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kong fix created a new topic ' http://bodyprohealth.com/lorevive/' in the forum. 3 hours 29 minutes ago

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Heikki Harmaa created a new topic ' Bizzy B Amen' in the forum. 13 hours 10 minutes ago

The amen break (and some extra bits?) that's used in Slow Jam, Merder Style and some other '93 tracks by Bizzy B, I've been wondering where it's from for ages.,, Could it be a sped up 80s hiphop/britcore beat?

Maybe some of you could help me out?

Here it kicks in at 0:33-ish:


Heikki Harmaa created a new topic ' Oldskool piano vibes: Aeon Four - Solace' in the forum. 13 hours 38 minutes ago
Sparki replied to the topic 'When do you call it a day as a DJ?' in the forum. 21 hours 37 minutes ago

As long as your enjoying it does it really matter how old you are? Ive been DJing since I was 15, Im now nearly 30. I havent been exactly prolific and producing has taken over but the events Ive done Ive enjoyed. Im certainly seeing a hell of a lot of young DJ's coming through now and they make me feel old and Im only 30! lol. I have two mates, a couple boyfriend and girlfriend. He's 41 she's about 39, they play trance, UK core, happy hardcore and some old skool hardcore with a smidgen of jungle. They play mainly room 2 at events and usually around 4/5am they go on. They actually covered for Vibes at I Love Happy Hardcore as he was in hospital and they did a very good job. They are really feeling it though! and the driving I can tell really tires them out. They play vinyl and sometimes CDJ's but mainly vinyl,their style of play is a mix of anthems and rares plus they have a radio show most weekends where they let their personalities shine with some banter on the mic while playing whatever they want (their last show they mixed hard trance with old skool hardcore, a real ' anything goes' sort of thing) they still enjoy themselves though and I dont see them stopping.

Got another friend up in the North East Jo Savage and her fella Jassy who have been playing out for over 20 years, only last year did they knock regular gigs on the head to concentrate on their new business they only play out once in a while but they havent lost their flare/flow and are pushing 43/44 something like that. Personally as a DJ myself I dont drive, I pay a mate petrol money and they take me or I get the train/tube which may sound expensive but I have a rail card so its cheap, I also use national express coaches. Why have the hassle of driving to a rave and being knackered before you start, doing a set then having to drive all the way home dead on your feet, let someone else do the driving.

If you want really old... Annie Nightingale is still going! she's nearly 80!


dj jedi replied to the topic 'Suburban Base Represses' in the forum. 22 hours 35 minutes ago

I guess they could do a vinyl rip, sounds fine if done properly.


Ric replied to the topic '3 Thieves & A Liar Contact' in the forum. yesterday

Did you try their myspace page? Didn't know myspace was even a thing anymore but it's got to be worth a go :)



Isotonik replied to the topic 'Free Ep' in the forum. yesterday

silky wrote: Here you go. >>>> www.discogs.com/SDJ-Free-/release/900896

Used to own this, sold it for quite a lot of money. Great tracks.

That's the one!

Thanks so much.

I was thinking that I would never find it again.



Isotonik thanked silky in topic Free Ep yesterday
nathancurry created a new topic ' LOTS of 90s era jungle and DnB up for sale' in the forum. yesterday

Hi all.
Unfortunately, having to scale down my record collection. Have a LOT of old jungle/ DnB from the 90s. Here's my current list:


Still have 200+ to add.
message me if you are interested.



Richruffcut created a new topic ' 91' 4- trackers' in the forum. yesterday

Been buying loads of 91 recently! Why did I not own this before:


Got any fav 91 4-trackers?


Richruffcut created a new topic ' Top buzz style id' in the forum. yesterday

Anyone know this one? I did ask Mark C but he couldn't remember.... and I thought my memory was shot, sorry Mark ;) wkd mix by the way

Mixing it in at 7:12



Richruffcut replied to the topic 'Logo - One for the drummer' in the forum. yesterday

Another terrible but funny tune:



Richruffcut replied to the topic 'SFH 003 Tango & Ratty' in the forum. yesterday

Not yet nekro. I'm sure Rob or someone else will post up when it will be. I will try and post it as soon as I see


GL0WKiD Generation X [RadioShow] pres. "DRED COLLECTIVE Vol.4 Special" @ Planet Rave (21MAR2017)

Listen: www.mixcloud.com/GLOWKiD/dred-collective/

Review: glowkidmusic.blogspot.gr/2017/03/gl0wkid...dioshow-pres_22.html
Buy the "DRED COLLECTIVE Vol.4" > dredcollective.bandcamp.com/album/volume-4

Satanicpornocultshop - Ex-Hamster
The Courier - Rings Of Saturn
DJ Rave In Peace - Yes Bad Boy
Ancient Origin - I Never Said Goodbye
Count Vanderhoff - Haldon Forest Tango
Captain Raveman - Rave Collective
Casper Hastings - Eyes In The Night
DIODE - Event Horizon
Scenedrone - Don't Drop The Vial
Paul Cronin - Energie
Mokujin. - Rude Boy Tings
1NDV - Xerographica
BNDT72 - Brass Copper
Moralz - They Live
astrofolk - AINT A POSSE CUT (Underground Murder Mix)
Hertz Couture - No Let Up
Deafmetal - 4AM
C-System - Track at Track
Black Nevis - Pull it out
Process 404 - Please, Dance Close To The Abyss
JKS- Burnside
Morihiro - Bonsai Pot
RIZE - Heaven
Javer - Sweetheart
Melt Unit - Jungle Template


strongforce replied to the topic '3 Thieves & A Liar Contact' in the forum. yesterday

DJ ABO wrote: Private message sent Marauder

Was he the liar part? :lol:

Im hoping he was legit though, as hoping this may lead to a repress of 'In The House' EP :)


strongforce replied to the topic 'Seen this post from Ron/Jack Smooth' in the forum. yesterday

Great stuff......I will be taking copies of everything you put out Jack........such a great Artist/Sound..........and more than happy to support the cause.

I am not on Facebook, so please keep the forum updated with any pre-order/sales links and I'll be all over them.



nekro replied to the topic 'SFH 003 Tango & Ratty' in the forum. yesterday

is this release available for pre-order anywhere?


Ric created a new topic ' Vague 1992 ID' in the forum. yesterday

I think the 12" was released twice but with different colour labels. The label itself has lower case b's in white all over it.
Maybe a green label and a blue one.

The track has a vocal hook in it that really makes it.

That's all I've got! Good luck :)


Ric replied to the topic 'Suburban Base Represses' in the forum. yesterday

Really? Sounds about right if it's never been released. Big shame if true.