The FireStarter found dead Essex home today, rip Keith flint!

04 Mar 2019 14:18 #1 by Coolbreeze

Gob smacked, wasnt expecting this for at least another 20years or so? Is this the death of the prodigy?

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11 Mar 2019 10:44 #2 by Coolbreeze
Bump, where is everyone? This forum is dead ain’t it, why do you bother Matt Clarke?

but anyway on the prodigy?

For me from 1991 to 94 were the dance years ( best years) they were most innovative to me. Charley alley cat mix was my fave rave.

when I first heard Firestarter I didn’t like it, it sort of grew on me and could see why it was popular and made number 1 in uk charts but still not really like the early stuff and sad that the prodigy in news is only remembered  for this tune. 

From 1995 to 2004 were the electro punk years and I just thought it was more advanced sex pistols and they took wrong direction and turned into celebrity sell outs. Funny at first but thought to my self am I really into this crap? Looking back no.

from 2005 to present were the garbage years, they became a big name and anything crap they put out the fans were sleep walking to buy these albums without a thought because it’s the prodigy and always ended up to number 1 like the fucking Beatles or something.

this is why partly why Keith flint committed suicide I think because he became an icon and pressure was on. Also must be depressing dancing 24/7 almostly to crap.

the prodigy went totally against its ethos, rave scene was about everyone in the group and the prodigy band was about icons and idols!

so depressing when you hear people, fans  talking about or campaigning about getting Firestarter to number one again, why bother, it’s just more idol worship of Liam Howlett and makes more money again. I sometimes wonder all these surprising deaths of celebrities are bloody hoaxes, well bet some are anyway. To get away and cash in and live on an island or goto New Zealand or something never to be seen again. Not saying Keith’s death is a hoax but you never know.

overall they have been my favourite band in early years and have gone on longer than I expected but most of the time they been a disappointment in later years.

anyway that’s my 2 cents worth.

what you think? 


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12 Mar 2019 23:12 #3 by O_Z
Fantastic band and a big part of my childhood and teenage years.
I thought of them as a band who brought in lots of fans outside the scene and bridged the gap between mainstream and underground style. Android is my favourite tune by them and I had it on an XL mixtape that I played so much it just about wore out.
Its really tragic that he took his own life considering the amount of people that loved him and his music. I don’t really bother too much about celebrity deaths but this one got to me a bit. I watched a video of him taking time out to speak to disabled fans during a performance on Facebook and something must have got in my eye.
If this had happened a few years back this thread would be in the hundreds of replies. Times change but this does leave a gap. 

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23 Mar 2019 12:31 #4 by Thumpson

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25 Mar 2019 05:35 - 25 Mar 2019 05:42 #5 by 1992

Coolbreeze wrote: Bump, where is everyone? This forum is dead ain’t it, why do you bother Matt Clarke?

I'm afraid that every day that passes I'm reminded.  There's hardly anyone left who appreciates this music.  Those few who are left just want to pick internet fights with one another (something I never understood!!!).  Not on this forum though, as you stated, this forum is dead and your right.  The bullies have left to pick flame wars on greener pastures.

Back to the topic, I started to ware my Prodigy T-Shirt again.  It's kind of rinsed out and I don't remember where I found it.  It's actually quite difficult to find a new one I've found.  I might have to buy one direct from them.  I also recently put all 4 of my Prodigy albums back on my iPod and I'll be looking to track down the few 12"s that I'm missing of theirs.

So many cool people have died in the past 2 years, it's been really nuts.

As for Flint.  I was _really_ upset about this news.  An extremely rich and famous actual 1992 raver kills himself.... WTF?  I was searching through every news story I could find and from what I could tell after looking through all these articles, it has to do with his wife divorcing him.  She was going to take half of his assets.  This is the exact same scenario as what happened to a friend of mine IRL.  His wife divorced him and he killed himself.  My friend wasn't rich like Keith Flint but he was extremely talented and had a good job.  I guess the moral to the story is never get married to someone whos extremely younger then yourself.  Someone that young hasn't figured out life yet and is likely to dump you / divorce you for any reason.

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