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22 Mar 2014 19:48 #16 by GL0WKiD
This yesterday's special GenerationX [RadioShow] presenting "Kut Off Records 1 Year Anniversary" Showcase
+ Interview with its owner, Menace.

Something different from me this time
Njoy some Future Jungle/Bass/Intelligent Dub Kut Off vibes

Njoy> ... 20mar2014/ [FREE DL inc.]


[i:1x3bs1qj]01) Dr. Wrong & Old Harry Rox - Addiction (Non Compliance & M0del101 Remix)
02) Menace - One Dove
03) Otter - Pushing Forward
04) The Rumblist - Spazt
05) The Rumblist - Flex Up
06) Manion - Thought You Were Doing It
07) Case of Bass - Rizzen
08) DJ Owl - Let Me Fall
09) Scribble Dee - Freelander
10) Galvatron - Ice Pick
11) Galvatron - All Junglist
12) Otter - Ragga City
13) Kinetic Eon - Wish
14) Champion Breaks - Love Me Always
15) Champion Breaks - Music For Drugs
16) DJ Owl - It Aint No Man
17) DJ Wislov - The Beginning
18) Menace - D.O.A.
19) Bfresh - Remote
20) Kinetic Eon - Ritual (Menace Remix)
21) Kinetic Eon - Mockingbird
22) Provoke - Drifter
23) Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely (Dodders Extasy Shakedown)
24) DJ Flow - Epic
25) Subessence - Pennelope's Diary
26) Subessence - Distant Rhythms

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28 Mar 2014 22:27 #17 by GL0WKiD
GL0WKiD GenerationX [RadioShow] 27th March 2014 @ Nu-Rave Radio

hardcore breaks - future jungle breaks - happy hardcore - breakbeat

Njoy> ... 27mar2014/


FERAL is Kinky - My Selector (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Remix)
Vinyl Junkie & Austin - Jah Love (Stu & Nee Remix)
Strange Rollers - The Vibe (Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion Remix)
Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Protune VIP)
m0del101 & Non Compliance - Summer 88
Menace - Rave That
Tribe Steppaz - Touch Me
The Fat Controller - In Complete Darkness (Sasha Khan 2006 Remix)
Thorpey & Heapy - Got To Have Love (JAKAZiD Remix)
Nefti - The Only One (Rave Force Remix)
Honey - No One (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
Andy Wilson - Only you
2 Unlimited - No Limit (Automatic Breakbeat Mix)
Masterboy - Anybody
Babylon Zoo - Spaceman (RRRitalin Remix)
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place (Damage Inc. 2k14 Re-edit)
Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix)
Orestiz - Freedom
Mannik - Here We Go Again
Future Primitive - Reactivate
Ise - I Will Take You Dance
ManaBoom - Kiss My Face
Gat Decor - Passion (JDubz Remix)
DJWislov - R.A.W. - The Rush (Remix)
Yell-O-Phase - Acid Process (Ruff Process Mix)
Mischievous Mashups - WTF (is happening)
Mannik - Been A Long Time
Happy Rollers - 95 Style (Haze Remix)
Dune - Hardcore Vibes (Rize Bootleg)

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04 Apr 2014 14:56 #18 by GL0WKiD
GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio -03APR2014

Njoy> ... 03apr2014/


Mata - Back to the Mine
Final Feverz- Underground Feelings [ Dizzines Rec Spain]
Mystery & Kosine - Unknown Territory ( Retropolis Remix) [ KODE 5 Recordings]
The Flashback Project - Blaze The Fire [CAN YOU FEEL IT MEDIA]
Zomboy (feat. Lady Chann) Here To Stay (Lightshapers Remix)
Shy FX - Bambatta (Dave Remix's Out Of The Jungle Mix) [Particle Zoo Recordings]
The Freestylers - The Coming Storm (Boshko & Tjamilil Remix)
Major Lazer - Original Don ( King Yoof VS Gold Dubs Re-Lick)
RadioKillaZ - Positive Life
Exit Point - Move Your Body [Hardcore Lives Records]
Madcap - Acid Chant (Champion Champion Breaks Remix) [Top Drawer Digital]
The Prodigy - Everybody Say Love (Champion Breaks 2013 acid breaks Remix) [XCLUSIVE @ GenX RadioShow]
The Prodigy - Everybody In The Place [Mr. Niceguy Remix]
Rings & Tings - LazyWretch
Invisible Man - Twisted (Spaceface Remix) [ACME BASS Records]
Paul Cronin - I Told Ya Hands In The Air [SAN FRANSISCO NIGHTS RECORDS]
The Supersonic Army - The Crew [STRICTLY NUSKOOL BLOG]
Oneplayz - Last Breath
FLeCK - Higher ( Orestiz Way Into Jungle Remix)
Saint Rider - Rave Myself (DrmzZ RMX)
Abyss - Journey of a Crackhead [HC RECORDS]
Hamsta - Hey If U Wanna [LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
BeatRapist - Jungle Fever [ Good News Boppers]
Manaboom - Aliens Among Us
DJ Luna-C - Piano Confusion (Hattrixx Remix) [KNITEFORCE AGAIN]
NERO - Won't You (Be There) (Ruined by Doctor Werewolf)
Rusko - Takeoff (3dNOW Drumstep Edit)
Chase & Status - No Problem [RAM RECORDS]
Bustin & DJ Skampy - Unda Mi Sensi [Lucky Breaks Digital]


