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Heikki Harmaa replied to the topic 'GE Real' in the forum. yesterday

Sweet Jesus, there's an entire sound library out there to listen!

Maximum thanks. =D> =D> =D>


Heikki Harmaa thanked DJ Chance in topic GE Real yesterday
DJ Chance replied to the topic 'Trip To The Moon - Remarc version' in the forum. 2 days ago

Agree that its nothing to do with Remarc. The link to Remarc is about the other side. I would agree with ET in that someone has made this themselves and stuck it up.


electric tribe replied to the topic 'Trip To The Moon - Remarc version' in the forum. 3 days ago

Doesnt look like it is Remarc, most likely someone has just a personal plate and put on discogs. Tonnes of cruddy records listed like that.


Coolbreeze created a new topic ' where’s the good music gone!?' in the forum. 3 days ago

You’ve probably heard it all before but everyone or most people my age say music is not as good as used to be and every rave video says “These were the good old days and what the f^^K we got nowadays days? Facebook and Xfactor! F**k that!” People on forums say there is good music out there but you gotta find it? Bollocks I don’t remember hunting down rave music, it came to me in 1991 introduced by my brother and heard the prodigy on radio 1. Also when I say give me some suggestions of good music or a link I never seem to like it. So am I looking in wrong places or is it scientific fact it was better back in the day? So you got any suggestions that might be any better in today’s music? What you reckon!?


DJ Chance replied to the topic 'Re:Eze G - The Old Skool Projects' in the forum. 4 days ago
otbiz replied to the topic 'Re:Eze G - The Old Skool Projects' in the forum. 6 days ago
alphawave ep AKA DJ Mark C created a new topic ' Eze G - The Old Skool Projects' in the forum. 6 days ago

Thought I should share this from Basement Records ..... "Hi everyone a couple of months ago I got a call from an old friend Gareth Oxby which was such a nice surprise after so many years. Gareth and I first met when he released his first record the Old Trainers EP now a stone cold Old Skool classic, we then worked together until I left Vinyl Distribution in 1997.
I was privileged to work with this brilliant producer who as well as killing it with his Old Skool Releases, Drum N Bass releases and his Techno smashers Alien Funk Movement which led him to a deal with Norman Cooks label Skint and an amazing catalogue of Tech House releases, a top producer and such a nice humble guy your ever likely to meet, so when he asked me if I would be up for reissuing his catalogue I was obviously up for it, so I am really proud to be able to offer the first of 3 projects coming your way in 2018.
The first project has been remastered from the original dats with Beau at TenEightSeven Mastering and Test Press's should arrive just before or just after Christmas.
It will be a 3 x 12" pack featuring the The OLD TRAINERS EP, the DATA DUMP EP plus a 12" with two unreleased remixes (1 track from each EP)
the track listing for the Eze G project is
The Eze G Projects Volume 1
3 x 12" White Label Test Press
MRILP001 A1 Do Me
MRILP001 A2 Start It Again
MRILP001 B1 Music Box
MRILP001 B2 Techno Fever
MRILP001 C1 Paradise
MRILP001 C2 Yeah
MRILP001 D1 Me Want Sound
MRILP001 D2 Funky People
MRILP001 E Start It Again Remix
MRILP001 F Funky People Remix
I will be posting clips for you to listen to late next week, but can assure you the unheard remixes are superb.
As always I am only cutting a handful of Test Press Sets, so if you want one first come first serve, just message me for details.
I will be posting the pre order information as once as the Test Press Sets have been sent out which will be just before or just after Christmas.
Full release is scheduled for February and will be a 3 x 12" pack + CD, & Digital Release, for those who already own both of these classic EPs you will also be able to just pre order the remix 12".
Volume 2 of the EZE G Projects will feature the 8 tunes Eze G produced for my Street Beats Label, Scheduled for March 2018.
Well I hope this has got you all as excited as me
all the best and thanks as always for the support
Phil(Basement Records)


dj_gyr8 created a new topic ' Trip To The Moon - Remarc version' in the forum. 6 days ago


Has anyone heard the Remarc version of Trip To The Moon that mashes up all 3 parts?

below is the Discogs link:

click here


silky replied to the topic '20 Years of B2VOS' in the forum. 6 days ago

In 1999-2007 I decided that I was going to collect obscure white labels from 1991-1994.

Paid dividends as my music studio was basically built from selling some of it.

It's funny how it's all gone full circle. No one wants to know the Anthems any more.


silky replied to the topic 'Of Jungle Tekno' in the forum. 6 days ago

Top man, was ace to meet him in person back in Sept. Humble, generous and so so passionate about what he loves.


enfield_paul replied to the topic '20 Years of B2VOS' in the forum. 7 days ago

this was the first website I ever looked at. can rember tryign to work out the http bit. bought a cd off of Jedi for a tenner around then. chock full o'anthems...


Coolbreeze replied to the topic '30years of Acid House and Rave??' in the forum. 1 week ago

Just had a thought, what was the first records to have those rave stabs or synth sounds, was it someone like Todd terry or something? Wasn’t just inner city good life in th late 80s was it or what ever it was called?


Ian Saunders replied to the topic '30years of Acid House and Rave??' in the forum. 1 week ago

The material on that album's not that great IMHO, too much weight is given to acts that people would know. There are loads of really great Balearic records by obscure Europeans that are far better

Tulio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon


DJ Chance replied to the topic '30years of Acid House and Rave??' in the forum. 1 week ago

Re Jack you Body, Love Cant Turn Around etc.. My Dad had those and I remember hearing them on a family holiday at Butlins the year they were out!


DJ Chance replied to the topic 'What’s better?' in the forum. 1 week ago

We have got used to Mark's posts over the years! Compared to some we have seen from him, this wouldn't even make the random category :) :)

CB - If you asked the majority of ravers "Tonight, you have the choice of getting on quality pills at a rave or a bunk up with the Mrs?", my guess would be most would choose the same option! They would happily get home early tomorrow to sort out the Mrs though :)


stringz replied to the topic '30years of Acid House and Rave??' in the forum. 1 week ago

Ian Saunders wrote: Nope.

For a start, Rampling, Oakenfold et al went on their holiday in 1987 - Jack Your Body and Love Can't Turn Around were already in the top 10 in 1986. The Idea that they brought house music back from Ibiza is nonsense. Oakenfold had been to Ibiza before, and Trevor Fung had been playing and organising nights there since 1982.

I'd argue more that they brought the E-culture and hippisyish ideals back with them, and that did help kickstart the rave scene, so they undoubtedly played their part, but not as pivotal as is made out.

For music, Noel & Maurice Watson, Trevor Fung, Mark Moore, Mr. C, Colin Faver & Jazzy M should get far, far more credit for introducing the music to the UK (as well as the likes of Mike Pickering, Stu Allan in Manchester).

Yup, this is my take. I think that rampling and oakenfold packaged it into the idea that rave became. Basically it was the notion of balaeric that became rave not house on its own, which like has been said had been played for a few years already in the uk, but at nighta that were playing soul and hip hop alongside. The house in that 85-88 period wasnt really that blissful at all but when it got combined with the other stuff played in ibiza, which is what was happened at Shoom then this is why it's seen as so important as a gateway to rave.


Worth checking