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03 Oct 2016 03:49 #1 by EleveneezerGoode
Hi, l used to have an old rave tape, but l must have thrown it away. The mind boggles.

I'm trying to track a song on the tape. The tape was a compilation of some sort from the early 90s (it was a pirate copy of a compilation, given to me by a friend, for keeps). In the compilation (it was not mixed, it was just a compilation of different songs by different artists) was a weird version of what sounded like DJPC - Inssomniak. For all l know, it could have been a completely independent song, not a remix of Inssomniak.

The song went like this (from what i recall):

"Inssomniak - i'll be back" followed by a cool riff using the same stab used in T-99 Anasthasia.

- It's not the remix of Inssomniak that says "I'll come back". It specifically said "I'll be back" not "come back".
- It specifically had the Anasthasia stab, i.e. it was not this version:

as that version uses a sampled choir but it's nothing like the Anasthasia stab, and besides, that version says "I'll come back" whereas the one l'm after says "I'll be back".

I've checked discogs and there's no record of the version l'm after. Beginning to think l either confused it with another song on the compilation (unlikely) or it's just a song by some random artist, where he merely samples the "Inssomniak" vocals and pairs it with Arnold Schwarzenegger saying "I'll be back" and adds the Anasthasia stabs.

Any idea what song i'm after?

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