DJ Overdose - Circa 93 Hardcore - May 2015

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DJ Overdose
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DJ Overdose - Circa 93 Hardcore - May 2015

Post by DJ Overdose » Sat May 30, 2015 1:11 pm

This month has gone really fast, probably due to my two week holiday at the start of it.

Still the weather is getting better and the hardcore is getting happier, well not that much happier lol. Not been following much this month in regard to new choons, so this is another mix from the golden era of hardcore. Nice uplifting one from Manix as well as a great megamix at the end from Law.

Shouts to all those that know. All those that were, and all those that still are:)

Shout to Rick & Ginny, see you soon brother.
Shout to Gunnee & Laura, re: Dream FM, might surprise you one day!
Shout to Monita and Monk, 'badboys here we go'
Big ups to Geezah and Nu-Rave radio crew
Respect to DJ Jedi, Gl0wkid, Devnull and NickyNutz

01 - DJ Pooch - Cut And Run
02 - Ellis Dee DJ Krome and Mr Time - Drum Thunder
03 - Manix - Alright wit me
04 - Undercover movement - Warning
05 - B. E. A. - Summer Vibe
06 - Future Sounds - Move Me
07 - DJ Exodus and Woody - A Classic Skank
08 - Bizzy B - Infactuation
09 - Aurora - Shaun's Revenge
10 - DJ Chemistry - The Final Frontier
11 - Corruption Productions - Go Again
12 - Edge Of Darkness - Come Together (After Dark Remix)
13 - Law - Jungle Mini Megamix
14 - Nothing Happened - DJOD