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I can see what you guys mean about the track being compressed. There's some strange "breathing" of the breakbeat that does not exist in the real record.

The NRG remix isn't bad though. I thought it was going to be 1995 happyhardcore.


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Renegade and Jedi, your comments were the most interesting and informative I've seen yet. I think you guys are right about it not being worth it, though I don't have a choice as I can't find it. That NRG mix on the flip I believe is some sort of mid 90s happyhardcore remix which I wouldn't have any use for.


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Here is a new one that's inspired by "vaporwave". The childrens music style that loves early 90s rave flyers, dead malls, and smooth jazz.


01). X-Men "Phase 2" (Mutant Records 12MUTATE3) 1991
02). Ade "Change The World (Shut Up & Dance Version)" (Shut Up And Dance SUAD20) 1991
03). Psychotropic "4 The Future" (O2 005R) 1992
04). The Rude Boy "Make It So" (Mutant Records 12MUTATE7) 1991
05). Psudeo 3 "Flash It" (Music Madness PA0056) 1992
06). Blood Brothers "Do!" (Elicit 12ELIC15) 1992
07). Deltron "Gotta Love (Easy Mix)" (AMASS 003) 1992
08). Dragon Fly "Visions of Rage" (DF002 www.mpsvinyl.co.uk ) 1991/2017
09). The Stickmen "U Love It" (STIK 001) 1993
10). Psychotic "Psychotic (Hypnopulse Mix)" (SSR 12SSR117) 1991
11). Isotonik "Different Strokes (Grooverider Remix)" (FFRR UKTABX101) 1991
12). Gems for Jem "Groove Me (Original)" (Debut DEBTX3129) 1991
13). Psychotropic "Hypnosis (The Definitive Mix)" (O2 006) 1992
14). New Era "New Era (Remix)" (Great Asset GAD14) 1991
15). Sleepwalker "Fruitface" (IMC 08-031056-20) 1992
16). World Dominance "Compression" (Power Traxx PTX-1206) 1991
17). Sleepwalker "Saying Hi There" (IMC 08-031056-20) 1992
18). 400 Blows "Tension Release" (Warrior WAR12022) 1992
19). Man With No Name "Geddit!!?" (Fokus FK006AS) 1992
20). Jimmy Jam & Terry Luis "The New Style (1992 Extended Version)" (Unreleased) 1992/2017
21). Jomanda "Got A Love For You (The K.O. Rave Mix)" (Pyro Tech 0-10041) 1992
22). Jomanda "Got A Love For You (The K.O. Rave Mix)" (Pyro Tech 0-10041) 1992
23). R.H.C. "Reach" (Rising High RSN24) 1991
24). Rip 'N Joy (Da Juice) "Hot Stuff (Got No Shame)" (EU4IA EU4-002) 1992
25). 4 For Money (Project 1) "It's A Moment In Time (Dub)" (Tam Tam TTT030) 1991
26). Anixus "Do The Do" (Oversky OVK00592) 1992
27). Alegria "Danger (Bass your brains out)" (SSR 12SSR117) 1991
28). Project 1 "Live Vibes Pt2" (Rising High RSN16) 1992
29). Zoogie "Forever On" (FFRR 162351007-2 CD) 1992


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I was just surfing Discogs as I usually do and I came upon this completely by accident....


It's a remastered version of Hardcore Rhythm Team "Do U C The Light". A favorite tune of mine. I have the original white label but the thing sounds terrible. I guess one could say, that's part of its charm. Yet for me, I'm into sound quality.

First thing is... if they want to remaster it so it sounds better then why the heck is it on colored vinyl. Colored vinyl is known to not sound so hot.

More importantly some "lovely person" has decided to make discogs not allow its sale. So If someone like myself wants a copy, how do I buy it?

I found this other link but when you click on it, it goes to a dead link on band camp.


What the heck? Hardcore Drama Team indeed. What a shame!


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How about Rapha.cc quality cycling jerseys? I'd rather be rocking my love of Ron Wells and Dave Charlesworth music on my racing bicycle rather then at the mall.... because I don't go to the mall anymore.


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Any other ideas? I deeply hate dealing with the discogs marketplace. So many false gradings, being over charged for shipping, etc... It really urks me. I just recently placed an order on impulse as I just found out that the bouncy deep house piano tune that Mad P. says "Ohhh La La" to is actually Trace & LTJ Bukem "Teach me to fly" so I had to have it.


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I haven't been on this site in years so I thought I'd come back, say hi, and show off some mixes I've done.

For one there is the "Everybody Loves Raymond" series. My late friend Chris "Lixx" Ibsen thought the series title was hillarious. In this series I'm not remaking Grooverider sets but rather doing my own take on what he had in his record bag at different times.

Everybody Loves Raymond Vol. 1 is my own take on Grooverider's Dreamscape 3 set:

