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He used to do record reviews in Eternity magazine, but I seem to recall he got sacked for making sexist comments one issue. Can anyone remember this? All my Eternity mags are in storage at the moment so can't check.

I only ever heard a couple of his mixes but remember liking them.


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About to start this, looking forward to it.

Anyone read the other books released by Music Mondays/Andrew Woods (Bunter, Mark Archer, Uncle Dugs)? I enjoyed them all, pleasantly surprised by the Mark Archer one. Probably the one I was least looking forward to reading but enjoyed it the most. He came across as a really decent, humble guy.


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+1 for L.S.D. Jesus on Es. Watching that round a mate's house in a darkened room on shrooms and my taste in music changed instantly.


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Went to the Southport Weekender at Finsbury Park last month. There was a bit of old school there and I caught some of Bukem's set, which was decent. I mainly went to see Juan Atkins though and spent most of the time in the Detroit Techno arena.

The big one was Glastonbury, had a great time there and was one of the best ones I've been to as well. I didn't only go for the old school but saw a fair bit, Mark XTC, Altern8, Goldie's 92-94 rave set at Arcadia (the big fire breathing metallic spider) which was nuts. One of the best things I saw was Billy Bunter's acid house set at 4am on Bez's stage, absolutely loved that. Also a special mention to Hacienda Classical, I wasn't sure if I'd like it as I thought it might be a bit gimmicky, but it worked surprisingly well and went down a storm.