Dj Trax was an early starter when he first started drumming at the age of seven. By eleven he was breakdancing and he began scratch DJ`ing at the age of fourteen. He formed a hip hop group with two MCs at the age of fifteen called Mixrace. When he was Sixteen he recorded his first track in a professional studio and began recording on an Amiga computer with a £30 sampler at home. As well as being in Mixrace he also recorded with another DJ called DJ Raw the two sent off two tracks to a up and coming record company called Brain records. The two tracks were snapped and released in 1989 under the name Rawtrax.
At around the same time Trax mailed out his first two track made with The Brown Assasin (the other half of Mixrace) to a newly formed but very credible label Moving Shadow, who immediately requested a meeting. A week later he signed his second recording contract and went on to release the classic `Two bad for ya / The future is before your eyes` E.P. Both tracks were a lot faster than any other tracks released for years after, at 180 bpm the tracks were clearly landmarks.

Trax stayed with the quickly developing Moving shadow for the next three years and as well as releasing a follow up Mixrace E.P he released his first solo E.P `One Man One DJ` and also the solo follow up smash `Hightime.` Despite the success of the past four year Trax craved for more and formed he`s own labels with Mixrace partner Brown in order to have more control on the release and production side. So in 1994 the labels Stronghold and Mobhanded were formed and with them the birth of new aliases Brown and Dangerman, Broken Silence , M.I.D and Parallel Worlds.

For the next three years Trax recorded many solo 12"s as well as collaborating with Brown under various aliases on many different labels including Stonghold, Nautilus, Offset, Timeless ,Mixrace productions and Mobhanded. He also recorded two 12 " with Moving shadows `Hyper on Experience`.

Trax began experimenting more and more with various tempos on Nautilus records and gradually began making more down tempo `breakbeat` tracks than Drum and Bass releases. Trax noticed the Drum and Bass scene was changing, no longer did as many people seem to want tracks that challenged the norm. The market had in his opinion began to become stagnant. However in the down tempo scene there were no rules and people happily welcomed new styles. In 1997 Trax signed to a record company that strongly agreed with his views, Wildlife and released a track under the alias Pure Indigo. Shortly afterwoods he released a track on Beats and Pieces records which gained him many new fans including Laurence Garnier, Giles Peterson and Mixmaster Morris.

In 1998 Laceba Records contacted Trax and requested permission to license the track `Flowing`. As well as the master DAT for `Flowing` Trax sent half a dozen tracks he thought Lacerba might like to release they quickly agreed and offered Trax an album and a single deal and promptly released the `Define Funk ep`. Trax locked himself in the studio and wrote the Rythmic Delusions L.P which was greatly received when released in 1999 ( ten years after Trax`s first release)

The last two years have brought further releases on the Lacerba label as well as a Resident Filters remix. Trax has completed the follow up album to Rythmic Delusions to be released in January 02. He also has a new recording contract for the Third album and new single with Mole records. Which is planned to take Trax to the next level with more vocal content and many collaborations with some great musicians. As well as all this Trax still finds the time to DJ and plans to perform the new album live in 2002.

Tunes include: Infinite Hype, One Man One DJ, Hightime