PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT - DJ-K (44 old skool classics)

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PEACE LOVE UNITY RESPECT - DJ-K (44 old skool classics)

Post by DJ-K » Fri Apr 25, 2014 2:34 pm

This mix a very special one, I spent a few weeks selecting my favourite old skool vinyl classics and arranged a set up including my 2 x Technics, 2 X Pioneer CDJ's, a Sampler, My Mixer and let rip. I did this mix to celebrate 50,000 Soundcloud plays so thanks for your support. Here is the tracklist ;-

1. D.O.P.-Get out on this dancefloor
2. C.L.S.-Can you feel it (In house dub)
3. React 2 Rhythm-Intoxication (Dubfield mix)
4. S.L.D.-Getting Out (Justin Robertson mix)
5. Last Rhythm-Last Rhythm (Vocal battle mix)
6. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Let the beat hit em (Cliviles & cole mix)
7. Unity-Unity (USA Mix)
8. Gangster Point-Get Back
9. Electric Choc-Shock to the beat
10. L.A.N.-Get into my life
11. T.C.1991 – Berry (DJ-K’s Rusty so real bootleg mix)
12. Sonic Solution-Beatstime
13. Dreamscape-I am the creator
14. Elevation-Can u feel it
15. Bizzare Inc-Raise me
16. Bizzare Inc-Playing with knives
17. Partners in crime-Gotham city Strikes again
18. Awesome 3-Don’t go (Kicks like a mule mix)
19. Cubic 22-Night in motion
20. M.A.S.I.-Apache (House mix)
21. Channel x-Rave to the rhythm
22. Mig 29-Mig 29 (Love mix)
23. Outlander-The Vamp
24. Kid Unknown-Nightmare
25. Golden Girls-Kinetic
26. DJ PC-Insomniac
27. Sonic Solution-Music
28. Mig 33-Mig 33 (Techno mix)
29. Reckless-Reckless Karnage (Less wrecked mix)
30. Holy Noise-Get down everybody
31. Malibu-Lost in music (Hardcore mix)
32. Human Resource-Dominator (Beltram mix)
33. Second Phase-Mentasm
34. Mainx-88 to Piano
35. Doc Scott-Surgery (Ordinary mix)
36. Voodoo Child-Voodoo Child
37. Shaft-Rhubarb & Custard
38. Terrorize-Just a feeling
39. DJ Seduction-Hardcore Heaven
40. Anticapella-Everyday (Techno mix)
41. NRG-He never lost his hardcore
42. The House Crew-All we wanna do is dance (Acapella)
43. Vivian Lee-Music is so Wonderful (Acapella)
44. Manic-Im comin’ hardcore Original mix)

Download and listen in high quality mp3 here ... ty-respect