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Matt Clarke replied to the topic 'Tunes that changed your life or..' in the forum. 3 hours 36 minutes ago

Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia

Was the holiday tune in Ibiza that year. It would get played several times a night in the clubs over there. Had never really heard anything like it before.


electric tribe replied to the topic 'Tunes that changed your life or..' in the forum. 12 hours 37 minutes ago


Started it all of for me, still have it in collection


Ian Saunders replied to the topic 'Tunes that changed your life or..' in the forum. 13 hours 7 minutes ago

Voodoo Ray, for being the first dance track I ever bought. Other than that, I can't really think of any one track that's changed my life or lead me to a different style of music.

Dub War still makes the hairs on my neck stand up every time I hear it.


alphawave ep AKA DJ Mark C replied to the topic 'The five best events you've been to during...' in the forum. 21 hours 23 minutes ago

1st - Futureland in Weymouth 1994 -Just the whole happy hardcore vibes in 94 and the hot summer days in August and living for the vibe...Also raving mad at the event and seeing Slipmatt walking in then withing minutes was playing the ultimate set..
2nd - Dreamscape @ Bath and west ... All music in one arena.. Raving to 8am with DJ SY..
3rd - Free party deep in the Southwest and Easygroove turned up and played a 1992 set till sunrise...
4th - Slamming Vinyl - Hearing the bass and horn crew from the car park - pure vibes..
5th - The Country club in Dorset - Small underground club hidden away in a remote area . . Since closed..


Restless1 created a new topic ' Tunes that changed your life or..' in the forum. 21 hours 48 minutes ago

Had a huge influence on it from a rave perspective are?


"Champion Sound" - still the dirtiest jungle tune ever made. Just changed everything for me.

"Seance" - remember hearing this on a Ratty tape from Fantazia @ Westpoint. That baseline blew me away, and still does now.

"Blowout pt II" - "You had it, you had it all boy" - reminds me of a time of when I was breathing music 24/7. Whenever I hear it out I go ape.

"Hearing is Believing" - this was a MASSIVE jungle tune around '95. It was on all the tape packs. It still sounds brilliant and it reminds of a time when everyone I knew was listening to brit-pop and I was buying tape packs as a kid!

"The Bouncer" - still a strong track. Everyone knows the sample, and it just sounded different.

"Twist 'em out" - brought back my love for D&B.


Restless1 replied to the topic 'The five best events you've been to during...' in the forum. 21 hours 53 minutes ago

Nice list!

In no specific order...

1) Global Gathering 2002

First festival I ever went to and my first taste of what it would have been like to have been around "back in the day".

I remember driving down a country lane at night time and hearing music very faintly and seeing strobes, then seeing rides, and then being there. Amazing event.

Just being amongst that many different styles of music, people and having the choice to go from D&B to Progessive House if I wanted to was amazing.

The D&B tent that night - and at EVERY GG after - was VERY special. Easily the best tent out of them all (and my god was there some amazing tents there).

2) Flashback (Feb '01)

Flashback had to be putting on the best oldskool nights back then. They were legendary.

You'd see a video of an event and the que it's self was legendary as it was so long! I mean you'd rock up to the Q Club and the line would seem MILES long!

Because the Q is a weird venue, I remember opening a door and it was like going into heaven because it was at the top and the lights, sounds and crowd was MENTAL. Loved it, man.

Micky Finn smashed it that night.

3) Westfest '04.

SV did there first one there and boy was it special! Every room was on fire and the crowd was epic, even the coach journey down there was special. Loved it.

4) NEC NYE SV '05-'06

Amazing night. Raindance room was literally one in and one out. If you were in there then you stayed in there as it was so good! Main arena was ridiculously awesome.

It was 5 mins from my house and it was the biggest party in the country... How could I NOT go to that?!?! 10'000 people, and walking into the main arena after a search was like "stars in their eyes" with the smoke... Amazing.

5) HTID '07

I've banged on about this event many times on here, but it was just one of those special nights, man. Legendary memories for me.

Force & Junior rocked it that hard that I stopped my mate and said "feel the floor... it's fucking shaking!" people just went NUTS to the Happy that they were playing. I mean, I've never seen a reaction like it. Hixxy had to wait like for TEN MINUTES to start his set because whenever he did EVERYBODY WENT MENTAL. Even Storm was blown away by it. Amazing night.

