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15 Feb 2018 19:45 - 04 Apr 2018 20:52 #1 by GL0WKiD
After some months of absence from my radio show, while being in progress of something new, moreover remaining to my aim to push out & help anything around Nuskool Hardcore music, it's all done and available now. #GLOWBUZZ is the name of my new project, this time presenting by video format, since the scene lacks of that I think.
Massive shouts out go to each & everyone supporter of Generation X [RadioShow] .. One day it will return, nothing stopped; just paused. But from now on all I have to say will be under this umbrella and all made by my passion for this movement!
This 1st episode is about Nuskool Hardcore recommendations (Fresh 2018 stuff - digital, CD & Vinyl ones)

Njoy and looking forward to your feedback.. It's been already embraced by the Hardcore movement and that makes me happy of it really. Thank you again all :)
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15 May 2018 17:47 #2 by GL0WKiD
So here's my new video episode, which came out on Sunday and it has been receiving huge feedback by many great guys in the scene..
Im very happy to present to you all Forthcoming 12" vinyl releases @ KNITEFORCE RECORDS with the likes of LIQUID, Hyper on Experience, Pete Cannon and Gothica Shade.. Its length is less than 11 minutes and any feedback/commenting is full welcome :)

Enjoy!! :)

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