Dark Energy 93-94?

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Dark Energy 93-94?

Post by lixx » Sat Aug 09, 2014 2:06 am

I unearthed some aborted mixtape I started 19-20 years ago (and digitized about 10 years ago). Thought it was at least interesting and only takes up 39.42 minutes of your time. Pretty dark and high energy (I've always been a long mixer):


Track listing:

Peshay- Gangster
Doc Scott- Rage
Peshay- On The Firm
Doc Scott- NHS Shout
Undergraduates- Into Da Future
Outa Intelligence- Tales Of The Unexpected
Studio Pressure- Jump MKII
Peshay- Warning
Subject 13- Armageddon (Intense Remix)
FBD Project- The Future
DOPE- When I was Young
DJ Hype- Weird Energy Rmx