I've had plenty of other amazing nights out (Fantazia in Stoke, a Flashback reunion in '10, various other HTID's and Global Gatherings, Raveology's, but those ones are always the first ones to stick out when I think about a question like this.)


dj jedi replied to the topic 'The five best events you've been to during...' in the forum. yesterday

1) Destiny @ The Manor (97-99) It was a monthly event and they were all good so can't really single out one, although I have all the sets from the February 99 event and that was particularly good

2) Raindance @ Drome (99) My first DJ booking at a big rave so that was pretty special

3) Helter Skelter Energy (1998) The first "Rollers & Sanctuary" event I went to, pretty overwhelming

4) Slammin Vinyl @ The Sanctuary NYE (2001) Syand Kaos both played my tune in The Sanctuary, that was pretty amazing to see

5) Adrenalin @ Enzos (98-2002) Again this was a regular event and they were all brilliant


Restless1 created a new topic ' The five best events you've been to during...' in the forum. yesterday

Your time as a raver/clubber have been? What were they & what made them so damn good?


Ian Saunders created a new topic ' 93 IDs' in the forum. yesterday

Hi all,

Trying to ID a few tunes for a guy from a mix he did a few years back using his brothers tunes.


Any ideas on the tunes at:





Thanks :D


GrimeyRob created a new topic ' Dj Junk - Junk 08 remastered vinyl pre order' in the forum. yesterday

https://www.mpsvinyl.co.uk/collections/all-vinyl-1/products/dj-junk-junk8DJ Junk JUNK 08 remastered Vinyl

Available to order now :)

Quote By DJ Junk

"Created during 1993 when the ‘Dark Jungle’ genre was at it’s height, the dominant sound at raves was heavy breaks, deep throbbing bass lines and crazy electronic noises. This sound caught my imagination and I got right into creating works of madness. Using an Akai S950 sampler and an Atari computer running Cubase sequencer software I had polished my break beat looping and chopping skills and wanted to show them off so I let rip on this EP, add to that some dark noises sampled from early Techno tracks and Electronica albums like Isao Tomita and the result is some extremely weird and dark jungle which captures the rave sound of this time.

Two tracks are remixes of tracks released on earlier records, Junk 04 and an untitled track from the Junk 06 EP, ‘Junk 06 Remix’ is a remix with the amen brother breakbeat and was cut on an acetate (dubplate) by LTJ Bukem.

Monsters and Demons, this is a re-work of a 1989 Techno track ‘Virtual’ By Black Dog, this was always a favourite of mine and I wanted to do a breakbeat remix although the original track is a very early form of jungle in my opinion. This was cut on acetate (dubplate) by LTJ Bukem and Grooverider.

More Amen Brother is a journey into demented noises and chopped up breakbeats, could be too extreme for some listeners but that was the aim with this track, to make something right on the edge of the dark jungle genre and it’s something that I’m proud of now."

JUNK06 Remix was restored from Mint Vinyl as masters lost, all other tracks taken from DAT Tape. All tracks Remastered by Bob Macc, Subvert Central Mastering.


dj jedi created a new topic ' Knitebreed Records #14: DJ Jedi Vs Cru-L-T' in the forum. yesterday

After a 19 year break Luna-C is re-launching Knitebreed Records, and I'm very lucky to have a couple of tracks on the first EP. There's a real mix of styles on this one from 91 piano to early Remix Records style happy hardcore. You can hear three of them here:


I'll put up the Bandcamp link once it is up for sale.


vermeer181077 replied to the topic 'looking for offers on my collection' in the forum. yesterday

hi i had £1200 in mind so if you would stretch to there we will have a deal, sorry for the delayed reply.


GrimeyRob created a new topic ' Temple Of Life' in the forum. 2 days ago

Another Classic and very rare 1991 tune has been remastered and is getting an official reissue on the Artists own imprint

https://www.mpsvinyl.co.uk/collections/all-vinyl-1/products/temple-of-lifeTemple Of Life "EDP"

Quote From Flyer Doctor Cee

"From the mists of time of the rave scene comes an old white label dance classic by the Temple of Life - Spencer ee, Flying Doctor Cee, Robin ee and TMS1.

