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For those that might not be aware. A great bundle, this. Two vinyl EPs, one from Alex Jungle, the other from Future Primitive, a CD album of Future Primitive remixes, a poster, and the free gift for those that have the ten idiot sheets.


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Thank you!
And on that note - there is one combo left - last chance to grab a copy of my CD album!


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Down to the last few combos, guys - if you want the bundle with the CD act now :)


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FL Studio, have done since the first version. Ridiculously easy to use.
I did have a go with Reason for a while a few years ago but I just didn't get on with it. I can't really see any reason to use another DAW either to be honest. FL can do pretty much everything all the others can, at least everything I want it to do.


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For anyone who might not be aware, the latest releases on the recently relaunched Knitebreed Records went up for presale yesterday.
"Paul Bradley - The Sweet as a Pie EP", and "The Timespan - As Predicted EP", and if bought as a bundle, the first 100 buyers get a copy of my exclusive album "Class A Speed".
I am immensely pleased with how this turned out. It is mostly in the mid-90s breakbeat style, pianos and stabs and all that. The CD contains a couple of kickdrum led tracks but mostly are in the oldskool hardcore/jungle style.
Links and previews here!
kniteforce.bandcamp.com/merch/knitebreed-combo-1-pre-sale (for some reason I can't make this into a hyperlink.)
Nice one :)