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Noizee B replied to the topic 'Does anyone have this Bang-in tunes tape?' in the forum. 10 hours 17 minutes ago

Ah thanks jj I didn't know it was you. Thanks matey :)


Heikki Harmaa replied to the topic 'Besides "Rave" music, what else was you listening to in the 90's?' in the forum. 13 hours 35 minutes ago

Lots of hip hop, Massive Attack, Aphex Twin, FSOL, Nirvana, Green Day, Offspring - and Rage Against The Machine was a big thing back then...


Heikki Harmaa created a new topic ' More oldskool piano vibes; Aeon Four - Indigo' in the forum. 13 hours 44 minutes ago

Oldskool piano bits and landlord stabs accompanied with reese bassline and tough breaks,

from our forthcoming album Tales From The Stroboscopic Ocean:



Heikki Harmaa replied to the topic 'Bizzy B Amen' in the forum. 13 hours 48 minutes ago

Cheers, Extreme. This could be the one...


Heikki Harmaa thanked extreme in topic Bizzy B Amen 13 hours 49 minutes ago
Ric replied to the topic 'Xray Xperiments Vlume 2 Double Vinyl Remastered Edition pre order' in the forum. 14 hours 7 minutes ago

Did wonder who was behind it.


Ric replied to the topic 'Podcasts.' in the forum. 14 hours 9 minutes ago
jj replied to the topic 'Does anyone have this Bang-in tunes tape?' in the forum. 14 hours 32 minutes ago

That's my submission on Discogs. I'll rip and upload the tape in the next couple of weeks.


Ian Saunders replied to the topic 'Besides "Rave" music, what else was you listening to in the 90's?' in the forum. 15 hours 6 minutes ago

Loads of other dance music of all types, hip hop, reggae, soul/funk and through my mates loads of lo-fi American indie stuff and alt-country :D


GL0WKiD replied to the topic 'GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [Radio Show] @ Planet Rave Radio' in the forum. 19 hours 24 minutes ago

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (25ARP.2017)

LISTEN: www.mixcloud.com/GLOWKiD/generationx/


Xpansions - Elevation (DJ Nipper Edit 2014) [2014, FREE DOWNLOAD]
Strike - U Sure Do (Boy Raver Free Birthday Remix)
Jinny - Never Give Up (Rhythm & Reason 2013 Remix)
Boizo - Sanctuary Of Doves
K-Klass - I Can Take Some More [1993, DECONSTRUCTION RECORDS]
Worldwide Epidemic - Fun In '91 [2015, FREE DOWNLOAD]
Limited Toss - For Rave Master [2014, SOUNDGRAM RECORDS]
Mark Archer - Frequency (AGT Rave Cru Remix) [2011, BALKAN VINYL]
Mark Archer - Armageddon (Sanxion Remix) [2013, BANGFACE]
Egyptian Empire - The Horn Track (Mark Archer Remix) [2012, MISSILE RECORDS]
DJ Wislov - Space (Private mix) [UNRELEASED]
N-Joi - The Void [1993, DECONSTRUCTION]
Lords of Acid - Let's Get High [1991, COMPLETE KAOS]
Joey Beltram - Mentasm [1991, R&S RECORDS]
Moby (feat. Nicole Zaray) - Next Is The E [1992, INSTINCT RECORDS]
UHF - Peace Head [1991, SONIC RECORDS]
T99 - Anasthesia (Out of History Mix) [1991, WHO's THAT BEAT]
The Prodigy - Pandemonium [1991, XL RECORDINGS]
Praga Khan - The Key to the Kingdom [2003, OKINA MUSIC GROUP]
L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead [1991, DECADANCE RECORDS]
Xenophobia - Syko D.F. [2016, XENO RECORDINGS]
The Prodigy - Jericho [Genaside II Remix] [1992, XL RECORDINGS]
Xenophobia ft. GL0WKiD - Glow To The Rush [2016, FREE DOWNLOAD]
Xenophobia - The Wobbler [2016, XENO RECORDINGS]
The Prodigy - Time To Get Funky And Raw (DJ Sashay Mental Acid Remix) [2015, FREE DOWNLOAD]
DJ Sashay - Psychosomatic [2015, FREE DOWNLOAD]


Traffic Cone replied to the topic 'Besides "Rave" music, what else was you listening to in the 90's?' in the forum. 22 hours 41 minutes ago

I pretty early on realised it was dance music I liked. I've never really been that big on guitar music in general, which cuts out a lot!