The ‘Look at Their Eyes it’s Ecstasy’ sample are the dulcet tones of Robin ee, and an original performance not a sample. By 1989 we were all locked into Centre Force FM 88.3 along with a host of other illegal pirate stations, including our own Dance Zone FM. Our first live gig as Temple of Life live gig was at Pitsea Leisure Centre in Essex called Time Zone. Around 1990 the next gig Time Zone 2 was at the Civic Hall, Grays in Essex with a 10K rig.

The tracks on the EDP EP were recorded in the loft space studio via an Atari ST, Casio FZ1, Electronic Dream Plant Synth, Roland 202, TB303, and some beat loops and TMS1 on the Technics 1210's.

This was our one and only release on vinyl, now repressed and remastered. We lived and breathed this scene…..aah the halcyon daze of dancing through the whole night to sunrise and beyond."

Flyingdoctorcee May, 2017

A1 EDP (122 BPM)
A2 Relax Your Soul (122 BPM)
B1 Slayer (129 BPM)
B2 Trancetone (125 BPM)




GrimeyRob created a new topic ' UNIT-E "Overdub EP" get a remastered repress' in the forum. 2 days ago

Pre Order VinylRemastered Pre order vinyl

You need this in your collection, strictly Ltd Edition, once its gone, its gone...

The Overdub E.P. was first conceived by DJ's Mark Summers & Ben Howard in Sudbury, Suffolk, in 1993. Hardcore and Jungle was huge in the UK at that time, with Summers & Howard playing the genres out at their 'Paranoia' and 'The Ark' nights, at venues in Su[/url]dbury and Southend.

Over the course of 2 weeks they met at Mark's home basement studio, digging through their vinyl crates to find all kinds of inspirational material for their tracks. Both DJ's had eclectic tastes in music, and so the basis for 'The Overdub E.P.' was born; with some interesting touches added along the way. Mark had sampled an entire Korg M1 Piano inside a Chelmsford music store onto DAT, and later used that same piano to create the huge hook he played on 'Takes 1'. While Ben had sourced an obscure Reggae break used as the basis for 'Skunk Massive'. Later when DJing at 'The Ark',with Ben Howard, the final master mixes of 'The Overdub E.P.' were heard by DJ Rush Puppy - a nephew of one of the owners of Contagious Records, based in Upminster, Essex. The label had become prominent in 1992 for releasing some of the finest Hardcore/Jungle, and within a few days of hearing 'The Overdub E.P.' they were all set to make it their 11th release.

However, the legendary story of what we now know as the fate of this record began to unfold.... Shortly after the first vinyl run had been pressed, Contagious Records went bankrupt; meaning the vinyl pressing plant could not be paid - which lead to the plant destroying the complete run, minus a very limited amount of copies that were sneaked out prior to the destruction of all the remaining pressings. This extremely rare E.P. has since become one of the most highly treasured vinyl items, currently fetching up to £350 per copy on Discogs.com.

Now this obscure gem from the early 90's birth of Drum 'N Bass has been remastered in 2017 by Bob Macc at Subvert Central Mastering for SCORCCIO (from the original master DAT owned by Mark Summers and Ben Howard), finally released 24 years on from its legendary inception and greatly renowned status - as one of the best Piano Hardcore tracks ever written.


Tracks 1, 2 & 3 Written By: Mark Summers & Ben Howard
Produced By: Mark Summers & Ben Howard
Mixed & Engineered By: Mark Summers
Published By: SCORCCiO Music Publishing
Recorded in the basement of a house near the centre of Sudbury, UK 1993.
DAT Remastered By Bob Macc, Subvert Central Mastering, 2017.


vertex created a new topic ' Im back! After 7 years :)' in the forum. 2 days ago

Sup guys, any of the old group here still?
Trafficone, goemon, gyr8, crip, elusive ?

Finally got my records back after 6 years and settled down in Czech republic, thought id come and see how this forum is doing but sadly it seems quiet...
Not a surprise considering we all have careers and family etc now

Anyone still do record trading here?



