Topic-icon RAVE RADIO #032 - 91-93 Hardcore Vinyl Mix - (With Full Track-listing)

15 Feb 2017 15:56 #1 by RadioSam
Yo Yo hardcore gang. If you need a mid-week peak of a mix then here's RAVE RADIO #032.... Recorded LIVE last night on Code South 105.6 FM. Always a different 91-93 hardcore selection on vinyl. Track-listing and streaming link below. Hope you enjoy. RadioSam

1. Intro Jingle by RadioSam
2. Razor: 1st Cut by Newton
3. The Void by Njoi
4. PM by Kelly-G Perfect Rhythm
5. Hypno 2 by Bass 2 Bass
6. Untitled B (The Energizer) by Dave Charlesworth
7. Unity by Timebase Feat. Kromozone
8. Beat Devine by Twinhead
9. 1/2 2 Till 5 by Psuedo 3
10. Judge Tranny by 2 Obsessed
11. Drop The Bass by Out-Phaze
12. The Return Of The Donut by Cloud Nine
13. Soothin by Brainstorm Crew
14. Intimidator (Technoid Mix) by Skanna
15. Everybody's Dancing by 8-Bit-Trip
16. We Know Everything! by Brainstorm Crew
17. Higher by 4-Mega
18. Rub A Dub by 2 Da Core
19. Respect Remix by Originaton
20. Inner Dream by Release
21. Easy Does It by Double Vision
22. It's Like A Dream by DJ KP
23. Shinning Bright by ORCA
24. Untitled AA2 by Fourth Dimension
25. Rudeboy (Jungle Mix) by Funky Junky
26. I Feel So High by Hellrazor ‎
27. Sky Hook by ORCA
28. Out Of My Head by Bab'el'on
29. Separate Reality by ORCA
30. Renegade by Ellis Dee
31. Switch (Intense Mix) by Lennie De Ice
32. Dance The Night Away by M-Beat
33. Ode To A Deadman by T.Power & The Sandman
34. System Booter (Squirrel Dub Mix) by Secret Squirrel

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