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SKANNA 07 / SKANNA08 Reissues Out Now

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:00 pm
by MJS57
Just saw this on Discogs, thought I'd post up here so anyone who wanted to could grab them and not miss the boat:


"Until 2015 all Skanna masters where believed to be lost to cutting houses, defunct labels and the ravages of time leaving only compilations from the time to fill in the blanks. Until now! Skanna Records in collaboration with Underground Music present two seminal Drum & Bass vinyl reissues, Remastered from Original DAT Masters for digital and Vinyl by Bob Macc @ Subvert Central Mastering.

After two years of hunting, a search of John's parents house finally turned up just one DAT containing pristine original masters from three seminal Skanna EP's. Another chance find at the same time among the archives of DJ Spatts from The Criminal Minds turned up their remix of "The Greatest Thing". The result is three Seminal reissues that sound better then the original pressings, now changing hands for silly money on discogs, if you can find one in playable condition."

SKANNA007 - ... test-thing

SKANNA008 - ... you-wanted