DJ-K - Rhythm Nation Live on DIFM Mixcloud

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DJ-K - Rhythm Nation Live on DIFM Mixcloud

Post by DJ-K » Fri Aug 22, 2014 9:33 am ... -hour-mix/

Hi All, Soundcloud link to follow so you can download, in the meantime he is the mixcloud link to my Rhythm Nation show on DIFM from Wednesday, a cracking selection of hands in the air tunage, some obvious some rarities. Last month we managed top 5 in 5 different Mixcloud charts, would love your support so have a listen and favourite it /leave comments if you like and see if we can get to the the top.

Keep rockin,

Here's what is in the mix

1. Evolution-Metropolis (DJ-K Brass disc mash up)
2. SLD-Getting out (Most excellent mix)
3. Beba Sheen-I need to talk to you
4. Jennifer Lucas-Take on higher (Club mix)
5. The Anghelus Project-Come on
6. Electric Choc-Move your body now
7. Bit Machine-Somebody real (Pianopella)
8. Gangster point-Get back
9. S-Bam-Take me away
10. System-Don’t stop
11. Congress-40 Miles (DJ-K To the weekend mix)
12. Band in a box-Get dynamite
13. L.A.N.-Get into my life
14. Electric Choc-Shock to the beat
15. Xpansions-Move your body
16. Selector-Move your body (Club mix)
17. Expo Bass Samples-I need somebody
18. XL Rhythm-Brothers & Sisters
19. Velvet-Hold Me
20. New Atlantic-I know (DJ-K Got the love mix)
21. Intercepter 17 – Hallelujah
22. Bizzare Inc-Playing with knives
23. Partners in crime-Gotham city strikes again
24. Love revolution-Give it to me baby
25. Mix Factory-Take me away
26. Elevation-Can you feel it
27. Bass Value-Do you want to party
28. 49ers-Move your feet
29. Terrorize-Feel the rhythm
30. External group-Gravity
31. Liquid Crystal-The Power within
32. Praga Khan Feat Jade 4 U – Injected with the poison
33. Manix – Feel real good
34. Gordon Edge – Coumpounded
35. Liquid-Sweet Harmony