I'd be really pleased if you are feeling it to vote my radioshow in the category "Best Radio Show"
on the Breakspoll 2013 by typing: GLOWKID's GENERATION X [RADIOSHOW]

Link to vote: (The voting expires on 14th April 2014)
Thank you in advance!

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11 Apr 2014 16:48 #19 by GL0WKiD
GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow]
pres. DJ NEE Interview & Guest Mix @ Nu-Rave Radio - 10APR.2014

One of the leaders & respected producers/DJs in the Nu-Rave & HCB scene from early '00s, the mighty DJ NEE dropping a 1hr "Best Of Nee " Mix and being also interviewed from me, giving some answers for the Nurave scene, his beginning & influences, how sees the future, talking about Enormous Mouse label & some other very interesting stories.
deffo interesting and worth to dig this 2hr pure journey...

Just uploaded on nee's Youtube channel

[free DL included]

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17 Apr 2014 20:16 #20 by GL0WKiD
GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-rave Radio - 17APR2014 ... 17apr2014/


DJ Faydz & Danny Unkut - Takin' It Back
Chiqui - Relax
Rave Force - Amigos-4-Ever
Resin - Chasing Status
'95 Style - One Day (Mindfields Remake)
Ise - I Will Take U Dance (Andy Wilson Remix)
Bang! - Shooting Star (Audio X Remix)
Oneplayz - I Need You
Chase & Status ft. Delilah - Time (Rememberrave & Orestiz Remix)
Motiv ft. Luccy Petterton - Feel The Energy
Ben Venom - Thingamajiggy
Sanxion - To The Moon
Underworld - Born Slippy (Dave Remix's Ruckus Mix)
The Prodigy - Memphis Bells (Bexxs Breaks-Arms Re-Construction)
Final Conflict & D. Viant - Like This
Darkus & Paul Bassrock - The Final Word (Vazteria X Remix)
Vazteria X - Mutant Lemon
Kill The Noise - Jump Ya Body (601s Wonder what it would sound like with an amen reedit)
Skrillex (ft. Ragga Twins) - All Is Fair In Love And Brostep
Rusko - Everyday (Netsky VIP Remix)
Bizarre Inc. - Playing With Knives (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Back To The Future
Chase & Status (ft. Moko) - Count On Me (Andy C Remix)
Motiv - Come Alive
JAKAZiD - Need U More (Darwin Remix)
Jimmy J & Cru-l-t - Six Days (Vitality Remix)
Simi - Kaze No Toorimichi
Acid Borsh Band - Trip
Hamsta - Bailey Rave
(Ri) ft. DRMZ - CTS
AleX Tune - Speed It Up
Evade - Do It To Me
Leonized - Why Waste Your Time

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25 Apr 2014 13:58 #21 by GL0WKiD
GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio 24APRIL2014

representing the NuRave/Nuskool Scene + dropping new stuff from Future Funk Squad/Paul Cronin/Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion/Pursuit/Abyss/Switchblade Digital/ Strictly Nuskool Blog.

