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Yo Hardcore gang. Here's this week's RAVE RADIO #042. Recorded LIVE on Code South FM on 9th of May 2017. Another different hardcore breakbeat vinyl selection. Full tracklisting:

1. RAVE RADIO Intro Jingle
2. I Am The Creator by Dreamscape
3. RadioSam Intro Jingle
4. The Feeling by Prime Attack
5. Passion by Release
6. Are You Dreaming by Blame
7. Can't Get Enough (From LP Def Till Dawn Mix) by Sonic Experience
8. Comin' Hardcore by Bay-B-Kane
9. Is The Real by DJ Seduction
10. Oldskool Raver Jingle
11. Dub In You by Foul Play
12. I'm Talking To You by Lewi Cifer
13. Highlander by Desired State
14. Death By Stereo (Mix 1) by DJ Dance
15. Fabulous 5 Intro
16. Untitled A (Dick Turpin E.P.) by Flex & Uncle
17. Revival by Cool Hand Flex
18. Wip Lash by Cool Hand Flex
19. Untitled AA2 (ZX2 EP) by Cool Hand Flex
20. Pump The Bass by Flex "N" Hype
21. Another Time by Elevation
22. Hold Your Head Up by Zookeepers Revenge
23. The New Stylee by DJ Spice
24. Go Crazy by Secret Squirrel
25. Sub Dub (Crazy Breaks Remix) by DJ Seduction
26. Love Survives by Nick Power & DJ KU
27. Bish Bosh by Yolk
28. Gamma Radiation by DJ Rylow
29. Let's Go (Cold Remix) by Nasty Habits
30. Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Ray Keith Remix) by Baby D
31. Dark & Misty by Cool Hand Flex
32. Untitled A2 (Deluxe E.P.) by Deluxe
33. Earthbound (Remix) by DJ Jedi
34. Bogwoppa (Remix) by Secret Squirrel
35. Penumbra by Worldwide Epidemic
36. Bogwoppa by Secret Squirrel



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Hey Gang. Here's my latest RAVE RADIO #041 vinyl mix. Recorded LIVE on the 02/05/17 on Code South 105.6 FM. Another different 92-93 hardcore selection with a smidge of new production. Track-listing and streaming link below. Hope you enjoy :-)

1. RAVE RADIO Intro Jingle
2. Talkin'head by Out Of Orda
3. RAVE RADIO Mix Intro
4. Loving You by Naz A.K.A. Naz ‎
5. Fluted & Booted by Bubbles
6. Murderous Style by X-Static
7. So Strong by Bay-B-Kane
8. Unity In Dub by Austin
9. Move Ya Body by DJ Seduction
10. We Clarks Can't Bend by Super Cat, Janet Kay & Banger
11. Shut Up And Listen by Citadel Of Kaos
12. In A Fantasy by Cosmo & Dibs
13. Fabulous Five Jingle
14. Keep It Warm by Nicky Blackmarket
15. Need To Rush by Richie Covers
16. Let The Bass Kick (Nicky Black Market Re-Mix) by Destroy
17. Jungle Rush by Richie Covers
18. Kenny's Jam by Defender
19. King Basshead! (Mix 2) by DJ Scoobie
20. Spiral by Essence Of Aura
21. Different Ting by Underground Software
22. Let Your Mind Be Free (Tek 9 Remix) by Nick-O-D
23. Watchusnow by Hyper-On Experience
24. Global Vibe by X-Static
25. Untitled (B) by Trigger Happy
26. Charged Up by Zookeepers Revenge
27. Jungle Zone 4 by Energy Zone
28. Take Your Mind by Elevation
29. Oldskool Raver Jingle
30. Positive Destiny by Bay-B-Kane
31. X Rated Movie by DJ Genisis & Kenny X
32. Got To Release (Tango '93 Dubplate Mix) by Double Visions
33. The Joint by Noise Overload
34. Death Of A Psychopath by Luna-C
35. Nightmare by FX



RadioSam replied to the topic 'Calling The Hardcore - Brighton - 14th July @ Volks' in the forum. 2 months ago

Can't wait for this event - it's going to be a wicked night!