But at the same time I was falling in love with happy hardcore - and also the Prodigy, I did listen to a wide mix of other dance music...I remember listening to a show on a Scottish radio station that played a lot of more credible dance music - i remember them playing this, which i still love: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkyVqCkuCTY - and lots of deep house and the like.

Late 90s I was into a lot of more normal dance music - trance, prog trance, even hard house...weirdly that's the only part of my taste that I grew out of! I still like trance, but more uptempo hardtrance.

Oh and I loved Orbital - now that hasn't changed. I really remember seeing the video for The Box on Top of the Pops and thinking "wow what is THAT?". And the album that is from is still maybe my favourite album of all time. (In Sides).

It wasn't until early 2000s that my tastes broadened a lot - my taste for weirder music coming from getting into speedcore weirdly :D and then also discovering old hardcore. And I realise now - that was around the time we got high speed internet :D which is definitely a factor!

I think I was well into my 20s before I bought my first non-electronic album :D (Public Enemy). Not to say that there isn't plenty of non dance music that I like - old hip hop, funk, soul etc - but most of what I listen to is still rave music of some sort. And I still don't really like guitars that much (except in speedcore!)


Noizee B created a new topic ' Does anyone have this Bang-in tunes tape?' in the forum. yesterday


It's a studio mix of Distortion Cru from 1994. Rob & Toz from Distortion don't even have a copy themselves, and I remember seeing 'ethereal94' posting on either here or HWND forum who has submitted this onto Discogs.

Can anyone share any info on the submitter or on this tape at all please? Would love to get my hands on a copy.

Thanks in advance :)


Mate, I ADORED that era and that programme. Brings back so many memories.

MTV was something else back then, really revolutionary. That and Beavis & Butthead were epic.


DJ Chance replied to the topic 'where did ratpack go' in the forum. yesterday

Pretty comprehensive history of them here


Ian you are spot on - RatPack signed with Logic BMG for three years, a deal, which was to see them spend more time abroad touring just about every city, town and village in Germany. This kept them away from the UK for some time, with most people thinking RatPack had split up. Around 1996, RatPack finished their obligations and returned home to Old Blighty, and were soon playing back on the UK scene again.


mert thanked dj_gyr8 in topic RSD 2017 yesterday
alphawave ep replied to the topic 'DJ Jedi 1993 Hardcore Mix April 2017' in the forum. yesterday

Thanks for this... Tasty tracklist!!


Hip Hop ... I loved that "YO MTV Raps" programme... The whole Ice T /EPMD /BLACK SHEEP/DEF JEF/ONYX etc etc.... Still love those beats now..


derispaka25 created a new topic ' Buy Qsymia Without A Prescription Overnight Delivery' in the forum. yesterday

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dj_gyr8 replied to the topic 'MCs think theyre bigger than the DJ' in the forum. yesterday


Good point, I went to a Dance Trance event in 94 and because it was less than fifty percent full, there was no 'vibe' and even the best MC's couldn't save it.

I think a lot of people don't consider the difference between actually being there, and listening to the cassette at home...

I think most MCing was OK until approx 1997, after that, it was really evident that the MIC levels were much louder...

Two MC's at the same time, that was a real problem, not good...

Totally agree about the 'rewinds' thing, if you've programmed a top set, and cut dubs cut etc, and only 45 minutes to play... You DO NOT want to have to rewind "31 seconds" and "ready or not" for half your set...

I remember Dreamscape often having cassettes in packs with "MC's not recorded" and to me this was awesome, but most of my friends hated it and it left that specific cassette worthless...

IMO MC's actually ruin the modern day events