Old Skool and Hardcore DJ Billy "Daniel" Bunter talks about some upcoming events.

billy_bunterHow's tricks with you? Are you as busy as ever or have you been slacking off lately?

Depends on how you look at it. I've just come back from a 20 day tour of Australia, which was the bolloxs, some dj's make hard work out of a tour, me I look at it as a perfect opportunity to slack off. Now I'm back I'm in a bit of a detox and paying the price for 20 days of partying hard, however the show must go on, and it's back to promoting my Bliss event with Raindance on Friday August 26th @ Heaven, getting back in the swing of my radio show on Pure Dance which Graham Gold kindly stood in for whilst I was away, getting in the studio with Jon Doe, and playing out up to 5 times a weekend over here ...... No rest for the wicked!!!!!

How have the last few Tasty parties gone?

Awesome, and all packed out. There is no denying that the dance scene has seen better days of late, but Tasty is testament to the fact that there is still awesome parties out there, and when done properly and with passion, real party people come out and put the effort and loyalty in, and it's all done with out support from magazines and sucking up to management companies, dj agencies and over hyped and priced dj's. Tasty is about the party and not a business plan and that's what makes it special.

What are the plans for future editions? Will you be sticking with the tried and tested format at The Mass or venturing elsewhere?

We will be sticking at the Mass as I feel the venue plays a major part in making Tasty unique. The only other project I have on the go is Bliss with Raindance on Friday August 26th @ Heaven in which we will use all 5 rooms covering every thing from Acid House to Hardcore. Over the years I have spoke to lots of other promotion teams from Frantic to Hardcore Heaven, Heat to Innovation about doing joint ventures, but the Raindance and Tasty connection is the one that excites me the most, both events are very similar in the way they run but just have different music policies, so it's a very exciting project to be joining the 2 together, and seeing what comes out the other end. I believe clubbers and ravers are far more open minded then the "so called" industry gives them credit for, so I reckon we are in for a very ground breaking evening on the 26th of August.

What productions have you got coming up?

I was in the studio a lot before I went on tour. At the moment I have no intended release dates I'm just keeping every thing exclusive for my dj sets. A lot of people have been asking me about when the next honey pot material is coming, and at the moment I'm not to sure, when I release my next track I want it to be a killer, so I'm holding back, I feel to many labels are releasing music for the sake of it at the moment, and now's not the right time to be releasing every thing you are producing.

Tell us about the compilation you recently mixed...looks rather interesting!

Yeah, Hard dance to hardcore acceleration on Rumour records, it's across 2 disks and captures my hard dance sets and hardcore sets, I would of loved to included a disk of my old skool set as well but that's coming after the summer. Basically the cd does what it says on the tin. I'm very proud of it, it covers a cross section of artists and it includes every thing from classics to exclusives, upfront material and unreleased material, and it's all mixed live!!!!!

August 13th sees you play at the return of United Dance at SeOne in London. When was the last time you played at one of their events? How were these events different to the other Slammin' Vinyl branded events?

Bloody hell, when was the last United Dance? I can't for the life of me remember. Was it the one with the Gotham City flyer? Was that at Bagleys or SE 1. For me SlamminVinyl was all about Bagleys, and United Dance was all about Stevenage arts and leisure centre, but we are in a different era now, so we will have to wait and see what United Dance brings to the table @ SE 1, I've seen the line up and it looks fat, so you know it's gonna be a big night out especially with the Slammin boys involved ...... You never know as a little treat they might get Chas and Dave to do a surprise PA (In house joke).

You will be playing a classic '88-'91 set in the Jenkins Lane Reunion arch...who were your favourite producers and DJs from back then?

Tuff question, I couldn't pin point a certain producer as it was such a whirl wind era that moved on so radically and at a rapid pace. We are talking about such a defining era both musically and culturally that it is so hard to pin point favourites, the whole era in it self is such a huge inspiration on every single one of us in to dance music today, what ever the sub genre or back ground. DJ wise, Tony Wilson he was one of the original Balearic style dj's, his name would be on top of the bill and Oakenfold and them would be below him on many of the flyers, like many over the years though he is no longer around. What made him so unique was dropping tunes like Water Boys - Whole of the moon at the end of the night. Kenny Ken and Jumping Jack Frost around 1990 were 2 of my favourites dj's when it come to mixing and having no fear when it come to chopping 2 records up, back in the day there was nothing better then being on the dance floor and the dj teasing the crowd with the coss fader, Ellis D was also one of the daddies at this also. Musically I would say my 2 favourite dj's would have to be the Labrynth residents Vinyl Matt & Adrian Age, both very unique and with huge followings for having distinct styles, again neither dj's around playing any more.

For those who don't know, what was Jenkins Lane?

Jenkins Lane was the original home of Raindance from 1989 and was on a sports field in Essex,. Raindance @ Jenkins lane was the first ever legal rave, and the start of a brand new era, as previous to Jenkins Lane events like Biology, Genesis, Sunrise, Labrynth, 2000ad, Ibiza, Energy ect had been holding illegal raves in fields and warehouses.

Are you going to any of the numerous festivals that are on this summer?


And finally, what's the funniest tune you've heard all year?

Hmmm, a couple of my mates have just done 2 ring tones, 1 is called eat my pussy which is as funny as fuck, and they are just looking for a deal on it, and the other 1 is called Mr Doobey Doo - Come in to my shop it is 2p cheaper, and it's all about a shop keeper, Jamstar have signed it and it will be terrorizing every one on the TV soon.