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Another different '92-93 hardcore selection on vinyl with a touch of some new hardcore break-beat production. Streaming link and track-listing below. Hope you enjoy. RadioSam.

1. Calling The Hardcore by Calling The Hardcore
2. RadioSam Intro Jingle
3. Hardcore Rush (Freedom Mix) by The Rat & The Happy Hippy
4. RadioSam Mix Intro Jingle
5. Stupid Dope Mix (PT.1) by Manix
6. Sonic The Headache by DJ Blatant And The Master Programmer
7. Future Sound (Future Dub) by Phuture Assassins
8. Theme Spirit by Bay B Kane ‎
9. Untitled A2 (Stress EP) by Drastik Plastik
10. Sax In The Jungle by Bay B Kane
11. Touch Me by Unknown Artist ‎
12. Unleash The Hardcore (Tronik Hard Mix) by Tronik House
13. Hyper Active by Sub-Love
14. Fab Five Global Dance Intro
15. Baby Please (Original Mix) by Inner Visions
16 Piano Track by Noise Overload.
17. Right Here, Right Now, Part 2 by Noise Overload
18. No Matter by Noise Overload
19. Burnin UP by Noise Overload
20. Burning by 4 Hero
21. Untitled (White 015) by Jumpin Jack Frost
22. Oldskool Raver Says Hi
23. Untitled A1 (111) by Sub Oscillator
24. "How many Ravers" by Prime Attack
25. Jungle Love by D.J. Strings
26. Taking The biscuit by Krackpotz
27. Mystery 159 (Remix) by D.J. Strings
28. Contrast by Worldwide Epidemic
29. Obliquity by Worldwide Epidemic
30. The Need In Me by Alex Jungle
31. A Day In The jungle by Progression
32. I Need Jungle by Dica & Vinyl Groove
33. 1000 Hertz (Mix 2) by DJ JBL
34. H.E. Anthem by Hyper On Experience
35. Thinking Nothing by Acid Beard Massive



Yo Yo hardcore gang. If you need a mid-week peak of a mix then here's RAVE RADIO #032.... Recorded LIVE last night on Code South 105.6 FM. Always a different 91-93 hardcore selection on vinyl. Track-listing and streaming link below. Hope you enjoy. RadioSam

1. Intro Jingle by RadioSam
2. Razor: 1st Cut by Newton
3. The Void by Njoi
4. PM by Kelly-G Perfect Rhythm
5. Hypno 2 by Bass 2 Bass
6. Untitled B (The Energizer) by Dave Charlesworth
7. Unity by Timebase Feat. Kromozone
8. Beat Devine by Twinhead
9. 1/2 2 Till 5 by Psuedo 3
10. Judge Tranny by 2 Obsessed
11. Drop The Bass by Out-Phaze
12. The Return Of The Donut by Cloud Nine
13. Soothin by Brainstorm Crew
14. Intimidator (Technoid Mix) by Skanna
15. Everybody's Dancing by 8-Bit-Trip
16. We Know Everything! by Brainstorm Crew
17. Higher by 4-Mega
18. Rub A Dub by 2 Da Core
19. Respect Remix by Originaton
20. Inner Dream by Release
21. Easy Does It by Double Vision
22. It's Like A Dream by DJ KP
23. Shinning Bright by ORCA
24. Untitled AA2 by Fourth Dimension
25. Rudeboy (Jungle Mix) by Funky Junky
26. I Feel So High by Hellrazor ‎
27. Sky Hook by ORCA
28. Out Of My Head by Bab'el'on
29. Separate Reality by ORCA
30. Renegade by Ellis Dee
31. Switch (Intense Mix) by Lennie De Ice
32. Dance The Night Away by M-Beat
33. Ode To A Deadman by T.Power & The Sandman
34. System Booter (Squirrel Dub Mix) by Secret Squirrel



Easy all,

Here's last night RAVE RADIO vinyl mix #030. Recorded LIVE on Code South 105.6 FM. Another different selection of 91-93 hardcore flavour. Full track-listing and streaming link below. Hope you enjoy.

