DJ Overdose - Hardcore Breaks - August 2014

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DJ Overdose
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DJ Overdose - Hardcore Breaks - August 2014

Post by DJ Overdose » Thu Aug 21, 2014 7:09 pm

This month has returned back to my usual mix of hardcore breaks, old skool remakes and some amen junglism, with a smidge of garage (speed cabbage!)

Still this month there are a few great tracks, some of which are unknowns as can be seen from the tracklist. Any ID's welcome!

These Deadly Rays Will Be Your Death is quite a banger! Few happy and a few dark tracks in the mix, hopefully will be to everyones taste this month.

Shouts to Gunnee, Gunnee Jr, Laura and all the Apple Core crew. Hopefully on Dream FM soon. Big up all Dream crew.

Big shout to Rick, Ginny and fam;)

Respect to Monita and Monk.

Thanks as always to all my supporters: Glowkid, Nickynutz, Geezah and everyone on Nu Rave Radio


01 - DJ Ovedose - Parents Intro
02 - DJ Mark C - Sightseers From Space
03 - Baduga - Acid Funk
04 - Impact Beat - Runnin' (Remix)
05 - LooP-EZ - The Bouncer (The Bass-E-Line Mix)
06 - Amiga Breaks 4 (Hardcore)
07 - Cavil - Journey Forth
08 - Amiga Breaks - Energy (Bass Enhancer Amen Mix)
09 - These Deadly Rays Will Be Your Death
10 - My Heart...
11 - DJ SS - DJ's Anthem Volume 1 (Dj Nicky Allen Remix)
12 - Bay-B-Kane - Because Of U (DJ Owl 2014 Remix)
13 - DJ Nee - Johnny Dubplate Revisited
14 - Outer Conflict Part 1 - Revenge of Venus
15 - Force Mass Motion - Panic (Purshuit Remix)
16 - Raw Basics (JAM1 Remake)
17 - DJ Overdose - Expected To Die...

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