DJ Overdose - Hardcore Breaks - May 2014

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DJ Overdose
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DJ Overdose - Hardcore Breaks - May 2014

Post by DJ Overdose » Wed May 21, 2014 11:36 pm

Right this month is back to the real hardcore sound. Enough with the jungle tekno and moodiness for the time being! (Stop laughing Gunnee).

Some nice tracks this month, good rave sounds and some old skool beats. Bass lines are still making an appearance so everyone should be happy with this selection! Also included is another good Prodigy remake of an under rated track of theirs. As I have said in the past, Prodigy remakes are not easy, but every now and then I find a good one.

As usual there are tracks from Nicky Allen, the rave breaks makin' machine!, Paul Cronin, the mad beats master, and some great work from Dave Nexus. Without these guys my monthly mixes would be pretty bare. So big respect to you guys.

Shouts as usual to Gunnee and the Apple Core crew. Respect as always to Monita and Monk. Shout to the Canadiens, Rick and fam ;)

01 - DJ Overdose - Laughing Mule Intro
02 - Chiqui - Yeeeee
03 - Renegade Genius - The Dyson Effect
04 - DJ Nexus - Mental Atmosphere
05 - Paul Cronin - 10-6 Pay At The Door (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)
06 - Hyper Motion - A Feeling
07 - Impact Beat - Hide
08 - Zero B - Lock Up (DJ Nicky Allen Remix)
09 - Champion Breaks - Conspiracy 303
10 - Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Wages Of Sin (Strange Rollers Remix)
11 - Fantasy - UFO (John Acen Barry Remix)
12 - Fuzzbuzz - Piano Blues
13 - DJ Nexus - Break It Down
14 - The Prodigy - Death of the Prodigy Dancers (Mr. Niceguy Remix)
15 - Leonized - Why Waste Your Time
16 - Ali Monsta - Old Skool Beat

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.cue file: ... ects=0&d=1

N-joi people, and keep it going. Summah is comin' ;)