Rob Haigh AKA Omni Trio answers questions posted by forum members. Find out where the name came from and what influences the tunes he makes in our full interview.Omni Trio Interview.

renegade_snaresWhy did you decide to use the name Omni trio? What does it mean?

It came about back in '92. I was running a label called Parliament and putting out whites of my stuff and my mates. It was just another name at that point but it stuck. 'Omni' mode means all channels on in midi language. I was doing it on my own so 'Trio' seemed a bit different, giving it more of a group identity.

Why was the London Steppers alias used on the original mixes of Nu Grooves & Thru The Vibe on Candidate?

I released those without permission from Moving Shadow. They weren't pleased at all! We pressd a thousand on Candidate and sold the lot to Vinyl Distribution in a day. I was well skint at the time and needed a bit of cash. Later different versions came out on Shadow.

Was Omni Trio vol 2 (your first release on Moving Shadow) titled because you knew you were going to release an album 2 years later called Omni Trio vol 1 or because you had already released Omni Trio vol 1 on Candidate Records?

There wasn't a big master plan. Vol 2 followed an E.P called Vol 1 on Candidate Records. Calling the 'Deepest Cut' album Vol 1, seemed right at the time. It was later reissued without the Vol 1.

How many mixes of renegade snares are there, and which was the first one?

Four I think. The first was on Vol 3.

What other producers/sound engineers inspire you?

These days I hear a lot of very well produced music that lacks inspiration, I would rather hear a rough demo style production that's full of imagination and feel.

What has influenced your unique style of melody driven D&B and who else do you rate at the moment?

My earliest influences are King Tubby, John Barry, Brian Eno and the Sex Pistols. Current faves- too many to mention.

What other styles of music do you listen to?

All Breakbeat, Ambient, Dub, Techno, Jazz.

What was/is you favourite raving era?

I've been fortunate enough to have been involved in too great era's. The first was non rave. The experimental post punk era of 1980/81. The second was influenced by that era. The period of the early 90's when breakbeats fused with Techno, House and Ambient.

Would you consider producing nu old skool?

No. I just do what feels right for me.

What do you think of the old skool revival?

Its good to be aware of where the roots of this music come from.

Artistically are you pleased with your earlier music or more recent stuff?

I'm always most into the stuff that I'm working on at any given moment.

What equipment do you use in the studio, and what synth or sampler do you use the most?

Sampler- Akai S3000XL, Roland XV 88 Synth, Supernova Synth. That's all I use. The sampler is the main tool.

Which track from all the stuff you have released is the one you would like to be remembered for?

Vanishing Point - Not yet released.

What tune, for you, epitomises the whole scene, from early garage through to house, hardcore, jungle and on to present day?

Mr Fingers - Can U Feel It.

Is there any tune you've heard and said, "I wish I'd written that"?

F.S.L - Papua New Guinea
Mr Fingers - Can U Feel It.


Thanks very much to Rob for taking time out to answer the questions and to everyone who submitted a question to ask on the Forum.