DJ Vibes is an Essex man who has been DJing for the last 5 years. He was first inspired by his Father who played Soul on a pirate radio station. He decided to start his own radio station to play the slower kind of Garage that was around back then. He would offer advertisements to promoters that would let him play at their events. His first proper gig was at "Rush" at the Pyramid Centre in Dalston, London. Unfortunately the radio station was busted around 1991, they lost all of their equipment and given a 1200UKP fine. He was still determined to carry on working in the scene so he continued to contact the right people, go to events and meet the people who could give him a break.
His real big break came when he released his first single Obsession (Music's So Wonderful) which sold 10,000 copies. He had put everything into releasing the record. He borrowed the 800UKP it cost from a relative. The record was released on his own label "Asylum" which was in partnership with Wishdokta who he had met at an event. Because he was releasing lots of good material it was not long before he was asked to do some remixes for other people. These included: Sunshine Productions-Above the Clouds, DJ Force and The Evolutions- Perfect Dreams,

His biggest influences include Shades Of Rhythm who he feels were doing what he is doing now, only slower and fellow Essex man, Slipmatt.

Tunes include: Obsession (Music's So Wonderful), Sing It Loud, Feel Good.