DJ Overdose - Hardcore Breaks - October 2015

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DJ Overdose
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DJ Overdose - Hardcore Breaks - October 2015

Post by DJ Overdose » Thu Nov 12, 2015 6:55 pm

So, a lot of scary things happened this month. Not just plane crashes and halloween, but some old cheesy quavers hit the big 40... Still lets not dwell on that! This month sees a bit of a shorter mix. Mostly because time was short, and TBH the choice of tunes was a bit thin. I think as producers get more used to putting tracks together, they are doing more things to them. More complex things, and as a result there are less tunes being released. That or, like me, people are too damn busy this time of year. I've also found that a lot of tracks now just won't mix right. So many sounds and modern effects kind of make a mix now sound messy. I can see that producers just want to make something different all the time, but in all honesty the simple tracks always do better. Anyway enough of my whinging. I haven't made a track in years, let alone a decent one, so please, no one take offence!

This month I raided the archives of Mr Sin and Impact Beat to put togehter bang on one hour of dark and moodies for October, and halloween. PK2 being a great little track. In there as well is a track that samples an old film Howard The Duck, which is a very old skool thing to do... Usual couple of remixs, Acen one at the start which is proper mashed up, and the latest from Dave Nexus. All in all not a bad use of an hour:)

01 - DJ Overdose - On Halloween Night Intro
02 - Trip 2 Soon - Acen Mega Mix
03 - Impact Deat - Dark sensation
04 - Marra - Booyaka
05 - Necrotype - Fang And Claw
06 - Worldwide Epidemic - IAKA (A New Dawn)
07 - Impact Beat - PK2
08 - DJ Lien - Boom (Leigh Woodley Remix)
09 - Mr Sin - We Are Hardcore
10 - Howard
11 - Subversion
12 - DJ Nexus - I Remember
13 - Mr Sin - Once Again Its On
14 - DJ Rave In Peace - Unreal Dream
15 - DJ Overdose - The World Has Changed

Link: ... download=1

Until next month, n - joi!