Sampler19: Kern 4 - Real Hardcore ('93 - '94 Gabber)

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Sampler19: Kern 4 - Real Hardcore ('93 - '94 Gabber)

Post by Sampler19 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:24 pm

Sampler19: Kern 4 - Real Hardcore ('93 - '94 Gabber)

PW: raven

I know, the name's a bit silly. There's probably no word that's more ambigious than Hardcore - but this is my definition of the wild electronic music i discovered in early 1994, starting with Compilations like Razor Shock or Terrordrome. Of course i already listened to all kinds of forms of electronic music since the late Eighties, but this stuff just blew me away. Raw dark energy with a banging distorted bass drum and rave synths going bonkers.

Mixed with Vinyl and CDs in Hamburg, 2015-09-27, 170-180 BPM.

Alles Naar De Kl--te (Rotterdam Mix) - Euromasters
9mm Is A Classic (Human Resource Remix) – Ace The Space
Freedom - Chosen Few
Only If I Had One More (Remix) - Dyewitness
Fuck Them – Human Resource
In My House - Too Fast For Mellow
Wild And Wonderful - BC Kid
A Long Fast Ride - Tellurian
Asid Sex - DJ Flamman
Recession - Neophyte
Dirty Low Slut - Terror !
Last Recall - Neophyte
Amman On XTC - Underground Resource
Dynamic Fallout - Strontium 9000
Brain Confusion – Lenny D
Wipe Out - BC Kid
Life is hell - C-Tank
Die Extase Versprechen - E De Cologne