NJOY> ... 24apr2014/

The Chemical Brothers - Container Park
Future Funk Squad (ft. Mojo) - Rat Race
Wizard & Ivory - Jack In A Box (Specimen A Remix)
Hyper - Live Forever
RackNRuin (ft. P Money & Koast) - Signal (Torqux & Twist Remix)
Warrior Guardian - DiiSTORTiiON Mashup (The Prodigy, Wiley, Audiomachine, Benga)
601 - Pixelate
Sanxion - A Million Broken Hearts
Strange Rollers - The Saints Have Returned
Eddie Voyager - Dubby
The Autobots & Dead Audio (feat MC Spyda) - Bring Back The Sound
AC Slater - Ass Drop (601 Amen Re-edit)
Wizard (Ft. Rebel MC and Tenor Fly and Daddy Freddy) - Mind Control
The Prodigy VS Foreign Beggars - Smack my Apex Bitch (GL0WKiD Refix)
Mark Archer - Armageddon (Sanxion Remix)
Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Rhythmic Vibrations
Krome & Time - Licence (Billy Daniel Bunter & Sanxion Back To 12 Dalston Lane Remix)
Champion Breaks - You Be The Leader
Darkus & D'State & Tension - Dub Chemist
Malice & Enzyme - The Virus
Neurygma - The Return of the Jedi
Menace Makes 3 - Do Ya Feel What I'm Feelin' (Damage Inc. SMD Stylee Remix)
DJ Luna C - Make Me High
Paul Cronin - Start The Rave
Paul Cronin - Anybod-E Tell Ya About The Raggamuffin Bisnez
Orestiz - Simply Raw
Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February
DJ Fuzzbuzz - Ruff n Tuff
Pursuit - Do U Like Hardcore Junglism
Abyss - In The Mind
Abyss - Another Planet

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03 May 2014 17:36 #22 by GL0WKiD
Last Thursday's show on Nu-Rave Radio droppin lots of hardcore & 140 breaks + Paranoid Recordings vol.9, f/c stuff from Switchblade Digital & KODE 5 Recordings + a special presentation of Champion Breaks label 1st release.

Njoy> ... 01may2014/


[i:145crng9]Dazz F - OldskoolLives
Zombie Robot - Mad Zombie
601 - Relapse
Backdraft - Revolution
Exit Point - Rock Ya Soul
Luna-C - Success N Mistreet
Slaughter House Rydims - Ghetto
DJ Faydz & Danny Unkut ft. MC Mad P - Hardcore Headz
Darkus & Paul Bassrock - The Final Word (Vazteria X Remix)
DJ Twista - Break
Champion Breaks - Extasy Make You Lovely (Dodders Extasy Shakedown)
Champion Breaks - Conspiracy 303
The Prodigy - Claustrophobic Sting (Dirty Dozen Secret Technique Remix)
djfLow - Rave Monster
RenegadeGenius - The Dyson Effect
Dodders - Gettin' Ready (Very Tempting Mix)
Chiqui - The Sweet 90s (chapter 2 -clip version)
Nefti - Runner
SR & Digbee - Back To Basics
Whizzkick - Take You There '92
Skunk Association - Quick 'n' Raw
DJ Wislov - Venture Into The Underworld

> Anarko Dub Tekno "Exstasy EP" Presentation-
Bad_Boy_Pete remix
Tassid remix
Champion Breaks & Menace remix
MandiDextrous remix[/i:145crng9]

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09 May 2014 13:45 #23 by GL0WKiD
GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow] 8th May 2014 @

Njoy> ... 08may2014/

Outer Kid - Martini
Retropolis - I Said No
Final Feverz - Underground Feelings
Deekline & Hardy Hard - Cant Hide It
Krafty Kuts & Gordon Edge - Compnded
Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Alt-A Remix)
Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil (VirtualeX Remix)
Skibadee & Polysonik ft.Lily McKenzie - Never Gonna Break (UFO Project ReDub)
Rusko - Somebody To Love (Skream's 24HR Special Delivery Remix)
Monsta - Messiah (Feed Me Remix)
The Prodigy - Music Reach 1/2/3/4
Urban Hyper- Time To Trumpton
Chiqui - Ragga Tekno
Chiqui & Luffy - Master Alarm
Altern-8 - Infiltrate 202 (Nefti Remix)
DJ Twista (Rave Breakz vol. 2) - Where Prodigy Lives
Prime Attack - The Feeling (Original 92 Mix)
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Bust That Groove (Simon Harris 2013 Remix)
DJ Mark C - Project Blue Book (Mr Sav mix)
Yell-O-Phase - 2 Exited!
Technosaurus - You Gave Me Nothing Part 2
DJ Nexus - Now Is The Time (Demo version)
sKe - A Little More
Shifter - Dont Stop The Music
OnePlayz - Freefallin
FuzzBuzz - Piano Blues
Rememberrave - Buzzing '92
Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam - Made In Two Minutes (The Prodigy Mix)
Pursuit - No Skin Off My Nose
Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air
Ali Monsta - Old Skool Beat
AlexBreako - Deep Love pt.2


