - Stand Easy
Zinc - No Diggety
Krome and Time - Ganja Man (remix)
Roni Size - Square Off
DJ Crystal - Warpdrive
The Moog - Ardcore Junglist
Noise Factory - The Fire