Lixx's first jungle mix in 14 years

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Lixx's first jungle mix in 14 years

Post by lixx » Wed Aug 12, 2015 2:52 pm ... jungle-mix

Made it available for download- just under 2 hours (and not boring by any stretch).

Well this is my first jungle mix in over 14 years, to give you and idea of how long ago that was I think we had just started using mini discs & recording direct into the computer then. Truth told I've never done a drum n bass/jungle mix on anything other than a cassette tape, last one was 2001. That's how long it's been lol.

So this mix evolved strangely. The first three tracks (DJ Biggs/ SOHK) was a mix I remembered opening up with in a hall at my g/f's college at the time (around 2000?). She arranged some sort of rave and these kids had never heard jungle so …I remember seeing people rush out to the dancefloor and Sean (Goldenchild) MC'd for me that night and he was brocking out so I guess I was doing my job. Always remembered those 3 tracks going well together. Hunter seems like and obvious opening track but strangely other than AWOL I never really have heard it out or on old mixes. I just heard it once on a pirate tape. Then it started out as me wanting to throw as many hoover/reese basslines as I could into one mix. I then realized that would get boring as it takes the power of that b-line away when overused. It then became just some tunes from 94-95 I really wanted all together in one place. You know how you seek out certain tunes on mixes? I just wanted them all in one place. Knowing I'd have to do this this myself if I ever was going to get them all together I was pretty nervous. I'm super super critical of my own mixing. So much so that I almost freeze myself from starting things. I only know how to mix using vinyl (so you will never hear anything but a vinyl mix from me), and I remembered back in the day it was pretty much one take- press record on the stereo and hope nothing goes wrong. These days Audacity makes it easier. I like that I now can pause and take a break from a long mix if I'm tired, hungry, or just not feeling it. I'm a mix and blend DJ so I love long mixes. I had a hell of a time with the EQ record (as it's warped) and Trace's Babylon 2nd Remix has always given me fits with that long intro- but other than that I'm satisfied.

Anyhow here's the tracklisting. This mix is pretty rugged and raw. Don't get me wrong I like all drum n bass/jungle styles BUT I just wanted a mix of tunes that get me pumped up. This style is actually the closest to how I played out. I don't like to let up on people on a dancefloor- high energy- PURE vibes!

DJ Biggs- The Hunter
SOHK- Bohmmer
DJ Biggs- Sunrize
TIC- Rockers
Keen- Don't Be Afraid
Babylonian- Nemesis
Lion Man- Wheel Up
EQ- Vital Essence
B-Jam- Gunshot Me Head
EQ- Bad Boy Sound
Dr. S Gachet- Remember The Roller
Ellis Dee- Trouble To A Man
Keen- D.A.R.K.
Babylonian- Ball Of Fire
Splash- Babylon (Trace 2nd Remix)
SS- Black
Lemon D- Jah Love
Cool Breeze & Digital Audio- The Stepper
Ellis Dee- The Ride
Rampage- Why
MA2- Hearing Is Believing (Hardleaders Rmx)
MA2- Hearing Is Believing Remix
Lemon D- Back 2 Chicago
Randall & Andy C- Feel It (Stakka & K-Tee Rmx)
Soundcraft- Deep Sub
Ron Tom- Revelation Cahpter 2
Just Jungle- Double Crisp
General Degree- Papa Lover (Stretch Rmx)
Just Jungle- Come Fi Nice It Up
Drumdriver- Skyy (Mickey Finn & L Double Rmx)
Just Jungle- As We Enter

One point- I get why people love SS- Black so much with that bassline, but to me it's such a great bridge/mixer track- because it's so straight forward and simple. It makes whatever goes into it and out of it sound so good- and goes with anything! Also I wish I never sold my Technics in 2004. While these Audio Technica ATLP120's are nice Technics clones, I'm convinced they don't hold pitch like Technics. I mean my ears are not that shot, and some mixes held perfect (flanged beats at times) while others would be constant work. Ehhh whatever enjoy- it's a good bubbling rollin' mix.

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Re: Lixx's first jungle mix in 14 years

Post by pete.devnull » Thu Aug 20, 2015 5:57 pm

Sick tracklist man, def gonna check this over the weekend!

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Re: Lixx's first jungle mix in 14 years

Post by DJ Chance » Thu Aug 20, 2015 7:40 pm

Yes will give this a blast. Nice write up as well :)