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16 May 2014 08:32 #24 by GL0WKiD
GL0WKiDs Generation X [RadioShow] @ Nu-Rave Radio 15th May 2014 ... 15may2014/

free DL:


Piano Junkies - One Desire
Nefti - The Only One [Rave Force Remix]
Resin - Chasing Status
Final Feverz - Great Freedom
King Yoof (ft. Rony Blue, Mr Williamz) - Soundboy Love
Vinyl Junkie & Austin - Jah Love (Stu & Nee Remix)
Emalkay - Crusade & Enter (Mashup)
Redlight - Get Out My Head (The Hustler Remix)
Avro ft. Debbie Sharp - I Can Live Without You (Avros Grand Slam Remix)
United States Beat Squad - Euphoria
Zeds Dead - Rave
Schoco - I Wanna Dance
Auntie Susan - 1993
RenegadeGenius - Too Much Acid (Faster Mix)
The Prodigy - Scienide (GL0WKiD Refix)
Champion Breaks - Earful of Coke
B2N - X.T.C Is What You Want
DJFlow - Lets Go
Dep Raved - Kleptomaniac
DJ Ziyad - Freestyle
Orestiz - Ruffatest
Orestiz - Freedom
Orca - 4am (DJ Nees Spain VIP Mix)
Damage Inc. - Without You
Toofer - Hello I'm Back
Pursuit - In Heaven Baby
Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air
Systec - Bluebird (Positive Thinking Mix)
ManaBoom - Yami Yami
DJ Sashay - My Generation
Bad Boy Pete - Extasy
L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead
Altern 8 - Frequency (Kid Perfect Remix)
The Prodigy - Crazy Man
Lopez (Moby) - Why Can't It Stop
Underworld - King of Snake (Fatboy Slim Remix)
The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin Beats
DJ Shadow vs Beastie Boys - Organ Movin [FREEAR MASHUP]

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23 May 2014 10:52 #25 by GL0WKiD
This is yesterday's blast on Generation X [RadioShow] wt. MANA BOOM (RUS) on a wicked 1hr mix ft. unreleased-dubplates-early tunes and all theis hits so far. Hardcore jungle/breakcore/hardcore breaks buzzin! These guys deserve your attention and support believe me..So calling all Label manangers/promoters/Radio DJs/ and NuRave crew.

Big Up to Russian NuRave massive &


- GENX mix1
Eat Rave - Back To '92
Chiqui & Luffy - Master Alarm
The Prodigy - Wind It Up 2009 Live Edit (Rapraiz Rework)
Altern-8 - Activ-8 (Damage Inc.'s 92 Rave Revival Remix)
djflow - Energize
DJ Nexus - Weba's Wax
DJ Sike - Soundbwoy (Darkus hpz remix)
Lennie De Ice - We Are IE (RGs 2007 Remix)
Skunk Association - Quick 'n' Raw

- MANA BOOM Guest Mix -

01 Mana Boom - bitok (in project)
02 Mana Boom - bandit (in project)
03 Mana Boom - Breaks Cave (14mix)
04 Mana Boom - Ska Pee
05 Mana Boom - Sabre Dance
06 Mana Boom - Zdorovo
07 Mana Boom - Star Wars
08 Mana Boom - Sky Ring
09 Mana Boom - Kill Fucking Masta (xclusive for
10 Mana Boom - Bam Bam -bootleg-
11 Mana Boom - Rave in Trip (special)
12 Mana Boom - 193 (in project)
13 Mana Boom - Happy Image
14 Mana Boom - Tractor
15 Mana Boom - Hear This Style!
16 Mana Boom - Funky Town (in project)
17 Mana Boom - GAG
18 Mana Boom - Gnashing off
19 Mana Boom - Stupid Android
20 Mana Boom - 90-s (in project)exclusive
21 Mana Boom - bron (in project)
22 Mana Boom - FucK uP sHuT Your MouTh
23 Mana Boom - Mana Boom-Origin 92
24 Mana Boom - Yammi Yammi (Xclusive GenerationX [RadioShow])
25 Mana Boom - pianina2 ????? (in project)
26 Mana Boom - Free Nuclear
27 Mana Boom - ??????? ????? (Red Army)
28 Mana Boom - Extazi Fly (vocal mix)
29 Mana Boom - 160 (in project)

- GENX mix2
Pink Champagne - Rave On
Mischievous Mashups - WTF (is happening)
RavityG - Good Times
AcidZab - Breaks Chords Pianos & Lot Of Happiness

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30 May 2014 09:16 #26 by GL0WKiD
BOOM! This is yesterday's GenX show on Nu-Rave Radio deliverning BASS - Breakbeats and glow energy !!