1. Intro Jingle by RadioSam
2. The Nutter by The Nutter
3. The Rush by Boyzland
4. Revolution by USI
5. The Way of the Future (Cool Off Mix) by Heavyweight
6. Dis Iz A Warning (Get Involved Mix) by 4-X-Sample
7. It's Wonderful Being Alive by Out-Phaze
8. Tripping On Sunshine by Tic Tac Toe
9. All Mighty Dredd (In House Mix) by New Generation
10. Feels Good by The Impact Crew
11. Untitled AA (Wardance Vol. 2) by Wardance
12. Fab Five Intro Woffle by RadioSam
13. Hello Darkness by Bay-B-Kane
14. Operation Radication by ICON
15. Mighty Jungle by Bay-B-Kane
16. Quarter To Doom by Bay-B-Kane
17. Good Good Sensi by Bay-B-Kane
18. Giving Into Love by The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly
19. Sounds Superior by Ruff With The Smooth
20. Got To Release by The Good, 2 Bad & Hugly
21. Dance With The Devil by Mixrace
22. Untitled A1 (In the Jungle E.P. Remix) by M.S.six
23. Overthrown by Tyranny
24. Tremor by Edge of Darkness
25. Wake Up Call by DJ SS
26. Bass Bonanza by Kay 9
27. Time by Goldseal Tribe
28. Do You Dream by Inspiration Point
29. Back To The jungle by Orca
30. Running (From Myself) by The Criminal Minds
31. Mindwinder (Brain Squeeze Mix) by Secret Squirrel
32. Frontline by DJ Sparks
33. Commin on Dark (Remix) by Secret Squirrel



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Hey Hardcore Gang.

Here's last night's RAVE RADIO vinyl mix #026 for your Xmas holidays! Strictly 1993 hardcore rave music. Big love to everyone that tuned in. Full track-listing and Mixcloud streaming link below:


1. Radio Intro by RadioSam
2. Untitled by DJ Dance
3. Axis (Feat DJ Devine) by DJ Solo
4. Untitled by Question Mark
5. 4AM (Remix 2) by Orca
6. Poachers Fake Control by Nite Shade
7. Happy Feelings (Bash Street Kids) by Shades Of Rhythm
8. Love Has Found Me by Nite Shade
9. Vertigo by DJ Rap & Aston
10. Joyrider 2 (The Last Ride To Hell) by The Criminal Minds
11. Drop The Bass (Vicious Pumpin' Mix) by J-J-C
12. Change The Pace by The Criminal Minds
13. Let Your Body Go by J-J-C
14. Jungle Zone 3 by Energy Zone
15. Brand New (Stressed Out Mix) by DJ Spice
16. Dark Rider by Joint Project
17. The New Style Part 2 by DJ Spice
18. Dark In The Jungle by Joint Project
19. The Groove by DJ Spice
20. Oncemore by Bay-B-Kane
21. Simply Dread by Soundlab
22. Don't Make Me Vexed! by Bay-B-Kane
23. Untitled by Bass Ballistics
24. Rolling Energy (DJ SS Drum & Bass Mix) by Jim Polo & Neil Vass
25. Scratch & Sniff by Kay 9
26. B1 (Blind Date E.P.) by Mike De Underground
27. Intrigue by Tango & Fallout
28. Let Me See Ya Move (Stu Allan '93 Mix) by Visa
29. No Stopping by A Thief, A Terrorist And A Lunatic
30. Thai Reed (Pygmy Concrete Jungle) by Power Struggle
31. People of The Universe (2½ Hours) by Ruff & Tumble Crew
32. Wonderful Experiences by Optical Haze


