Gavin Cheung AKA Nookie AKA Cloud 9 and various others answers questions this time round in our special interview.

gonna_be_alrightYou often record under different names on different labels, was this because you could release different styles of tunes or so you could get more of your tunes out on different labels?

Both really, i am quite prolific when it comes to making music, I've always loved making music and i just wanted to make as much music as possible, so instead of people getting sick of me under one name i used other alias.

Where did the name Nookie come from?

That name was given to me by my mate Sammy Sam, when I made my first tune he came up with it as my artist name and it's stuck ever since.

Were you behind the Freddy Fudpucker - Drink It In The Sun 12" on Symphony Sounds?

Yeah, me and one of my pals.

A lot of your tracks have a Detroit techno feel to them. Which producers do you rate on the techno scene?

I've always been into the musical techno sound, back in the day my favourite producers were Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Mark Kitchen, Burrell Bros.

Out of all the dance music you've heard over the years, what's the one track that makes you think "It doesn't get any better than this!!"

I wouldn't really ever say something like that coz you just don't know what's around the corner, but my favourite tune is 'Wiggin' by Mayday, it represents the simplicity but also achieving the full impact that a song like that can give.

Who was shot dead in Dalston E8?

Freddy Fudpucker

What was your ever first tune released?? On which label was it??

It was a Ragge/Hip-Hop remix i did under the name Main Attraction called 'Zig It Up' by Flourgon & Ninjaman on Jet Star Records.

Have you got any plans to re-release any of your old skool tunes?

Without a doubt, look out for my Producer album on Good Looking Records.

What were you main musical influences?

Lots of Jazz Funk, Electro, Hip-Hop, artists like Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Donald Byrd, Ultra Magnetics MC's, etc. also the above mentioned Techno artists.

How did you get into the scene?

I met a lot of people when I worked in Red Records in Soho, that gave me a chance to get my demos heard and talk to DJ's, promoters, etc.

How do you get involved in producing a tune with someone else? Do they generally approach you?

Bit of both, but i tend to work alone most of the time, and use session musicians for various jobs.

Who would you really like to work with?

Maybe one of the old Techno boys, and make a Drum & Bass tune, that would be quite interesting.

Given the opportunity are there any tunes that you would really like to remix?

Too many tunes! maybe a nice vocal tune like Sha-Lor - 'I'm In Love'.

What equipment do you use in the studio, and what synth or sampler do you use the most?

I'm mainly using lots of computer based products at the moment, as I'm on the road a lot, it's very handy, you can do so much on a laptop these days. My most used piece of equipment at the moment is probably my mouse! (I ain't giving away too many secrets pal!)

How surprised are you that 10 years on a new generation of ravers and clubbers are still digging your old tunes?

A little surprised, but in all fairness I've always tried to make music with a bit of depth in them so you can still dig them out in 5/10 years time, I'm not really one for making short termed sounds.

What projects are you working on now?

I'm just finishing my new e.p. then working on my next album, also doing some different projects as well, like some House, Down Tempo, Hip-Hop beats, oh yeah and lots of DJ'ing!


Thanks very much to Gavin for taking time out to answer the questions and to everyone who submitted a question to ask on the Forum. Read more information about Gavin in his profile.