++). Gumby Title Card
01). Ragga Gabba Posse "Ragatrance 2000 pt1" (Thunderpussy 08-031433-20) 1992
02). Energetic-C "Public Transportation" (HNR002) 1992
03). DJ Vinyl "Charged Up" (Beat Master Records BMR003) 1992
04). The Nightbreed "Delirium" (Little Giant BG26) 1992
05). Heretics "Digital Simphony" (DFC 110) 1992
06). D'Cruze "Life" (Suburban Base 17) 1992
07). AJAX Project "Ruffige" (MachIII) 1992
08). The Psychopaths "Beats and Culture (Psycho Dub)" (Elicit 10) 1992
09). Dj Blatant "Sonic the Headache" (Spare Beat Records DJBMP2) 1992
10). LTJ Bukem "Logical Progression" (Good Looking GLRD05 CDR) 1991/2002
11). Tic Tac Toe "Epidermal B Side" (Tic Tac Toe TTT456) 1992
12). Biology "Sundown" (Entity Records NTT 12-21) 1992
13). Psudeo 3 "Flash It" (PSUDEO3) 1992
14). Ecology "Here It Comes" (Vicious Pumpin Plastic OBS-003) 1992
15). Massai Warriors "Money" (Warrirs Dance WAFT24) 1992
16). Urban Shakedown "Some Justice" (Urban Shakedown URBST1) 1992
17). Jessie Deep! "S.H.U.M." (Music Man MMI9088) 1992
18). Luxury II "Spare Beat" (SBRR03) 1992
19). 2 Da Core "Love Thy Brother" (PM60T) 1992
20). Blame "Music Takes You (2 Bad Mice Rmx)" (Moving Shadow 1002) 1992/2000
21). Funky Junky "Rushin (Officerdibble Mix)" (Funkey Junky FUNKY) 1992
22). DJ Freeze "Star Trek VI" (Full Effect FERT108) 1992
23). Jomanda "Got A Love For You (Limelight Mix)" (Pyrotech 0-10041) 1992
24). Anixus "Experience (1992 Dub)" (CDR)

Next is Everybody Loves Raymond vol.2. This time I'm looking at several different events he played at in 1993 and I pulled some of those records from my collection and filled in some blanks with tracks he probably would have played if he had them. There's a key on the link that shows which event each track was played at.


++). (&) Gumby Intro
01). (#) Jessie Deep! "S.H.U.M." (Music Man MMI 9088) 1991
02). (#) Smooth But Hazzardous "Push Up The Levels" (Sound Entity SENT1205) 1993
03). (#) Tango "Can't Stop The Rush (93 Remix)" (Formation FORM12025) 1993
04). (@) Peshay "Gangster" (Reinforced RIVET1248) 1993
05). (@) Pennywise "Suspension of Disbelief" (Symphony Sounds 007) 1993
06). (&) Dance Intelligence - Incapsulated EP (Section 5 SYS310) 1993
07). (@) DJ Vibes "Obsession" (Asylum 001) 1993
08). (@,#,%) Junk "Junk 4" (Junk 04) 1993
09). (@) Nookie "Shining in the Darkness" (Reinforced RIVET1239) 1993
10). (%) Harmony & Extreme "Music (NRG Rush)" (Lucky Spin LSR007) 1993
11). (&) Ment 4 Bass "Strings Free" (Liquid Wax HAN18) 1993
12). (@) Edge 1 "Compnded" (Edge 1) 1992
13). (@) Goldie "Saint Angel" (FFRR FX266) 1993/1995
14). (^) Cloud 9 "You got me burnin' (Ray K & Nookie)" (Moving Shadow 37) 1993
15). (@) Wax Doctor "New Direction" (Basement Records BRSSCL1) 1992/2002
16). (&) Mickey Finn "Reality" (Dee Jay 0011) 1992
17). (&) Tetrus "Let Da Rhythm Hit Em" (Liquid Wax HAN21) 1993
18). (&) Kaotic Chemestry "Space Cakes" (Moving Shadow 20) 1992
19). (&) Sonic Food "Ascend" (Chill TUV29) 1993
20). ($) DJ WAX "Moments So Dark" (CMC 01) 1993
21). (@) Ment 4 Bass "You Don't Know" (Liquid Wax HAN18) 1993
22). (&) DJ Crystl "Warpdrive Remix" (Dee Jay 0018) 1993
23). (@,#) Dance Conspiracy "Dub War (Pascal & Johnny Jungle Remix)" (CDR) 1993/2005?

The latest if Everybody Love's Raymond Vol. 3. This one takes a peek at the records Grooverider had in his bag through out 1991. Again I filled in some tracks that he certainly should have had in his bag as it matches up with his Chris Paul Isotonik collaboration sound.


01). DV8 "This Beat Is Over" (Strictly Rhythm SR1239) 1991
02). Dee Gorgous "Better Then ***" (Music Doctors Nugroove 077) 1991 #
03). Frequency "Square Methods" (White 04) 1991
04). Frequency "Xanadu" (Lower East Side LES 017) 1991
05). Shotgun Assassins "Start The Panic" (Hardcore Urban Music Urban 17) 1991
06). Back From Detox "E.R.B." (Shut Up And Dance SUAD 22) 1991 #
07). Bass Construction "Dance With Power" (Elicit 12ELIC3) 1991
08). Dragonfly "Visions of Rage" (MPS Vinyl DF002) 1991/2018
09). Olympia "Art 2" (Dance Opera DO322) 1991 #
10). Alchemy "Kingdom of Sweets" (Orbital 12ORBITP2) 1991
11). Xray Xperiments "Kick The Bass" (MPS Vinyl XRAY003RM) 1991/2017
12). X-Men "Breakout" (Mutant 12MUTATE3) 1991
13). Nightmares on Wax "A Case of Funk" (Warp WAP15) 1991
14). E-Dancer "Pump The Move" (R&S RS9142) 1991/200?
15). Overnight "Pure Climax" (Buzz BZZXL106047) 1991
16). 2 Fabiola "The Milkyway" (Dance Opera DO335) 1991
17). Overnight "The Time Has Come" (Buzz BZZXL106047) 1991
18). R.A.F. "We Gonna Get (Extended Mix)" (ZYX 6548-12) 1991
19). Man With No Name "Geddit (You Can Get It)" (Fokus FK006AS) 1991 #
20). 400 Blows "Tension Release" (Warrior WAR12022) 1992? #
21). The Loved Ones "Resurrection Now (Celestial Mix)" (Proton Dance HMD721A) 1991