Hey Gang. Here's this week's RAVE RADIO vinyl mix #025 (Hardcore is alive). Recorded 15/12/2016 LIVE on Code South FM. 91-93 hardcore rave music. Full track-list and streaming link below. Hope you enjoy. RadioSam


1. Intro Jingle by RadioSam
2. Techcore by Xray Xperiments
3. Technophobic Lisa by The Clepto-Maniacs
4. Circuit Breaker (Celluloid Edit) by Rhythm Section
5. The Blind Man by Sci
6. The Homeless Problem by The Ragga Twins
7. There Is No Other by Urban Shakedown
8. Fabulous Five Intro Woffle by RadioSam
9. Beyond Understanding by New Decade
10. The StoryTeller by Optical Haze
11. ABC by New Decade
12. Chance to Dance by Optical Haze
13. Get The Message by New Decade
14. Ringback!!!!!!! by Alieneye
15. Cut To Pieces by DJ Blatant And The Master Programmer
16. Mayhem by 2 Gether
17. It Began In Africa by Unknown Artist
18. Hit Da Floor by Tribal Underground
19. Hazzardous by Smooth But Hazzardous
20. Cocaine (Runnin Round Ma Brain) by Tribal Underground
21. Crazy Dub by The Gamesmaster
22. Energy by Equazion
23. Rock With Me by Submania
24. You And Me by Luxury
25. Drums of Justice by Citidel of Kaos
26. Chillout by Princess Of The Posse
27. Don't Be Afraid by Cru-L-T
28. Feel The Rhythm by New Decade
29. Burn Baby Burn (Unreleased Mix) by Alk-E-D
30. Untitled (Drum & Bass Program Vol. 1) by J-J-C
31. Untitled by Bass Ballistics
32. How Many Ravers (DJ SS Re-mix) by Prime Attack
33. Amp Destructor by The Sorcerer
34. Death of a Psychopath (Nasenbluten Remix) by Luna C


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Hi Guys,

Here's this week's RAVE Radio Mix #022. Recorded LIVE last week on Code South.



1. Intro Jingle by RadioSam
2. Perfect Love 8am by Rhythm Section
3. Elements by Into The Twilight
4. Dreamworld by Rhythm Section
5. You And Me by Luxury 2
6. Clockwork Orange by 2 Obsessed
7. Blatant's Return by DJ Blatant And The Master Programmer
8. Give Me Heaven by DJ Pooch
9. Cut To Pieces by DJ Blatant And The Master Programmer
10. Better Change by DJ Pooch
11. 0836 (33p A Minute Off-Peak)byFreshtrax
12. Rumble In The Jungle by DSSQ13
13. Round N Round (Dub Mix) by Xray Xperiments
14. Assassinator by Urban Shakedown
15. Fab 5 Intro Woffle by RadioSam
16. Untitled by DJ Dance
17. Untitled by Wardance
18. Pornography by Jumpin Jack Frost
19. Untitled by Tekniq
20. Untitled by Megadrive
21. The Dark Starr by Nookie
22. Jungle Muffin (Micky Finn Remix) by The Moog
23. Underground Confusion (Spice Mix) by Sly T And Ollie J Featuring Anthony
24. Real Ruff Beats by Doctor G
25. Your Love Is On My Mind by Konspiracy
26. Terror In The Jungle by Doctor G
27. One For The Feelgood Crew by DJ Nex
28. Try To Love Me (Remix) by MANIX
29. Music In My Mind by Kay 9
30. Get On One by Orca
31. High And Dry by China White

Hope you enjoy

RadioSam x


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Here's this weekend's RAVE RADIO #020 vinyl mix recorded LIVE last week on Code South FM 10th of November. Stream and direct download link though Mixcloud:


