• Written and Produced By PJ and Smilely
  • © Shut Up and Dance Records

This was the song that finished Shut Up And Dance Records.   The song is split in to two main sections, the vocals based on the melody of Walking in Memphis and a wicked bassline and rave riff.  It actually made it to number one in the UK single chart for all of one week due to the fact that they didn't get permission to use the "Walking In Memphis" melody and saw themselves made an example of by the big record companies who were beginning to take action against people stealing samples from their records.  Shame the same didn't happen to Cher when she did a cover of the original... or Scooter for that matter.

Put on my raving shoes and I boarded the plane,
touch down in a city where the sky looks blue, in the middle of the pouring rain.
Everybody was happy, ecstasy shining down on me, yeah got a first class ticket,
feel as good as a boy can be, I'm raving I'm raving,
I'm raving till the sweat just pours down off me, I'm raving I'm raving,
but do I really feel the way I feel?