The five best events you've been to during...

27 May 2017 07:27 #1 by Restless1
Your time as a raver/clubber have been? What were they & what made them so damn good?

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27 May 2017 09:17 - 27 May 2017 09:20 #2 by dj jedi
Replied by dj jedi on topic The five best events you've been to during...
1) Destiny @ The Manor (97-99) It was a monthly event and they were all good so can't really single out one, although I have all the sets from the February 99 event and that was particularly good

2) Raindance @ The Drome (1999) My first DJ booking at a big rave so that was pretty special, it was also a brilliant rave to go to

3) Helter Skelter Energy (1998) The first "Rollers & Sanctuary" event I went to, pretty overwhelming

4) Slammin Vinyl @ The Sanctuary NYE (2001) DJ Sy and Kaos both played my tunes in The Sanctuary to 3000 odd people, that was pretty amazing to see

5) Adrenalin @ Enzos (98-2002) Again this was a regular event and they were all brilliant

Also an honourary mention for Wonderland @ Poole Arts Centre in 1993, this was the first 'rave' I went to but it was an under 18s event so doesn't really count. I did see Slipmatt play though.

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27 May 2017 12:34 #3 by Restless1
Replied by Restless1 on topic The five best events you've been to during...
Nice list!

In no specific order...

1) Global Gathering 2002

First festival I ever went to and my first taste of what it would have been like to have been around "back in the day".

I remember driving down a country lane at night time and hearing music very faintly and seeing strobes, then seeing rides, and then being there. Amazing event.

Just being amongst that many different styles of music, people and having the choice to go from D&B to Progessive House if I wanted to was amazing.

The D&B tent that night - and at EVERY GG after - was VERY special. Easily the best tent out of them all (and my god was there some amazing tents there).

2) Flashback (Feb '01)

Flashback had to be putting on the best oldskool nights back then. They were legendary.

You'd see a video of an event and the que it's self was legendary as it was so long! I mean you'd rock up to the Q Club and the line would seem MILES long!

Because the Q is a weird venue, I remember opening a door and it was like going into heaven because it was at the top and the lights, sounds and crowd was MENTAL. Loved it, man.

Micky Finn smashed it that night.

3) Westfest '04.

SV did there first one there and boy was it special! Every room was on fire and the crowd was epic, even the coach journey down there was special. Loved it.

4) NEC NYE SV '05-'06

Amazing night. Raindance room was literally one in and one out. If you were in there then you stayed in there as it was so good! Main arena was ridiculously awesome.

It was 5 mins from my house and it was the biggest party in the country... How could I NOT go to that?!?! 10'000 people, and walking into the main arena after a search was like "stars in their eyes" with the smoke... Amazing.

5) HTID '07

I've banged on about this event many times on here, but it was just one of those special nights, man. Legendary memories for me.

Force & Junior rocked it that hard that I stopped my mate and said "feel the floor... it's fucking shaking!" people just went NUTS to the Happy that they were playing. I mean, I've never seen a reaction like it. Hixxy had to wait like for TEN MINUTES to start his set because whenever he did EVERYBODY WENT MENTAL. Even Storm was blown away by it. Amazing night.

I've had plenty of other amazing nights out (Fantazia in Stoke, a Flashback reunion in '10, various other HTID's and Global Gatherings, Raveology's, but those ones are always the first ones to stick out when I think about a question like this.)

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27 May 2017 13:04 - 27 May 2017 13:07 #4 by alphawave ep AKA DJ Mark C
Replied by alphawave ep AKA DJ Mark C on topic The five best events you've been to during...
1st - Futureland in Weymouth 1994 -Just the whole happy hardcore vibes in 94 and the hot summer days in August and living for the vibe...Also raving mad at the event and seeing Slipmatt walking in then withing minutes was playing the ultimate set..
2nd - Dreamscape @ Bath and west ... All music in one arena.. Raving to 8am with DJ SY..
3rd - Free party deep in the Southwest and Easygroove turned up and played a 1992 set till sunrise...
4th - Flashback @ Q club.. Mickey finn did smash every event there.. Altern 8 live which i loved.. Walking around and finding different rooms..
5th - The Country club in Dorset - Small underground club hidden away in a remote area . . Since closed..

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