Njoy ... 29may2014/

TOP 10 and track review: ... -x_29.html


Kitt Whale - Limitation of Movement
Amnesia - Hysteria ( Strange Rollers Amen Remix)
Supreme & Ramos - Crowd Control ( DJ Twista Remix)
Urban Hype - I Feel The Heat (Slipmatt & Billy Daniel Bunter Remix)
Nefti - Raw Power
Eddie Voyager - Runaway ( Piano Junkies Remix)
Mindfields - Resurrection of The Prodigy Dancers
Muteki - Maniac
Zombie Robot - Mad Zombie
Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox) [Under This Bootleg]
Liquid Crystal - To The Top (VirtualeX Remix)
The Men With No Name - Dub Conspiracy
Benga & Kano - Forefather (Tjamil Remix)
DiiSTORTiiON Mashup (Pendulum, Bassnectar, The Qemists, Foreign Beggars +More)
Wizard & Manoo - Buss It Up feat Top Cat Daddy Freddy & Lady Chann (Turn Up The Bass VIP mix)
RadioKillaZ - Pull It Up (Skrufaze Remix)
Sub Focus - Original
DJ Curious - Liquid Light
Yolk - Music 4 Da People (The Renegades & Werd Mix)
Acen - Close Your Eyes (The Renegades Mix)
Terrorrythmus - Let Me See Your XTC
The Prodigy - We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Remix)
2Brainz - Dank Sensi
Kickback - Get High
Ricky Force - Got Me
MikkiM ft.Zareb - Guns Of Kingston ( Jinx in dub Junglestep Remix)
KRS1 - Sound of The Police (The Urbanizer Remix)
The Flash Cats - The Sound Of The Police
Emalkay feat. Rod Azlan - Flesh & Bone (Delta Heavy Remix)

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06 Jun 2014 08:06 #27 by GL0WKiD
DJ RAVE IN PEACE (UK) Guest Mix @ Generation X - Nu-Rave Radio 5th June 2014
=================================================================== ... -5jun2014/

free download:


Base Club - Back Again (Greg Sin Key Remix)
Audio X - Son Of Charly
DJ Vibes - Sing it Loud (DJ Slim [Liquid Rollers] & The Bedsit Producers Refix)
Eddie Voyager - Time To Break It
Screwball - Natural High
Economix - Panic (Nefti Remix)
Rozalla - Ready To Fly (Andy Wilson Remix)
United States Beat Squad - Euphoria
United States Beat Squad - Cant Stop This Feeling


Oldskool Mentality
Tomb Shaker
Movin On
Void Of E Motion
So Nice
(news about acid house - short old news soundbite)
Inside My Soul
More and More
Into Rhythm
What Do You Love? (Crone's Abuse Remix)

Acen - Trip To Da Moon (Sike's Nuskool Dub Remix)
DJ Seduction - Hardcore Heaven (DJ Nicky Allen 2014 Remix)
Simon Harris - Way Back (Gaffers Chas & Lou Remix)
Dep Raved - Kleptomaniac
RRRitalin - Fukd Bombd (SampleJunkie Refix)



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13 Jun 2014 13:52 #28 by GL0WKiD
GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] 12th June 2014

.. serving BASS & BREAKS inc. lots of freshness and forthcoming stuff!
Njoy and play it loud only> ... 12jun2014/