Thumpson replied to the topic 'DJ Coolbreeze' in the forum. 2 days ago

MR RINSE wrote: Shout to his posh alter ego account also...Bodkin?

"Tally Ho!"


Thumpson replied to the topic 'Re:DJ Coolbreeze' in the forum. 2 days ago

Didn't he also have that posh alter-ego, "tally ho" etc.

Lähetetty minun LG-D855 laitteesta Tapatalkilla


dj_gyr8 replied to the topic 'How immersed in the scene was your city/county?' in the forum. 3 days ago


Yes, South coast, mainly Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth... Lots of top producers and DJ's. Pretty much all the good Happy Hardcore came from this region...


GL0WKiD replied to the topic 'GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [Radio Show] @ Planet Rave Radio' in the forum. 3 days ago

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] - Planet Rave Radio (23 May 2017)

NJOY> www.mixcloud.com/GLOWKiD/glowkidhardcore/


Liquid - Everything's Going To Be Alright [2017, Music Mondays]
Oneplayz Ft. Kiesza - Hideaway (Breaks Remix) [2017, bootleg]
United States Beat Squad - Rewinds Vol. 4 [2017, free download]
Base Club - Dancin' Together [2006, Tornado Records]
Ant To Be - Nobody Likes Me [Forthcoming, KNITEBREED]
Beats are Broken - Acid Overload [2017, Unreleased]
DJ Jedi - Jedi Recordings VS Cru-L-T - Bring The Beat Back (Cru-l-t Remix) [Forthcoming, KNITEBREED]
Amiga Breaks - Raving Days [2016, Dark Til Dawn Records]
Demcore - Summer (The Timespan Remix) [2017, Kniteforce Records]
Clayfighter - Intergalactic (Luna-C Remix) [2017, KFA]
DJ Luna-C - Free As The Sky (Hyper On Experience) [2017, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Oneplayz - Velocity [unreleased]
Pursuit - Let's Do It Now [2016, self release]
Yudaidhun - That Style [2017, Raveskool Recordings]
Coco Bryce - Love Flows [2016, MYOR MASSIV]
The Prodigy - Your Love (NQ2 remix) [2016, free download]
pzg & Dubsknit - My Love [2017, Cock Rock Disco]
Neap Tide - Rave Jam [2017, Ravenoyz Recordings]
Dave Skywalker - Send for Ali [2016, Off Me Nut Records]
FFF - War is in The Dance (Remix By Apzolut) [2011, Murder Channel]
Evade - Hodgepodge Flavour [2017, LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
Marusha – Raveland (Paul Elstak Remix) [1994, LOW SPIRIT RECORDINGS]
DUNE - Up! [1995, URBAN]
Detonator - Set Me Free [2017, self release]
Luffy & Mio - Flip Flappers [2017, free download]
Luffy & Mio - The Roller [2017, free download]
Trigger Happy Side 1 [2017, TRIGGER HAPPY]
DJ Rave In Peace - Dream2ME [2017, Ravestomp Recordings]
Dougal & Gammer - Fuck That Shit (TripleXL UK Makina Remix) [2013, free download]
Dolphin - You Know [2017, free download]
Liquid - Sweet Harmony (Jekyll SGFest Edit) [2016, free download]
xyce - bass aler [2016, Cheapbeats]
Graz - Ravepunk [2016, CHEAPBEATS]
Schnez - Bad Boy Flow [2017, LONG LIVE THE ANIMALS]
Westbam - Celebration Generation [1993, LOW SPIRIT RECORDINGS]
DJ Luna-C - Piano Progression (Scott Brown Remix) [2016, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Scott Brown - Winkel Wagen [2016, Mob Squad Tokyo]


jamsco99 replied to the topic 'How immersed in the scene was your city/county?' in the forum. 3 days ago

Rural Suffolk. We had a nightclub in our town (13000 people) and had prodigy, Carl Cox, Lennie D plus others play.
Had Oscars at Clacton 25 miles up road and mindwarp events in Colchester.

Dreamscapr did an event in near by bury st Edmunds.

Dj wise, loads from Colchester like force and ray Keith. From our town we had a guy called Ben Howard. Played a lot in east anglia