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Lost created a new topic ' Any tutorials or tips on making my own breakbeats?' in the forum. yesterday

I recently got back into Reason and would like to knock up some of my own hardcore breaks. I see there's a tutorial on future music but it's pretty basic and I'm sure there must be more to it than that, so does anyone have any tips for chopping and rearranging some of them old loops?
I recently found my copy of Zero-Gs datafile 1 and Jungle Frenzy Vol13 sample disks and have just ripped those and am currently in the process of converting them to rex files with Recycle.


Lost replied to the topic '20 Years of B2VOS' in the forum. yesterday

dj jedi wrote: Back then tunes like that were what was going for top money on vinyl, nobody cared about the obscure stuff. How times have changed. It took me ages to find all those records before Discogs and even eBay.

I remember well. It's how I ended up with Big Bad Head on Formation for less than a tenner. I paid out of my arse for Trip to the Moon Pt2 and the sleeve was in a right shit condition, well it still is lol


Lost replied to the topic 'Billy Bunter Digging Deep CD' in the forum. yesterday

I've pre-ordered it. Tracklist looks good. Only downside is having to wait until 13th Dec ;)


Lost replied to the topic 'Calling The Hardcore - Brighton - 14th July @ Volks' in the forum. 4 months ago

Cracking night, good honest hardcore through and through. Loved it.


Lost replied to the topic 'New Liquid Album' in the forum. 10 months ago

Sounds ok so far. I might have to get this - haven't bought any vinyl since the old skool breaks scene took off in the early 2000s