TOP 10 of the week & Review: ... ion-x.html


D-Funk - In The Front
Funk U - Breakbeat ( Alt-a Remix)
Lady Waks & MARTEN H├śRGER ft. Nu Jam - Shock Out ( Mutantbreakz & Kuplay Ft Pure Sx Remix)
Final Conflict - Party Shaker
Colombo - Gods
The Rumblist - Getting Funky
Vazteria X - Trance
Skrillex - Disco Rangers (REL1 Re-Lick)
Sanxion - To The Moon
We are Noize - Bad Gyal
RadioKillaZ (ft. Daddy Freddy) - Girls Dem ( Zombie Robot Mix)
The Flashback Project - Nice Up The Dance
Shed Edz - 2 Bad Shed Edz Tribute to 2 Bad Mice
The Flashback Project - Party Time
Sanxion - 2 Bad 2 Drop
601 - Like This
DJ Faydz & Danny Unkut ft. MC Mad P - Hardcore Headz
Thorpey & Heapy - Got To Have Love (JAKAZiD Remix)
Greg Sin Key - Beverly Hills 2014
Final Feverz - Trip To Trumpton (2012 Hardcore Remake)
Tobe Tronic - Whizzl Piano
Honey - No One (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
Mr. Niceguy - Me and You
Oneplayz- Take Me Away
Chase & Status (ft. Delilah) - Time
Toronto Is Broken (ft. Reeson) - Die For You
DJ Twista & Ellis Dee vs. T-Phonic - Touch Me (Don't Stop) [Beat-Breaker's Breaks & Beyond RFX]
Loadstar - Bomber
Toronto Is Broken - Engineers
Motiv - Come Alive
S.P.Y. - By Your Side (Logistics Remix)

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20 Jun 2014 13:35 #29 by GL0WKiD
Happy Friday people! This is yesterday's GenX glowshow..totally nu-rave & banging between 145 & 190bpm range!!
Hardcore Breaks / Mutant Hardcore / breakcore /Ravecore / AcidTek/ Raggatek showing off the different aspecs of Nu-Rave!

Njoy: ... 19jun2014/

TOP 10 & REVIEW: ... -x_20.html


Staymellow - Almight Hardcore (2012 Mix)
Mr. Sin - Bust That Groove
Sparki Dee - Smash Rhythm
Sideflip & Spotovsky - Flow
Top Buzz - The Edge (2004 Toofer Remix)
Orestiz - Enhance
Manaboom - Stupid Android
Paul Cronin - Adagio For Rave
Toofer - Techcore Pt. II
Graz - Back Dafuck Up (Graz 2k13 Remix)
Spaceface - Area Of The Brain
Manarchy - Cretinator
Kraftwerk - The Robots (LVC Robot Rezerection)
Yell-O-Phase - 2 Exited
Champion Breaks - PsychoDub [303 Tribe Remix]
Bad Boy Pete - Extasy
The Prodigy - Rhythm of Life
Mark Archer - Armageddon (Ceephax Acid Crew Remix)
Dead Raver - Guiding Light
Jow - Reach Out
The Great Unwashed - FM
Alex Tune - Get Warm
AleX Tune - That's the Way
Hamsta - Awaited
Hamsta - Ultimate Buzz
I WOLF - Dying Trying
AcdBrnOut - Phatfighters
Breakforce One - A Tribute To Dune
Soundbites - No Dance Start The Goods
Mandidextrous - Dance To Give It Up
C3B - Solskank

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27 Jun 2014 08:19 #30 by GL0WKiD
Here's yesterday's 2hr NU-RAVE dose, Generation X [RadioShow] - by Glowkid - on the mighty Nu-Rave Radio!

Njoy: ... 26jun2014/


DJ Pink Champagne - Shine
Mystery & Kosine - I Can Dance (Nicky Allen Remix)
DJ Seduction - Cuckoo In The Jungle (AcidZab DJ's Nu-Rave Bootleg)
djflow - Get Up
JMT - Crazy (Paranoid Mix)
Dodders - Gettin' Ready (Very Tempting Mix)
DJ Nexus - Some More (2014 Remix)
DJ Rap - Divine Rhythm (Damage Inc.'s Spiritual Remake)
Yell-O-Phase - Space Cube
Chiqui - Rock That Beat
Pursuit - Buy Now Pay February
The Prodigy - No Good Start The Dance (Damage Inc. 2K13 VIP edit)
Whizzkick - Take You There '92
Tim Reaper - Getting Busy (Yardwork Simulator Mix)
Ise - I Will Take U Dance
Hamsta - We Gonna Show You How (Much too Much mix)
A Bit Of Ruff - Higher Then (Shit Intro Mix)
Candy Cutz - Feeling Yeah
Jow - Reach Out
Luffy - So Good
AlexBreako - Parallels
DJWislov - Army of Darkness
Tim Reaper - Learning Numbers With Hardcore (Lazy Sequencing Edit)
The Prodigy - The Heat (The Energy) (Trim Silence Back To 1.65 Mix - 2011 Re-Amp)
Abyss - In The Mind
Dave Skywalker - Too Fucking Dark
ManaBoom - Ety
2Brainz - Dark Sensi
Lucky Dime - Hyper Jungle (UK Skanking)
Smiley Maxx - Da Serpent Riddim

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