1. Energizer 3 (A1) by Dave Charlesworth
2. Imajika by Hyper On Experience
3. Energizer 3 (B1) by Dave Charlesworth
4. Tell Me Why (E-Type Remix) by Rachel Wallace
5. Fast As F**K by DJ Nex
6. Free In E-Seventeen by J.B. Grooves
7. 1•2•3 by DJ Nex
8. Set U Free by E.O.A.D
9. Comin' Down Ruff by Hyper-Active
10. Danny's DubbyASMO
11. You Can't Go On by Into The Twilight
12. Rave Scene '93 (20,000 Real Ravers Mix) by Hackney Hardcore
13. Do It Now! by Urban Shakedown
14. Feel It (TrueBlood Mix) by M.A.N.I.C
15. Conscious Lyrics by Underground Software
16. Just A Dream by Tek 9
17. Jazzy Hardcore (Festa Remix) by Nick-O-D
18. Hardcore Junglism (Exclusive Remix) by MANIX
19. Believe by Rufige Cru
20. Fantasy Wonderland (Original Mix) by Jack n Phil, Wendy
21. Feel The Music (Different Mix) by Robert Chimiel & Justin Spier
22. The Rave Digger (Remix) by MC Lethal
23. Jungle Love by Skuf
24. A.W.O.L. Remix by Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze
25. Losing My Mind by Skuf
26. Drums Of Doom (Slipmatt Remix) by The Criminal Minds
27. Sundown (Virgin Funk Remix) by The Northside Story
28. Dope Jam by Persons Unknown
29. Ghetto Theme (B Boy Trip Mix) by The Criminal Minds
30. Untitled by DJ Pooch


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Hey Guys,

Here's my next RAVE Radio #018 vinyl mix 'HORROR HALLOWEEN HARDCORE'.


1. Jingle Intro by RadioSam
2. The Psychopaths by Nightmares
3. DMS by Exterminate (Day Of The Hardcore)
4. Just When You Thought It Was SafebyDj Excel
5. Armageddon (Radi8 mix) by Altern 8
6. The Beast by Revelution
7. Hi, I'm Chucki (Wanna Play?) by 150 Volts
8. Horrors by The Bogey man
9. Dominator (Beltram Mix) by Human Resource
10. B-Line From Hell by G Double E
11. The Lord's Prayer (Mix 2) by Intravine
12. Positively Evil (Remix) by Mystical Units
13. Where's The Boy (Trial By Ecstasy) by 4 Hero
14. Competition Woffle Part 2 by RadioSam
15. Jawz (There's No Escape..Mix 1) by The Essence
16. Terminator 2 Judgment Day by DJ Freeze
17. Star Trek VI by DJ Freeze
18. The Mysterons Message by Captain Scarlet
19. Here It Comes by Dj Jedi
20. Terminator II by Rufige Kru
21. Hardcore Will Never Die (radio clean version) by Q Bass
22. Utopia by Dj Jedi
23. The Rave Digger by MC Lethal
24. Return Of The Redi by Rawtrax
25. C.O.D. Rider by Nebula 2
26. News At Ten (Jumpin Jack Frost Remix) by Armagedon
27. Peace Maker by Nebula 2
28. Out To Play (Underground Mix) by Ibiza Crew
29. X-Plore-H-Call by Nebula 2
30. I Like To Cry by Johnny Jungle
31. Take Me by X-Certificate
32. Johnny Jungle (original 92 mix) by Johnny Jungle
33. Here It Comes (Luna-C Remix) by Dj Jedi

Hope you enjoy!



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Hey guys

Heres my next instalment of RAVE Radio #017 recorded LIVE on Codesouth on 20th of October. Another set of 92-93 hardcore vinyl.

Includes my forthcoming vinyl release 'Double Impact' with DJ Jedi.

Hope you enjoy.



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Hi Guys,

For my hardcore show on www.codesouth.fm I did a 2 hour Parliament Music Showcase.

Proper random mixup full of some of their cool choons.


Nice one




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Hi Guys,

Here's my latest Rave Radio mix #015 Live on Code South from 6th of October.

Each week I'm doing a different set of 92-93 Hardcore tunes on vinyl. Includes full track-listing on Mixcloud.


Hope you enjoy folks.



RadioSam replied to the topic 'Riverdance Roll Call' in the forum. 8 months ago

Yep see you there guys x